Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Please don't try to Imortalised or Mythicalised the Sultan/Agong .....They are part of the UMNO-BN +EC+NRD+PDRM Circus!!

In short we Malaysian of ALL races wanting cheaper petrol, free education, Abolish TOL roads and those things that Reduces LIVING STRESS ... Denied their Opportunity.  We are not talking minority like 35-45%...its like 60% rakyat Malaysia wanting UBAH/CHANGE on May 5.  But the greed of the UMNO-BN + EC with approval from Sultan /Agong decided against it.  I can tell you now that none of these Ruling Elite, rich and powerful commander of Army Sultan + UMNO-BN will feel the Living Stress you and I are feeling.  They keep asking you to UBAH cara hidup change your lifestyle to cope with rising cost !!#$%^&*

In order to kick these SHAM out from RUINING Malaysian lives, Tipu Pilihan Raya, Turun Jalan Raya Must Happen.  Bantah, Bangkit....wear BLACK on Merdeka, Clap your hands against these Ruling Elite and see how many need to Die like in Syria of Libya before Change can happen.  Mind you UMNO-BN + Sultan is a Syrian President Assad supporter and also the supporter of Gadaffi.  You can support Kim Jong Il too and Burma Junta or Iran President.  There are Malaysian who don't have to follow your views and because you don't have a FREE MEDIA, it is GIVEN ALL MALAYSIA MAIN STREAM MEDIA Spews LIES and Internet Truth!!

So Raja Petra keeps babbling the psyche of the mythical powers and tradition of the Sultan / Agong and how he can reject the chosen representative of a constitution Parliamen.  Trying hard to defend the legacy of 500 years of so called malay = islam ideology sultanate.  Lets face it some sultan were good, others were bad, some were evil and some was wise.  That was 500 years ago.  Today with internet and Google we are wiser in knowledge than all these Sultan/Agong of past combined.

The Sultan/Agong had a priviledge upbringing and that what makes them stand out.  After sacking Singapore in cahoots with UMNO-BN scums.....the Agong/Sultan consolidated their mythical powers to put the rest of Malaysia in misery for another 56 years.  We shall see if they exist in the NEXT 56 years if they keep supporting UMNO racist and their evil racist agenda.  I hope not.  I hope all the Sultan / Agong would wrap their arms around UMNO-BN like RTM, EC/SPR, Judiciary, Cronies, Utusham, NSTP, Star so that Malaysian wanting CHANGE/UBAH have no RESERVATION on who must go.

Perhaps Malaysian Today have an agenda to preserve the status quo.  He talks of British parliament and elected Representatives.  Yet fail to realise that UMNO-BN racist in cahoots with Agong/Sultan and media control have stifle the very means to have a progressive society in Malaysia.  The malays that I know are also sick of the sultan/agong embracing UMNO-BN and being cold shoulder to Pakatan.  Even of Agong ./Sultan dies, malays can still pratice Islam and their tradition.  No malay died when Parameswara died or hang Tuah died.  We must not tolerate and be ROMANTICS to Ideology and a systematic DUMB DOWN of another race in order to Preserve their Sham Legacy.

Sham legacy in this modern Internet age is like Sultan Kelantan stealing the throne from the still alive father.

Like Sultan Munafiq Berak..opps Perak Azlan Shah not dissolving Parliamen when requested by MB of that time ...Nizar.  Not granting audience to Pakatan MB but when the 14 GE called granted to see that Mamak Zambry audience to dissolve for GE14.  List goes on with previous Sultan of Negeri 9, Johor and Sultan FAM rogol of Pahang.  If ever Sabah / Sarawak wants to progress look at the ONLY country SACKED from Malaysia and ponder if you are with a EVER Losing team Malaysia.  Tiny country, no natural resources, land...yet GDP greater than Malaysia.

60 % people just continue to Boycott Petronas and shopping or eating at those UMNO-BN cronies business.  Withdraw ALL money and put into foreign banks.  Transfer money to local banks only when you need to withdraw money.  Bring ALL these business to their knees.  GE 13 is a SHAM and we need to topple UMNO-BN.  60 years is too long.  EC/SPR chief better leave the country!! 56 years of your cahoots cheating with UMNO-BN must end and end Immediately.  Your KPI to clean the election rolls, phantom votes, dubious counting acts and Sham have Not changed.  It have to end NOW in 2013. Sultan-Agong did not even rebuke you of your Sham.  What does it prove?...56 years of preserving a Mythical Legacy is crumbling....be like Nepal King is Best.

Warning to PDRM and Perkakas UMNO ...  When we Bantah GE13 by the MILLIONS ALL OVER Malaysia...you better consider Another Election or Agong make Pakatan the legitimate winner die to Election Cheats or Sham!!

I am telling you this ahead of time because UMNO with Agong have install a New IGP and Deputy IGP who are murderers and Killers.  They are like that Rahim Nor legacy and we must Resist them Relentlessly like we will resist Gadaffi, Assad and Kim jong najib.  Make no mistake of this move by UMNO-BN + agong/sultan.  They want to KILL Democracy and make Rakyat malaysia their slave!!...  Keep up the Boycott and DDOS!!

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