Monday, March 18, 2013

Malaysia is a toilet that is badly managed by UMNO-BN!!

Is UMNO-BN trying to create a state of emergency, chaos and thereby rule another 5 years by default?

Sabah War is becoming a hidden, Spin, hush-hush War.  Keep rakyat Rakyat FEARFUL stupid and blind to the Chaos there and use Sabahans to keep UMNO-BN in power another 5 years...making it 60 years of UMNO-BN Terrorism on Malaysia.  On the eve of election suddenly everything is in Chaos and only UMNO-BN Scumbags can fix it.  Well I am going to start Mat Kilau in Kuala Lumpur to add to the fear.  Brace yourself for impact UMNO Racist, 3 line perkakas, RTM, media.   You will pay for making Taking the land of true bumiputera of Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban, Orang Laut, Sengoi.  Malaysia Asli UNITE to Claim your freedom from Malaysia!!  Bring down the Transmission tower NOW!!

Make no mistake, its UMNO Terrorist that made Malaysia in this state of Chaos in a hope that guns will make Malaysian yield to the malay Racist UMNO Islamic Cult leaders.  Malaysia is a toilet that is badly managed by UMNO-BN!!  The moment you step in, it stinks, dirty, water all over, pipe leaking/burst, no toilet paper to be found, faeces floating everywhere, hot, stuffy ......  You have thousands of people, scrubbing, sweeping, washing, fixing the pipes, using their skills to put fresh air in....etc.

Suddenly you come UMNO-BN, Sultan, Ruling Elite, IGP, Generals ALL have different toilet to use.  They have so many to use while you have to share it with the rest.  The moment you question the privilege, you get jail term for sedition,  Insult to King and Religion.  You also realise that you can only use the malaysian toilet, while these UMNO+ Ruling elite use the expensive English toilet system.  You begin to wonder those that can use the English Toilet system are Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk and their children the same.  You also realise that they too were once without the titles.  So you aspire to gain those titles in the hope of using the toilet that the Elites UMNO-BN + Sultan use.  You spend your days pursuing the dream and along the way did whatever it takes...corruption, bribery, killing, murder, stealing...etc to gain that title.....and you thought no God / Allah is looking!!

Yet UMNO-BN+ Sultan+ IGP, generals, ruling elite continue to SPEW the virtues of keeping toilet clean.  Blaming everyone for their lack of moral, religion, smartness, wisdom for the Chaos, WAR and terror that you are facing! Be smart, Don't believe the LIES!!

Malaysia Don't tolerate the DISCONNECT.  Bury the UMNO Brand in the coming election together with the BAGGAGE that goes along with it.  You have EQUALLY every right to use the English toilet systems that the ruling elite uses.  Don't play to their racist bigots songs.  The toilet was there in the beginning for ALL to use until UMNO-BN + Sultan Came along and decided to Sack Singapore from Malaysia.  Malaysia has gone down hill from that day onwards until today a lower GDP from a country UMNO + Sultan thought without any natural resources, Singapore will beg to come back to Malaysia and we can than implement the ULTIMATE Racist Religious Laws on every Malaysian.  Allah Bless Singapore.  Go figure how Singapore GDP is higher than ENTIRE Malaysia Combined!  FLUSH UMNO-BN + Ruling elite + Sultan + IGP + Generals + Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk down the toilet.......  don't be slave to their Illusion!!

LIVE YOUR OWN DREAM and not the dream of RACIST Bigots UMNO-BN!!

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