Sunday, March 09, 2008


Your Highness, Sultan Azlan Shah please allow us to petition you on the appointment of a Menteri Besar for Perak. In the Interest of Malaysia, it would be appropriate to appoint an Indian as MB.

You will need to exercise your EXECUTICE POWER to remove Racism from the constitution that a MB needs to be Malay and Muslim. All Humans are created equal in the eyes of God. The election have shown all Malaysian, that we can oppose Racism, Racial Politics and Corruption to make Malaysia a better place.

We only live once in this life and we should sieze this opportunity to throw ALL Racial-Religious TABOO down the Drain. The road to restore a better Malaysia should be Championed from PERAK.

I hope the SULTAN of PERAK use his executive powers to OBLITERATE the ANCIENT Racist law on MB, created by UMNO-BN. Please YOUR Highness, lead the charge and question the CURRENT Coalition on WHY did they not suggest an INDIAN as MB??!!

Question the coalition when will they remove this racist constitution law of MB being Malay-muslim.

Question why PAS, DAP and PKR insist on following the constitution and not use the loop hole to suggest an Indian as MB?? After all we have already 3 malay MB in coalition, 1 Chinese and none Indian. Let Perak start the CHARGE and remove this Racist Racial-Religious requirement FROM the constitution in EVERY STATE Constitution that have it!!

The Best Person for the Role in future...this is Meritocracy!!

In future there must be room for the BEST candidate to bring Perak to Prosperity. At the moment there is OPPORTUNITY to Work Around the constitution as you have the EXECUTICE POWER to OVERWRITE the Constitution. The People have spoken and we hope your Majesty will use this opportunity to Throw Racism OUT THE WINDOW.

We cannot allow this Golden Opportunity to marginalise the Indians/Sikh again!!.

Thank you Your Majesty and may GOD grant you more wisdom!!

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Unknown said...

Democracy means no minority rights - which means if all Malay Muslims vote, no space for Indians and Chinese to come into power since Malay Muslims are in the majority.

Meritocracy means the old, the women, the children, the handicapped, the sick are all treated equal.

Are you SANE?? Your unjustified anger has clearly CLOUDED your brains, my dear. Or is it your low IQ??

I am given the freedom to comment right??