Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Hidden Power of Sabah / Sarawak....Sack Malaya!!

Having consulted a constitutional QC, you can Sack Malaysia!
Sabah/Sarawak have the power to Sack Malaya and Form Singapore 2 & 3.  You need Malaysian a passport to come and that means you can STOP UMNO from ever coming and sack those with Malaya IC to go to Malaya. Use your power and Never let the UMNO Racist dictate your DESTINY!!

You need to think 20-50 years ahead like Tun Dr. Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia and some Sultan / Agong when they sack Singapore and then started their Project IC(using Islam, race religion) to Rape the country for 50 years of natural resources and make slaves of Sabah/Sarawakians natives.  They pay a few natives some money and the natives like monkey embrace the Islam UMNO Cult religion of Corruption, wealth and murder. UMNO send Army of certain race and religion to take power and frighten you like those Sulu Scums.  Something went wrong in the bincang/discussion and they start a WAR.  Lets hope the Sulu Terrorist tour Kuala Lumpur and spread terror for UMNO to enjoy.  So far attack on Sabah is a Sabah problem.  Its a WAR on Sabah not on Malaysia.  Why bother to hang around with scumbags like UMNO Malaya??

Think of your rich natural resources and you can double your GDP against malaya combine states.  You are 20-50 times larger than Singapore and I am just being conservative in the progress.  Sack the Malay language and make ENGLISH number One!!  You had English in parliament and then due to UMNO you thought malay was appropriate.  Now you start to realise English is only learned by the Sultan, UMNO-BN leaders and ruling elite.  What was free in your education systems becomes a privilege.  You are further dumb down when only the children, family and relatives gets to hold all their wealth in their hands and control your destiny God have given you.  March them to the top of Mulu cave or Mount Kinabalu and Push them over like MACC did to Teoh Beng Hock.  Why tolerate 55 years of slavery when you have the power in your constitution to sack Malaya!!??

Make history and sack malaya.  Sabah / Sarawak DO NOT Need to consult anyone.  Not Sultan/Agong/UMNO/Pakatan/PBS....Just Sack UMNO-BN and sack Malaya.  No one from Pakatan can speak like this because this is ISA, sedition stuff.  Internet is giving you more ideas, options, choice and freedom!  Fancy watching only UMNO youtube!!??#$%^&   UMNO-BN for generation have been making you slaves via project IC to reduce your share of wealth in your own land.  It is ISA stuff in your Mind Set.  Free yourself and SACK Malaya!!  Have a new MIND SET! Whatever it takes to sack Malaya and reduce your DEBT Burden to Zero!!

Now you can think like Champions and restore back what you have.  All deal done under Malaysia Laws and be EXTINGUISHED..... Extinguish all projects and the money flow the RIGHT Direction to Sabahans/Sarawakians.  Very Fast train between Kuching, Brunei and Kota Kinabalu. 6 lane highway too.  English as medium of instruction, law, judiciary and Parliament.  One year Form 6.  English medium university. Aspire to exceed Singapore.
Above all and watch Malaya rot in the UMNO mantra, cult and sickness. 10-15 years your GDP will be greater than malaya.  Do it while you have oil, timber and a willing people to progress freely.  Give Malaysian an opportunity to migrate to a Freedom of Religion, Freedom from ISA and Free media country.  Sabah & Sarawak you are the hopes of making things SICK & Sorry for UMNO malaya Racist!!  China have done a lot of progress in 10 years, malaya have nothing to show when compared.  Wait NOT A DAY longer...SACK Malaya.  YES WE CAN!!

UBAH - KELUAR   - CHANGE and GET OUT of UMNO Malaya Hell hole!!

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