Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Padang Merbok 20 June, 2013...gather then OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA!!....  bring some food water, umbrella, stick disguise as a flag for protection against Police, FRU, SB, UTK, Brutality.  PDRM and all umno-tools should stay away!!  the people are VERY angry.

When injustice becomes Law Resistance is Duty!!

So now the UMNO police and city hall working together like the UMNO-EC/SPR working with Police and UMNO-Sulu terrorist to attack and bring fear to Malaysian.  Pity its not working and Watch this Rally...

This time we will OCCUPY and stay UNTIL you respect our DIGNITY.  Every human have dignity regardless of Class or socio-economic position in life.  UMNO-PDRM have NO RIGHT to deny you that dignity.  That Dignity is also linked to Freedom of RELIGION, SPEECH and RALLY and Protest.

Malaysian of 60% are not ROBOTS and mindless zombies working to keep UMNO-BN_Sultan-Agong afloat and on the ALTAR of Worship.  We have the same DIGNITY in the eyes of GOD / Allah to seek JUSTICE, FREEDOM and the right to QUESTION Corruption, EVIL, Murder, Police Brutality, Lies...SHAM....etc.

Make no mistake that 60% of Rakyat is SICK of UMNO-BN and the longer the Sultan - Agong supports these Scumbags who support Child Rapist - Pedophile in Sabah with the sick Islam-koran alibi of "Sama suka sama"......  the more Damning it will be in the sight of the people and God-Allah.  Don't for once think that the MYTH of Sultan-Agong-UMNO will last FOREVER.  Enjoy it while you can because the people are sick of HUNGER, High cost of Living and Above all the CORRUPTION of this Sick MYTH!!  MYTH cannot feed family, reduce Tol, reduce petrol price, free English Education.  Once we get the same education as UMNO-BN_Sultan-Agong English education in Private will be ceremonial or in ........

Hell have no fury when the people DIGNITY is trampled upon like no one business.  ITS for a better Malaysia....and the Cheats, Lies, SPR-EC-Judiciary SHAM, Police Brutality and UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong Racist bigots agenda will have to make way for a NEW Malaysia.

KALI INI LAH...... UBAH!!... 

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