Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Be A DISRUPTOR to UMNO-BN, Police, Sultan, Agong, Army, EC, Judges, Law and No Order.....

Do Whatever you can to DISRUPT...DISRUPT...DISRUPT...until UMNO-BN-PDRM-Nazi is Obliterated!

Tak Boleh Ubah - Kita TUKAR serentak ...seluruh malaysia..Kuasa Rakyat, Kuasa Keramat!!

It is time for people to seriously consider the Mat Kilau Acts and Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt..UMNO-BN and their Perkakas.  Don't let these Scums cheat you to submission for another 5 years...56 years is long enough...let alone 60 years.  It was Really an GE13 election that Legitimised their CHEAT, LIES, Murder, Scam, Sham and Total destruction of Malaysia Democracy.  Now UMNO-BN feels they can torture the Rakyat for another 5 years and suffer in misery.  Not one more day while we are still alive.

Boycott, wear black on Merdeka 2013...send a clear message to the world and to the NEW IGP and Deputy, UMNO-BN and Sultan/Agong and Army.  How many can you arrest, torture, kill before we Gadaffikan or Syriakan you scums.  In hunger and anger we will unite.....60% of rakyat anger is growing by the day.  Each of your Atrocities to Rakyat Malaysia will not be tolerated by the Mat Kilau DISRUPTORS!!

Just remember the Agong, Sultan, UMNO-BN + Army + Police + EC/SPR + Judges are in cahoots with this SHAM election in Malaysia.  An election without public debate, air time for Pakatan, media freedom is a SHAM & SCAM democracy Approved by these Rulers, UMNO-BN and their Perkakas-tools.  Lets hope they are sitting comfortably with 60% rakyat against them and rising to 67% by year end when Barang Naik.......then we hit them so hard that they wonder what hit them and spend their time in jail or at the gallows for their CRIME Against Malaysian humanity.  

WE WILL NOT LIVE IN MISERY ANYMORE and be CHEATED as if its UTOPIA...warning EC/SPR-PDRM-Judges....!!  Those who do harm and not uphold Freedom will have security problems in the future!  Crime rate rising again in much for voting UMNO-BN in again.  Just the other day many news of house Invasion by Chinese....WOW.  Must be Triad needing to make back money given to UMNO-BN_PDRM.     WAR is ONGOING in Sabah between UMNO-Sulu Islamic terrorist and Malaysian Army.  Just that small bombs are not as big deal according to the Media of UMNO-BN!!  

Let those ruling elite stay inside their gated, guarded house with tons of security and see how many police, fru, utk, army can guard and secure them.......Rakyat can roam freely and live with joy.  While UMNO-BN ruling elite can kept lock up in their own house....ha ha ha!!  Kali Ini Lah!!


Struggle we will to Obliterate the Ruling elites of UMNO-BN....  What ever it takes!!

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