Sunday, May 25, 2014

CELAKA UMNO Racist Malays....

Brain washing of UMNO-Barang Naik Stupidity and INACTION by the UMNO  Boko Haram - SULU terrorist Police is what brings Malaysia down another level to HELL with Sultan-Agong Approval.  Mind you the Fiasco and Sham of the 2008 Perak State Assembly compared with the police presence in Penang State Assembly is a OBVIOUS testament to the Racism that is allowed to fester under Sultan-Agong and UMNO-BN Racist bigots watch.  Time to stay alert...the moment you hear of death of many of a certain race...BRACE Yourself for Impact, Defence and WHATEVER it takes to OBLITERATE UMNO in cahoots with Sultan - Agong.

These UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Obvious prejudice, inaction and encouragement of UMNO-sponsored Sulu- Boko Haram-Al Shabab PDRM terrorist in Malaysia needs to END with their allow the Cancer to stay inside Malaysian Minds is a failure of Malaysian to CUT OFF the Racist Bigots Cancer of UMNO-BN!!

So in future when You say Celaka Malaysia Football standard.....Get ready for Attack by Sultan FAM of Pahang on your premise because you insulted his legacy.

If you say celaka Malaysia Hockey, you will also face the same retribution buy the Sultan of Perak.

When Trengganu tell Celaka to Johor Football team when Trengganu lost 3-1 get ready, beware Trengganu folks because you have insulted the Johor Royal Family and their legacy and you will also receive the terrorism, retribution from the Johor Thugs of  UMNO Ideology.....  CELAKA to this type of Low Intellect UMNO racist thinking!!

When you get ROBBED by a thief and you say celaka to the thief....Live in fear because the thief will come back and Whack you like those UMNO racist Thugs and terrorist on the Penang state assembly.  If this is the ideology and mind set you live in, then I thing you need to either change religion or UN BRAIN WASH your mind and RESET!

This is how these UMNO-Racist terrorist Boko Haram- Sulu Terrorist is trying to set your mind...but we have the power to resist them and Whack them back to their caves...

Just need a bit of planning, trappings....and show no mercy when you get them.  Terrorise them like those MACC murdereres gets those 2 Altantuya UTK Najib-Rosmah police gets terrorised and living in fear....Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar.  Like those JAIS Bible Robber and NGO living in fear.....  If we cannot get them in daylight...there is always night time to get them.  There is always their place of abode and their family if insurance is needed.....There is always the element of Suprise and the Art of War.  So don't think those who have guns call the shots....sometimes one need to rise up with wisdom too.  Those stupid chinese and indians, non malays and malays of BN cronies mindset and who have good life in Malaysia....serve you right for voting UMNO-Barang Naik.....stop complaining and for Peace and stability you voted on got more Crime, Break in , Murder, Deaths, Barang Naik, TOL and Water ration.....  enjoy the fruits of your STYUPIDITY!

For making jokes on Rosmah....Teresa kok gets a Sedition charges.....those UMNO-Boko Haram Terrorist who storm the Penang state assembly is not a seditious act that was approved by UMNO-BN Terrorist, by police and Agreed by Sultan-Agong.......  Now that you are clear of the KANGAROO Court and inaction of the LAW and INCOMPETENCE of the Malaysia MH370 Judiciary, we must learn to retaliate in the right manner and time.  

Those in cahoots to DESTROY your DIGNITY, LIFE, Keep you in Misery and constant terror to your daily Life will have their days numbered.......TIME TO RISE UP Like the Mat Kilau of PAST to TERROR BACK......   in quietness....unknown....DISRUPT DISRUPT .DISRUPT DISRUPT!!!...Don't just tolerate more water ration......MORE Flood....more traffic Jams....time toi react by  BOYCOTTING Malaysia UMNO economy....Petronas, Local Banks, Astro, STAR, Utusan, Petron....and Any business related to UMNO-BN Racist in cahoots with sultan-agong!!  Spend LESS on their stuff if you must and give them a CASH FLOW CRUNCH to CRUSH their Evil deeds!!

Everytime you buy something....THINK...Think... in your SUB CONSCIOUS whether it will Support-Enhance the funding of UMNO-BN BokoHaram, Al shabab, Hudud, Sulu terrorism/terrorist   in cahoots with Sultan-Agong or IS THERE ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE!

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