Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gather, Occupy, plan to SHOW PROTEST to UMNO-BN Police Brutality, Hight Petrol, Crime!!

JUNE 19-22...PLAN, Gather...ORGANISE FOOD, water, goggles...OCCUPY Padang Merbok... THEN to DATARAN MERDEKA and EVERY Landmark Spots....  UNITE AND FIGHT TO DEFEND EACH OTHER.  DON'T allow UMNO PAID THUGS, Gangsters, SB, PDRM, UTK to BULLY YOU.....60% of Rakyat have power over the Mythical Majority in UMNO-BN.  There is Fear and NOW is the TIME to TERROR Back. 100 People with a 3 metre strong Rotan stick or iron pole CAN TIP the FRU Water cannon truck over in one move...in UNISON from left or right side........Terror back!!     The only way forward for Cheaper Fuel, LESS CRIME, Abolish Tol and Free education in ENGLISH is to TERROR Back....Forget about Ku Li Agenda...we give him 2 months starting 15 June.... to ABU....Lets see if UMNO-BN can be BURIED!!

The list goes on like ..

Rally to Protest Zahid Hamidi - Get lost if You Cannot restore Law and Order.  How dare this Scumbag call Malaysia oppose to UMNO-Bn to leave Malaysia.  Agong Sould SACK him but as you all know the Alliance of UMNO+ Sultan was sealed on Singapiore Sacking.

Protest the Latest Death in Custody, shoooting, robbery, kidnapping.......above all the INEPT and INCOMPETENCE IGP and DEPUTY IGP.  But again with Agong-Sultan+ UMNO-BN ALLIANCE approval...nothing will change UNLESS we TAKE to the Streets with HINTS of Toppling these Institution that EXIST to serve the People Interest.

Lets not be Romantics to Crime and Injustice.  UMNO-BN + Rulers + elites have their own Personal army to "FIX" things when something unfortunate happens.....Rest of Malaysia follow the LAW to the Letter and Get SHAMMED, Insulted and ABUSED.  Go to Hell about Following the Law.

We need to bring Food, tent.....Move from Padang Merbok and OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA until the WILL of 60% of the people are carried out.  The time of Bincang, listening haveended after 60 Years of DO NOTHING UMNO-BN + Sultan_Agong.  Don't insult our intelligence with your silence and MYTH and perceived Defender of Islam...that is the Joke Malays need to Overcome.  Who died and Made you God Defender of ALLAh??  Insults and Myth like this need to be erased because it is NOT REAL.  Reality is like Feeding kids...having enough to put food on table, pay mortgage, own a land that one can cultivate and not be STOLEN and then SOLD for Millions $$$$$$  because of Links to UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong.  This Sham must NOT only end but those SCUMbags be STRIPPED of the Corruption Profit and return to the people.  When are Sarawakians Going to Taken Down that EVIL TAIB and PBB Family there??  These Scumbags really want to make Malaysian their slave and LOOK to them like GODS, Allah...Vishnu...Buddah....and MUST Be obliterated.

Now Father Son of Sultan of Pahang Royalty sham wants to Ruin Malaysia Soccer and hockey......I WILL NOT SUPPORT Malaysia while these Inept and Incompetent Royals still head ANY of the sports.  Rightly Malaysia also NOT Blessed in Sports arena due to RACISM!!  Padan Muka...and BERAMBUS!!

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