Thursday, November 27, 2014

We need to find a systems that BENEFITS ALL of us and Not just some of Us!!....that is CALLED ANTI - RACISM....

...that is called Meritrocracy...

that is called Dignity

that is called Freedom

that is called World Class

that is called freedom of Choice

that is called Unity

that is called Fair Play

that is call Truth and Justice

Malays should debate why tiny Singapore GDP is bigger than Malaysia with all those Vast Natural Resources, petroleum, timber, land, argiculture.........and if still stick with UMNO for another 5 years after GE14 is a sign of Malaysia CONFIRMED Demise to 4th world status....

Debate on things that matters to the PERUT and Dignity of Life....not just VAPOUR Ware of Status...defender of Islam....Social Myth Contract, Pulau Nangka SHAM, Sultan Parameswara Myth, Hang Li Po Myth, Toyol.....Hang Tuah Myth....Taming Sari Myth( Was just a Chinese made sword that had Far superior to Malay KAYU JATI Keris....every goons knows Chinese Metal technology was Far superior to any nation at that time).

But UMNO Racis tin cahoots with sultan-Agong have tasted the good life and now wants to keep it for their Generation to come and lets hope like CHINA....the Malays rise up to RID Malaya of these Parasite.  That is occurring because the  cost of living is sky rocketting and we just need to blame UMNO-BN for all your ILLS because they are running ...Opps... RUINING the country under the so called close watchful eyes ... Opps  in CAHOOTS with  the Defender.....  Opps Insulter of Islam.....the sultan-agong selfish personal gain Taib trying to set up his OWN Dynasty in Sarawak...Like Musa Aman trying to set up his too with some Sulu-Abu Sayaf Terrorist help!!   Just get these Cahoots with UMNO-BN & Sultan-Agong, take them ....take Power and Sack Malaya!!

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