Friday, March 04, 2011

FACT : When Malaysian Obliterate the MYTH of UMNO Racist, the AWAKENING Begins!!!

MYTH is when malay shamelessly call themselves bumiputera (when Orang Asli are the true bumiputeras)

MYTH Agong and Sultan are defender of Islam (see Perak and Now Kelantan...Son Derhaka Bapak Sultan. Of course the list goes on with other nonsense of Sultan Pahang, Johor, Selangor....)

MYTH is when wearing tudung, going to Mecca and praying 5 times is sign of being Islamic and pious and Allah Fearing(all a Munafik act). After Mecca its back to their "Islamic" corruption....UMNO islamic style!!

MYTH is when malay can be born Islam. Sheer lunacy of being born into a religion for political racist domination.

MYTH is when malay says they were in Malaysia when Orang Asli were there first and perhaps Indian and Chinese of Islamic faith were there before Batu Bersurat Lies...go check..

MYTH is when Tun Dr. Munafik Muhammed can claim to be malay when bapak is Indian yet still 100% malay (siapa keliru siapa?) who got lied and tricked!!

FACTS is when the entire Judiciary, Law and order, SYRIAH Munafik courts, JAKIM, JAIS, Police, Army, rela, other MILITIA quietly trained by UMNO racist for killing works IN CASE rakyat wakes up like Libya wanting to hang the UMNO racist leaders.

FACTS is when there are so many non-malay evidence who were in Malaysia before malays.

FACTS is the education systems is falling BADLY....take some time and ask how many UMNO Malays Leaders and Sultan have their children in public school learning malay. Wake up to the fact that these racist Malay munafik leaders kononya(supposedly) defender of islam send their children to private schools then overseas, some do matriculation; while 4/5 of Malaysia who makes it to STPM needs to sit for two years to prolonge your agony and TOTAL DEMORALISATION of your children. They shamelessly do it on your tax money and corruption money so you can be their ETERNAL Slaves within a SHAM Democracy.

FACTS is when your ringgit is only worth 0.43 Singapore cents when before 1969 $1 ringgit = $1.10 singapore dollar.

FACTS is when Corruption so rife that over $1 trillion of Petronas dollars and other tax money have over 50+ years been swallowed by racist UMNO-BN leaders & cronies. Yet we are no where near South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. Don't ask WHY and WHERE....Just Get Them & HANG Them.....its gone forever to their corrupted overseas Family rich lifestyle.

FACTS is when we OBLITERATE UMNO-BN Racist forever, only then will Malaysia make the right steps to be near South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. Key word is OBLITERATE...whatever it takes... A MIND SET THING!!

FACTS - there is not enough army and police to guard and protect ALL UMNO-BN racist leaders....choose your pick. Just look for HUGE mansions all over Malaysia and 99% are UMNO-BN cronies RACIST Leaders homes!!

FACTS - Melayu is NOT Bodoh/Stupid or lazy but is DIPERBODOHKAN/Made Stupid by UMNO Racist. Tun Dr. Munafik Mohammed being your ex-UMNO Racist president-priest and claiming to be 100% melayu/islam is enough to say You have been made Stupid by UMNO!! UMNO leaders are Kaya-Raya (Ultra Rich) while you melayu miskin (poor)....another Act of DIPERBODOHKAN/Made Stupid and used/DIPERGUNAKAN by UMNO Racist. There is no cure to Stupidity/lunacy for 50+ years and counting!! Don't wait until you have no food to put on your table for your many children. Middle east awakening will be coming to Malaysia.

FACTS - ALL Malay UMNO Leaders HINA/INSULT ALLAH because of their corruption!!

FACTS - Allah is not BLIND or DEAF and do not require munafik Islam-Melayu-UMNO to be reminded 5 x 7 x 365 = 12 755 times a year to go and worship HIM. If you don't know the time to worship Allah, please go CHANGE your religion and stop your HYPOCRISY. Go check how many defender of ISLAM wakes up at 6.13am and pray.....wander near their surau/mosque and see how many worshippers at that time of 6.13am. No intention to offend anyone but why Allah-God need daily REMINDER for his followers 12 755 times a year to worship him?? Is that not an insult to Allah!!?? Think about it!! Change your religion out of Islam and see some NEW light!!

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