Sunday, March 30, 2008

FOR FREEDOM OF RELIGION, Freedom From RACISM, Freedom from ISA & Freedom of Press in MALAYSIA!!!!

The time have now come to APPLY the Pressure on PAS to remove the APOSTASY Law in Kelantan with their 2/3 majority. It is in the agreement of their "PEOPLE DECLARATION" to have Freedom of Religion. It is no secret that PAS and PKR have supported the Lina Joy Judgement - Shameful!!

Do not assume with this victory in 5 states means no change to the People' Agenda. Do not assume PAS/PKR can hide behind their victory to continue the legacy of UMNO-BN...Where Freedom to choose a religion is NOT Supported.

Do Not think the Lina Joy Judgement is tolerated or accepted by all from Barisan Rakyat. IF an MB or PM must be muslim and wear songkok to be sworn in, then this PREJUDICE must be OBILTERATED AS WELL. Any party that still hide behind the Prejudice Protocol and Religion Stigma will also suffer the same fate as UMNO-BN. The Rakyat have spoken and we intend to see PROGRESS TOWARDS A BETTER MALAYSIA. Maintaining the STATUS QUO is NOT AN OPTION.

FREEDOM is CHOICE, its alter ego is Prejudice, Racism and Bigotory!!!

PREJUDICE, RACISM, No FREEDOM of RELIGION will have ZERO TOLERANCE From Barisan Rakyat, that applies to Sultan, Agong and ANY ROYALTY.....believe IT!!!!!



Anonymous said...

yOR DA' mAN'



bumi-non-malay said...

Yo there dude,

Those cronies of Raja Petra Ban me postinglah.....they prefer bloggers to sing to their (Malaysia Today)tune daily, 24/7.
Their mind set only one side track. Those comments that supports MT News the editors Nazi posted are preserved, while the rest is magically voted down or deleted. MT wants to shape the mind set to their way of thinking...and no other....kinda like UMNO-BN daily news grind. Becomes a bit boring that every post Dance to the tune of the MT editor Nazi...(ala Seindfeld soup Nazi episode). As if we have to agree to their tune all the time....Well Sorry not me and not all the time. My daily attack on their Royalty Songkok prejudice was probably their last straw. Its ok to be prejudice if it involves the Royalty it seems......As far as I am concern there are no sacred cow. Racism is racism....even if it is from Royalty. Malaysian must realise the Malay Sultan are No Gods.....and therefore prone to error and wrong judgement. Even Racist in the Royalty must be Condemned. The Sultan generation too were at one time in history just orang biasa.......I may support Royalty...but not a blind supporter!! Racist among them needs to be Obliterated too....yes it sedition....the irony Racism is not sedition!!

Anyway I will dignify myself from posting until they reinstate my access (I am under(MT )their ISA) as I refuse to post under a different name. You may be my messanger.....let those readers know...LOL....TQ

Take care.....we can have a chat on my blog space chat or any chat room, anytime......just let me know the time (Malaysia or whatever time zone you are in) and the link......time to focus on the Financial Markets Chaos.......that will cause people to be angry and hungry...for a better Malaysia. Freedom of religion, Freedom from racism and freedom of Press.

Anyway hope USA do FOOD air drops into Burma....regardless of air space violation!!....and earth quake in China.......ominous signs ahead