Sunday, August 17, 2014

UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan - Agong are "Horders" of Evil $$$$ Extreme....remember "komplot Sorok"....hiding sugar to raise sugar price....making fake markets...

Funny is like this.... as reported in Star sometime ago..

Malaysian Hockey....  After losing to Australia 4 - 0 in world cup ....  Encouraging signs ...need to tighten game...good chance against Belgium...  Before Meeting Belgium  - Malaysia have the edge against Belgium...... The next day Lost 6 -2 ....  2nd half epic fail...Next match against England....  Malaysia UMNO celaka Hockey team to go all out against England....  Lost........ Now coach wants to resign and Sultan FAM pass baton to Son in a hope to revive Malaysia Racist Football Hope....  No Blessing from ALLAH unutk Semua....siapa Bodoh, Dia keliru......  Outcome in Commonwealth Games no better...Better Give up Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and Sack Malaya for a better position in Everything!!

More funnies are the Sultan of Selangor seems to CONTROL what the UMNO-Media wants to hear and all other things are secret in the MB Khalid Sham Saga.  UMNO invites any speculation so that these SCUMBAGS can implement ISA Crap with UMNO run ISIS, Hamas, Terrorist government in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.   Somehow there is NO medium the SULTAN in his power, glory, wealth can speak to the PUBLIC Except Via Raja Petra and UMNO Run Media... @#$%^&*! BS CRAP!! take no notice of what Sultan says except VIA the Hansard in the State Sitting.....the rest are just spin and LIES to TRAP you into sedition.   TO ME it is SEDITIOUS FOR UMNO TO SUPPORT ISIL, ISIS, BOKO-HARAM, SULU Sabah TERRORIST IN CAHOOTS WITH SULTAN-AGONG....IGP GO INVESTIGATE AND CHARGE THEM!! Rightly we need to put the Myth Sultan-Agong between a rock and hard place.....but Raja Petra the Bi-polar Monarchy in exile supporter still wants to blame Pakatan for the mess like in Perak.  Basically the Sultan Berak Set the precedence of appointing MB without a vote of no confidence and when Nizar Dissolve the state....don't want to see him Sham.  Now for Sultan coming to Zero Selangor....just convene an emergency sitting or dissolve the state or Sack Khalid ....either way people of Selangor had have enough of these Sultan-Cahoots of UMNO and we need to wait till late August...Lets hope Financial and Natural Disaster strike Selangor and you keep waiting.....IF that should Happen Better hold the Sultan & UMNO ISIS,ISIL to pay for all the suffering because these UMNO type leeches are all robbers of the People.

...and somehow its NOT ok to Like Isreal in facebook and all this SHAM of Religion, ideology, insult of Sultan happens in PAKATAN states and UMNO-ISIS, Boko-Haram, Terrorist held state living in plenty, happy, secure and fine #$%^&*!  There is War in Sabah....  Killings of Medical students in Sarawak under the UMNO-ISIS-PBB watch...Food price rising and people struggling to survive in ALL UMNO Held state and Sink hole in the Capital ...near Pudu jail....  There Lies the Sham and reporting of Raja Petra Scam in his Malaysia Today in cahoots with UMNO ISIS, ISIL, Boko-Haram and Sultan-Agong....  people do change...over time..ask Chandra Muzaffar, Rais Yatim, recently dead ex Lord President...Raja Petra....all part of an ideology that promotes Self and nothing else as long as they are given PRAISE like Allah!!....never mind Hell Awaits them!!

Everything is in demise for UMNO-Boko Haram, ISIS, ISIL ideology governed Malaysia...60+ years and counting how much more Crap and misery can Malaysian take...  Hockey team almost 99.9 % only the single UMNO-Boko Haram race....any wonder why Malaysia is failing in soccer, hockey.......Of course with the Sultan Munafiq Islam Cult Boko Haram in charge.....also another contributing factor...

Give up the FAKE UMNO ISIS - Boko Haram,- Abu Syaf-Taliban Islamic religious cult Damaging Malaysia..... Embrace the Religion of OBLITERATE the UMNO-BN ISIS-Boko Haram-Sulu -Abu Sayaf-Taliban terrorist ideology in cahoots with Sultan-Agong. The Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO-Barang naik ISIS- HAMAS- Hezbollah-Boko Haram are USING MALAYS AS HUMAN SHIELDS to continue their PLUNDER in the name of their ISLAM Cult.....   Otherwise how can a Sultan Johor Sell A Malay Reserve Land, turn it to freehold to a CHINA Developers for $5 Billion in the Prime coastal area??  If a Bumi Non Malay did that and prosper the family there will be RIOTS?? @#$%^&*  Natang!!

No shame these Islamic terrorist of Malaysia in Umno-bn in cahoots with sultan-agong TAKING DISPROPORTIONATE of the Malay wealth in RESPONSE to their Misery and HAMAS being Whacked DESERVEVEDLY DISPROPORTIONATELY by Isreal....  Hamas is terrorist like UMNO-in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Malaysia stop supporting NGO being send from Malaysia to Gaza....YOU ARE SUPORTING TERRORIST of the same Ideology like UMNO-Sultan-Agong!

Like Hamas Failed rocket Launch that lands inside Gaza and killing their own Palestinians people, they blame Isreal....UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong have also launched many Malay racist Islam Cult  nationalist rocket and when their POLICY, AGENDA, Greed, corruption failed and fall short like those Hamas rockets and killed ....make a misery of the malay people....Blame Other race...Sabah-Sarawak, the true orang asli, Allah........  #$%^&! Natang!!   Like Hamas given the land to prosper, these scumbag use it to Launch rockets like Now in Sabah WAR.....  Sack UMNO-PBB-PBSin Sabah- Sarawak then Sack Malaya......and we still want to donate to Malaysia NGO to help Palestines HAMAS-Boko Haram-UMNO-ISIS...terrorist.......@#$%^&*! Natang!!

That is the only way to fix Malaysia...or Better...Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak...sack the UMNO-BN Boko Haram PBS-PBB and then Sack Malaya.  New Era....New world order and Obliterate those Jakim-MAIS-JAIS-ALLAH-Boko Haram Terrorist Islamic cult Crap Ideology!!

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