Monday, June 03, 2013

Justice delayed is a crime against Malaysian and a Denial of Justice!!

Malaysian Brain washed for generation with Delayed action.  From election to corruption, everything that can be covered up WILL be covered up by UMNO-BN + Agong+ Sultan buat tak Tahu (pretend to not know - ignoramous is not alibi to crime against Malaysian).

Brain washed because when it comes to Crack down on dissent, rakyat anger against this Racist criminals in UMNO-BN + their is always swift and fast like lightning.  When it comes to integrity, fraus, cheat, free IC, lies, corruption, stealing election victory, death in custody there is a  massive excuse, delay, Royal Sham Commission.

After 56 years that is modus operandi of UMNO-BN + their Cahoots from royalty to PAID CITIZEN.  Yes the PDRM, Agong, Sultan, Phd, Datuk, Tan Sri, Pastor, Mufti, monk........lots of Paid voice of reason to maintain the UMNO-BN illegal and illegitimate existence and keep making Rakyat and citizen Malaysia their slave.  That happens from generation to generation until one generation decide enough is enough.  Lets hope Malaysian current generation wanting Abolishing of Tol, cheaper petrol, free education, lowering cost of living with stronger Ringgit as the DREAM and Ideology of SACKING these UMNO-BN scumbag snd sending them to the Gallows or Prison for their CRIME AGAINST humanity Malaysian!!

To overcome all this brain washing is a shock treatment.  Like hunger or Anger.  If the 13 year old raped and forced to marry the rapist is not making you angry enough under the sham Syriah or Secular law then perhaps the constant delay in reporting death in custody.  The delay is again a PAID ACTION to the police concern so that the body rot sufficient enough to render further autopsy useless and inconclusive!!  By right we should be made know of death immediately and not 1 -3 weeks later.  But again this is the Paid Perkakas UMNO-PDRM modus operandi to delay bad news to an already ANGRY Rakyat.

When Rakyat is Angry and Hungry...the UMNO-BN is in overdrive to make insulting KING, Sedition talk as the MOST importang thing that could Affect your MISERABLE LIFE.  Really #$%^&*(!  UMNO-Sulu terrorsit now playing terrorist game and discuss-bincang in Sabah.  UMNO-Thai Muslim talking and bincang on how to create a muslim state in south Thailand.  Daily car jacking, false accident claim against you, robbbery, house invasion, snatch thief is a sign that UMNO-BN is using resources meant to FIGHT CRIME for OWN security Protection company.  #$%^&! ... while citizen Malaysian SUFFER Daily.  Poice paid by citizen Malaysia tax do you job and fight crime and not to investigate USELESS Seditiuos charges.  Cow gate, land grab in Sarawak, UMNO-Sulu terrorist attack on Sabah, corruption, murder, bombings during election are all forgotten now.

Your Tax money used to sponsor EC/SPR, PDRM, MACC, RELA,  to Convention, seminar in luxury hotel, team building on how to deflect People's anger on a quarterly basis. To deal with difficult Rakyat who don't want to be slave of UMNO racist rules.  WHY Allow your money to be used to make your life a MISERY.???@#$%^&  Wake up, Rally, take to the streets before you life is in misery.  POWER in QUANTITY ...POWER in UNITY!!....  no seminar or training can stop the UNITY of People POWER!!

A country starts falling apart when Crime rates Rise and Government use the Resources to protect their illegally obtained Wealth.  THIS IS MALAYSIA TODAY.  IT IS TIME TO RISE and OBLITERATE UMNO-BN and their PERKAKAS-Tools.....whatever it takes!!

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