Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Stupidity of EC/SPR Logic that Pakatan should give up and DIE in the states they won!!..#$%^&

Since the election was on its own admission by EC/SPR Goons and Perkakas UMNO Racist an unfair, cheating GE13....they are suggesting that those states like Selangor, Penang, Kelantan should give up the states and boycott the running the states IF THEY BELIEVE CHEATING OCCURED??#$%^&.  These stupid Tan Sri and Datuk of UMNO racist mouth piece should realise that PAKATAN WON INSPITE OF EC/SPR Cheating.  Pakatan Manage to Beat the Pants of your cheating ways depite EC/SPR agenda with UMNO racist + Sultan + Perkakas (tools) to stifle democracy.  Agong and Sultan should STRIP them of their titles and put in Prison like in Thailand!!...unless the Agong-Sultan are in cahoots with UMNO-BN!!

When we beat you in your own game why the Hell should we give up on the territory gained??? #$%^&.  No way stupid!!  We now have a few territory to use whatever People Power, Rally, Bangkit Bantah to ILLEGALISED UMNO-BN Illegitimate victory by Hook or crook....like TOPPLE the government??  Keep up your Police arrest, questioning and EVERY Citizen should KEEP Reporting minor theft, snatch thief, break ins....EVERY little crime to the POLICE STATION so as to INCREASE the REALITY of the Role to MALAYSIAN.

How stupid can one get like the EC/SPR chief to ask Pakatan states to give up the states??  In some ways I also Blame the powers to be in Pakatan who did not take MY ADVICE to go to the people earlier at STATE level so as to EXPOSE the Cheating Style and to HAVE the necessary MAN POWER for the FEDERAL level.  By trying to go all in in one election meant YOU HAVE DILUTED YOUR OWN ARMY ..>STUPID Pakatan Leaders....  YOUR (Pakatan Leaders - Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi) Arrogance have cost you the victory you deserve and Now we have to Fight another REAR Guard action.  You had the opportunity of Suprise and did not use it.  You were Stupid followers to the tune of UMNO racist misery tune!

Stupid Pakatan did not know that their foot soldiers WILL Always be OUT Numbered by the UMNO-BN + Perkakas.  Yet you choose to dissolve the state government the same day GE13 was announced.  Stupid!!
By dissolving it earlier and having the election earlier, you can expose the indelible ink SHAM, the power black out sham, the Phantom voters sham.  Now you are trying to expose them while UMNO-BN + EC/SPR are preparing for GE 14 with MORE SHAM.  Pakatan don't know the art of war.  Now they really need to mount the attack by Rally and Demonstration.  Bangkit Bantah!!.

We have comfirmation that EC/SPR agreed with IRREGULARITIES of this Election 2013.  Sultan / Agong MUST DEMAND a whole NEW ELECTION to appease the Rakyat.  This is NOT something decided by courts, Agong, EC, UMNO-BN bUT BY THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA.  HOW MANY BANGKIT BANTAH  Massive Rally do you want to see before you Agree with the ANGER and HUNGER for Democracy of the people??   Selangor with the State in power should have Weekly Rally in the territory to DEMAND - REELECTION Nation wide.

Don't let Perkakas UMNO racist take down one leader at a time....lodge multiple notices to POLICE EVERYDAY to tell Malaysia we WILL RALLY ANYTIME, ANY DAY at our OWN Wishes!!

Don't be intimidated BUT fight Back when the people wants cheaper Petrol, Abolish Tol and Free Education......we are now no better off 60 years ago with UMNO-BN racist!!.....Don't forget to send that Scumbag Rapist of 13 year old girl in Sabah to Jail and charged him for Khalwat. 

When NEITHER LAW Fails to protect the WEAK, it shows the UMNO-BN is INEFFECTIVE.....Bring UMNO-BN down ....whatever it takes.  the little girls life is now HELL!!!$%^&*!  Cut the Crap with Hudud, Syriah...when even secular law cannot be applied according to the law.  Like what the ex-MB of Malacca Thamby Chik did.  Malaysia is SICk and Need a RAPID - Rakyat Bangkit, UBAH!.....

When Injustice becomes Law, RESISTANCE is DUTY!

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