Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wear Black on Merdeka 08, Orang Asli are REAL Bumiputera of Malaysia! Racism in ISLAM UMNO-PAS must be OBLITERATED....Never Vote PAS Again!!

Isn't it suprising. So the Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS Cult hugging and kissing have started. Yet being banned for highlighting the Prejudice Songkok Protocol. Nothing really changed in Malaysia. Eat your heart out. For Malaysia to move forward the following MUST be heard from the Agong and Royalty. Silence is not an option or else you are branded the same Racist Bigots Islam UMNO-PAS Cult!

1. Renounce that Malay cannot be born Islam.
2. Freedom of Religion ala Lina Joy be respected. NRD, Syriah - go to HELL!
3. Abolish Syriah courts, its becoming a Sham Courts and insulter of Islam.
4. Condemn the notion that Swearing under Koran is more credible than being judge by the Westminters Justice systems.
5. The Police, Judiciary, Army, Leaders all majority muslim malay....Thank you for isulting Islam better than non muslim! loss to other religion.
6. Abolish your Stupid bi-polar racist prejudice songkok Protocol Forever!!

Malaysia is now in economic CHAOS. MMC seeking to refinance $10 Billion....SELL. Don't buy any Malaysia stocks. Move money to Foreign banks earning 7-8% is better. Still not to late to sell investment house. The Sub-prime of Malaysia is coming in the form of CDO and Sub-prime-business of UMNO-BN companies.

Boycott Air Asia for One Month at this stage of their business and they WILL Collapse. Remember Air Asia is UMNO-BN, member of Khairy, Najib, Rosmah. Obliterate the business and stop a SOURCE of their illegal Cash flow.

Do that For Petronas Petrol too. Boycott them everywhere in Malaysia. You will disrupt their cashflow and also production. Excess capacity will only bring price down. Cost of Shutting a refinery for a week is very costly....Do it for 3-6 months or a year and see petrol price drop. But keep the Petronas Boycott as all owners are UMNO Racist shoe licker!

Make a run on the local banks and withdraw all money and put in Foreign Banks before its too late and $1 ringgit = $0.25 Singapore cents or Less! All Local banks are UMNO-BN cronies...let them collapse, no loss to Malaysian. They are part of the UMNO Racist tools to enslave Malaysian!!

Lastly, don't force non-muslim or malay to wear your Stupid Prejudice Songkok Protocol. Not even for the coming Beijing Olympic 2008. Anything that resembles malay=Islam, respect the non malay wishes or thousand curses on Malaysia even after the Olympics if I see non malays-muslim wear the prejudice songkok!! I will be ashame if they FORCE the participants to wear Baju Kurung and Sarong again + songkook...year in year out in every Olympic, Asian games, SEA Games. CURSE you Racist UMNO-PAS ideological Bigots. Some will submit to your Dhimi Forcing....many will not....and we continue to live with Dignity!

Remember the next May 13, Kampung Medan and Penan Killings out break.....We will make sure there is FAR GREATER Collateral Damage on the Supreme Racist Bigots Race and the loss of territory forever. We await the racist bigots of UMNO-PAS next move.....

Malaysia cannot exist any longer in the current form, an awakening will spilt Malaysia up and that is why staying Cash in Foreign Banks is SO SO SO Important now. Some may have to Up Root to move to friendlier places that will be defended with Blood and for our children freedom, from Racism, ISA and Racist laws. One that have Freedom of Religion, Press, freedom from FORCE Wearing of Songkok and Free Education that does not Discriminate. We have the Dignity now to live like humans not animals or Dhimi anymore. Freedom is Choice. We will aspire for ONE Common Law and all religious LAW ABOLISH! This is the Aspiration for Malaysia. Orang Asli are the True Bumiputera, Real Natives, soil of the earth.......the Rest UMNO-PAS malays are Liars, robbers, cheater and a FIGMENT of their own imagination.

Terbukti....melayu UMNO-PAS adalah sejenis Cult Racist Islam...di mana Ketuanan melayu lebih penting dari Islam......ini saja kesimpulan. Penghina Allah terbesar di Malaysia UMNO dan PAS!>>>>Berambus!

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Hanan Ya Manan said...

wah, wah kau ni makin gila la BNM. boikot petronas? abis kalau semua boikot petronas sape nak bg subsidi minyak? shell dr belanda? exxon mobil dr US? kau tau x sbhgn subsidi minyak yg kau isi drpd sykt minyak luar tu dtg dr petronas. takkan la sykt2 ni nak kasi kau subsidi? nak tembak pun biarlah tembak benda yg tepat.

pakai songkok pun jd isu? pakai je la kan dah peraturan dalam Dewan. inilah bodohnya kau ni yg nakkan kebebasan total. kebebasan total = kejatuhan akhlak negara. kalau aku pegi masjid sembahyang pakai seluar pendek pastu ada imam marah takkan aku nak kata 'oi ini kebebasan aku'. aku rasa kau ni bukan bodoh lg. kau ni mmg dah sakit jiwa. pegi carik pakar psikiatri. elok kau masuk je tg rambutan tuh.