Friday, June 14, 2013


From Sabah Rape of child-minor & then FORCED to Marry Rapist by Parents is some kind of Brain Washing, Threats to Girl parents to agree to the Pedophile POWER.  He must be funded by a team of similar Muslim Padeofile.  If there is Christian, Buddist, Hindu pedofile.  They are scumbag no matter what and we should not be ashamed to name them, their religion associates if any and where they live and work.

These Scums cannot be make your child to their slavery via Chaos and security.  That child life is ruined forever.  Lets hope a sultan-Agong child, niece, relative gets raped and gets quoted by Syriah courts of Malaysia that it was sama-suka-sama (agree to like each other and rape)....  Better still the Syriah courts then decide that they have married the couple as PERMITTED by Koran #$%^&*.  This is the Defender of Islam Munafiq Sultan-Agong....a Myth!!  Disengage and try other Religion to save your SOUL!!

In a similar Chaos -Security threats is the attack on Sabahans by the UMNO-Sulu terrorist.  Why tolerate this UMNO discussion with terrorist?? #$%^&  Now we have Rohinya burmese-Bangla alliance UMNO sponsored illegal terrorist in Malaysia.  First they create the Chaos ...then UMNO deploy Police-Immigration-Rela.....etc to be reported daily in Mdia to PROVE UMNO-BN racist scumbags are doing something.  Maximum impact but reality like Sabahans...the UMNO-Sulu terrorist threats still exist like the robbing, murder, snatch, kidnap still occurs with these other UMNO-BN sponsored illegals terrorist.

Don't feel BAD if the majority of these illiegals happens to be Muslim and Islam because that is the type UMNO prefers to come to Malaysia to help prop up their DEMONcracy.  Malaysia now is living under a state of CHAOS and more police needed to just protect the Ruling elite.  Rakyat - Citizen just have to take laws into your own hands and OBLITERATE or Get OBLITERATED.

Hope you quickly reach the  mood to OBLITERATE instead of your SPACE, Security, wealth gets Obliterated by UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong racist hidden agenda policy.  Don't be a ROMANTICS to incompetent, murder and INJUSTICE.

Take to the streets on June 15-22  OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka to defeat Evil regime of UMNO.  Tol roads have been paid off by the Billions......why are we still slowly being SUCKED our energy and $$$$ by UMNO Crooks. WHY ALLOW this SHAM.??  You have paid off your mortgage and you are ask to keep paying Installment to the Bank for the priviledge ???@#$%^&* 

Hope USA just Blast all the Syrian Air Force to 6 feet under ground.  As usual.....the Justice of Islam -muslim nation is Crap.  Still think no Chemical weapons used??  Don't expect any better with Hudud, Hadhari, the way of life....ALL Rubbish when they allow 200,000 children, women being killed by Assad Islam madness.  If Isreal did something there will be unity in Islam..when 200,000 islam -muslim people die - no issues #$%^&!  THIS BLATANT INJUSTICE SICKNESS MUST END! That is what happens when ONE PARTY rules TOO long in a Country.  Like Malaysia, the Media loves UMNO-BN racist but 60% rakyat have rejected them.  Using Illusion to keep Ruling Malaysia and Agong-Sultan Myth, unaware or refuse to acknowledge the PEOPLE will,  SAME fate of Nepal Kingdom is upon Malaysia....Make them PURE ceremonial........What have the Rulers done to make a Better Malaysia after 60 Years of Sacking Singapore??.............  ZILCH....ZERO....Kosong.....We want the Proof NOW!!

Myth, malay custom are all myth.  Where is Hang Tuah Myth??  Surely you know he was a great Chinese Fighter and the Keris was actually a normal Chinese Steal sword versus those Kayu Jati Keris those Malays used at that time.  Unable to replicate the sword the Sultan called the Mythical sword Taming Sari......  Rejected by 60% of NON Illusion Malaysian...UMNO seeks to bring out the Sultan Myth, the Insult Islam Myth...the Sham and SCAM!!...the style is the same But unfortunately now UMNO using 40% Illusion support to CLING on to POWER!! ....  THE Mirror of Illusion is CRACKING for UMNO-BN racist......Lets OCCUPY and BREAK the mirror of Illusion for UMNO-BN racist on  June 15-22 Dataran Merdeka.  Apply a police permit everyday. 


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