Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Should we Withdraw Money in Malaysia before Agenda Cyprus lands in Malaysia???

Malaysia can be Cyprus overnight UMNO-BN losses.  Pakatan winning GE13 will not be a shoo in.  All the mechanism aka Perkakas UMNO is not only paid by these Racist UMNO scums leaders...they owe their living to UMNO.  They will be asked to do their worst like in Perak.  Malaysian just need to find ways to counter their evil acts.  Still No Election....looks like May 13 it is... BRING IT ON!!  Ini Kali Lah!!

In Cyprus now you are only allowed to withdraw 300 Euro a day + only allow to take out 3000 euro if you leave the country for holiday or whatever.  Sounds very familiar to Tun Dr Merosot Sham until a few privilege MB with 2 x Mohammed ended in Australia with a few million.  Mind you Malaysia is STILL IN CAPITAL monetary CONTROL state for rakyat BUT for MUSA MB of Sabah or any UMNO-BN scums no problem.  Some don't believe, then why the #$%^$# need to fill form up when moving certain amount of money out of Malaysia??? This is called the privilege of inequality law of the Jungle UMNO.  Privilege for UMNO-BN Leaders + Sultan/Agong but not for the rest of Rakyat Malaysia.
Some people born in a Privilege Family, position trying to sound very average citizen is like comparing the opportunities of an Iban in a remote village of Sarawak that he/she has the same privilege as Taib of Sarawak children and Grand Children.   So we need to tell those Iban, Dusun, Orang Asli who like to maintain their space and lifestyle that their land will reduce because you are NOT educated in the rules and laws.

When the TRUE Bumiputera who are NOT malay complain of Land theft, they soon realise that bumiputera TAK Boleh Pakai.  Bumiputera hanya untuk statistic to make those Privilege Rich, RICHER.  Bumiputera word is a SCAM / SHAM.  So in short if you are Malay, Indian, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli poor...... Pointless to tell you to unite because so Few have Internet or Blogging ability.  That is where the Ruling Elite of UMNO-BN + Sultan have manage to control dissent. 

What we need is a process of either removing the unjust Government ...ala UMNO-BN or consolidate in ONE State and seek Autonomy.  Lets see how the ruling elite of UMNO-BN + Sultan deal with this SEDITIOUS Suggestion!!  Rakyat should embrace this option after 55 years because it will take another 10 years for the under privelege to UNITE.  UBAH - KELUAR...all over Malaysia!!  Leave UMNO-BN and their Sultan + Ilks in Langkawi to be Cursed proper by puteri Mashuri!!...No link to Mashuri of Phillipines and troubles in Sabah of course!!....hmmmmmm   Let UMNO turn Langkawi to Singapore 4......and Hell Freezes over!!

As Datuk Sak put it "Remember we are seeking equality in prosperity not equality in misery."....

55 years of MISERY is too long for anyone to bear regardless of race religion culture.....  Malaysia is a Misery State!.....cost of living, education, health, law & order, freedom of religion, freedom from ISA, freedom of expression, food security, national security like Sabah Sham!! All EPIC FAIL!!

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