Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lets have the freedom to comment on CHE DET Bolg - TUN SALLEH SAGA


This Racist Tun Dr. M scum trying to show people respect him and all those comments makes one puke. At least now we have an option to see comments against all his cronies posting. Thanks to Tun Dr Senile call for High Crude Price call on OPEC to Teach USA-Isreal a lesson....looks like only Malaysia a NET exporter is being taught a lesson.....What goes around comes around. Hope he dies soon & rot in Hell for a better Malaysia. Tun Dr M thinks he can trick Allah like he tricked Malays & Malaysian!!

UMNO-BN Warns people not to raise prices.

First social chaos coming now as Private School Bus operator about to Boycott picking up your children. Stupid UMNO-BN leaders thinks they are the only ones allowed to maintain their wealth and live lavishly, while true workers work their Butts off to support their family and children. You will have to send your child to school and that will increase petrol consumption, jam and chaos. If I was a Bus operator not allowed to increase fare price, I prefer to boycott sending your children, lose the business rather than to go Bankrupt Forever. This is just one of the many social CHAOS coming.

Stupidity + Corruption = More Suffering for Malaysian.

In Hunger and Anger WE MUST OBLITERATE ALL UMNO-BN Leaders.....esecially those STUPID RACIST UMNO Leaders and the cause of your suffering.....Including those who have retired.

The other options is keep suffering to worships the Gods of UMNO-BN....and their upholding of Prejudice Royal Songkok Protocol!!


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what the fuck hell u try to describe about huh? useless article lol

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This shows that perjuangan masih belum selesai. The Malays have to wake up, otherwise people like this writer will get into power and suppress the pribumis under the cloak of meritocracy and democracy.

So much anger generated from coffee shop talk shows a lack of historical understanding. They came, were given citizenship on the cheap and then talk about fairness. The pribumis have to adjust to an alien culture just to "modernise". They have to give up a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle where family and friends are in constant contact.

There is a widespread violent rage among the non-bumis. Be alert. It is good that they choose to express it even in vulgar language.