Friday, January 16, 2015

ONE Koran Read By Islam - muslim creating Terrorism, Racism, Bias, Killings...and We need to be Romantics and find reasoning???? !@#$%^&

The same Koran that Inspired the sisi Taliban to Kill  140 kids in Pakistan....the same Koran that inspired  Boko Haram that strap kids with bombs to blow people up and the recent killing of 2,000 in Nigeria, the same Koran that inspired Sulu Islamic terrorist that killed and continue to wage war in Sabah....same Koran that makes muslim thinks they are the Sham religion of Peace and the same Koran that can inspire Malays to be Born Muslim and that they believe the Sultan-Agong is the defender of Islam(never mind they drink, gamble) ...the same Koran that inspired the sisi of Islam to try to Massacare the Yazidis or the same Koran that inspired the sisi of Islam in Syria to Mustard Gas their own people in the hope the west would intervene and attack Assad of Syria......and yes the same Koran that united the muslim world against Isreal.......  Funny thing is that most people would prefer to live in Isreal than any of these Arab Nation and all these immigrants comes from these muslim terrorist countries... Time to Murtad and convert out of Islam would be the most logical choice for confuse muslim about sick ideology of  murder and killings!!... Un Brainwash!!...You have to decide if the people of islam religion is bad or the book Koran is bad!! ...Don't be Romantics to EVIL!!...Any killings of such magnitude mentioned is EVIL....but some sick minds will think its not!  We will Fight EVIL to the Ends and the Isreal Way too!!...  No mercy, disproportionate, obliterate!!...There is No cure to Evil except to send them to their Maker...

Everyday, when there is a BIGGER issue...its is always something ILLOGICAL and attention Diverter that takes the Seemingly RTM, Utusex, NSTp and UMNO-Bangsat Negara Media to promote the hugging K-Pop...crack down on kids to DIVERT Attention!!!


Altantuya Murderer Sirul Missing and IGP should Step Down For Lying+incompetence and Home Minister - Hissapmudin as well....  Seriously a crminal can go to Australia??  Well we need to take down UMNO-Bangsat Neagra in cahoots with sultan-agong for promoting Sirul freedom for Islamic Crimnals abroad!!  His picture is now public domain.....time to take down these Islamic UMNO inspired Murderers without delay...or the Murderers take down those UMNO-BN Leaders WHO DID NOT HONOUR THEIR PART OF THE BARGAIN!! for Malaysian!!....  I only Care the Scumbags of Racist terrorist Bigots islam UMNO Cult gets Obliterated!!!

2.  500,000 people affected by flood seems to be ignored.... And you expect Sultan-Agong in cahoots with Sultan-Agong living in luxury locally and overseas to help you rebuild.....ALL You get is a photo session of a BIG Hamper worth $200 to 30 UMNO Die Hard Families played out by media 200,000 times so that Stupid Citizen Malaysian thinks 1.9 Million citizen got help and Ficticious $1 Billion spent( Real $900 Million into UMNO-Bangsat Negara & the cahoots of Islam Greed Sultan-Agong pockets for Holiday Shopping like Rosmah).....albeit poorly!!

Now 2 months after flood and its still tough to recover....some die, some move out...some abandon and some struggle....go flood the the Mansions of Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO Bangsat Negara to get proper & dignified help and support....If none come..... Make REVOLUTION and OBLITERATION of UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan-Agong...after all you are at their door steps.....BBB...  Bangun Bangkit Basmikan UMNO!!

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