Tuesday, March 12, 2013

100's dead, still call it intruders, gunmen Sabah Sham...revenge in KL soon...

Sabahans MUST KILL UMNO-BN TOXIC BRAND in Sabah...nothing else you do will appease the fallen army/police defending your DIGNITY!!

Still the cover up of rakyat SABAH deaths is being kept until after another RCI SHAM.  RCI = Ridiculous Commission Inquiry.  Demand NOW Royal Commission on this WAR in SABAH to run concurrently with Project IC & Soon Project EC/SPR.  Where there is UMNO-BN there is DEATH, Chaos, Suicide, suffering and murder.  UMNO Leaders, ruling elite + children Will Pay and Must Pay.  Nothing Less than stint in Hotel Bamboo River will do.

Meanwhile election is so near and UMNO Racist in over drive.  Hope the police and Army will BURN THOSE Phantom OVERSEAS Vote boxes kept at your premise.  UMNO Killed your Army/Police in Sabah due to their incompetence and inept strategy.  If you honour your fallen comrades, then honour the WILL of Justice!!  Burn those phantom ballot boxes or terrible things will continue to happen to those who side with EVIL.  DEFY the Useless 4 star Generals and IGP Crap!!!  What use to raise Malaysia flag at Lahat Datu when Soldiers/police died due to UMNO leaders + IGP + army General Inept and incompetence handling/strategy ...all thinking of money and more money only??  Hope these Perkakas Umno rot in hell!!

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