Monday, February 09, 2015

EVIL Everywhere in Malaysia...FIGHT IT BY Using Foreign Currency to TRADE in MALAYSIA....Zero GST to UMNO-Bangsat Negara!!

 Who are these scumbag that keeps Demolishing temples, place of worship without Warrant??....Next time when YOU SEE ANYTHING DEMOLISH WITHOUT WARRANT...ITS Battle Station.... and Obliterate even those FAKE Police in the Entourage of EVIL TERRORIST DOING Their EVIL!!
....Show No mercy Like Jordan is Learning From Isreal with the IS sisi Islamic terrorist that beheaded and burnt the Jordanian Pilot....Somehow the other muslim world no Hue and Cry when Islam Muslim Terrorist Burn their same Quran inspired muslim in their own manner of terror....when USA troops Burnt Taliban bodies.....somehow there is Hue and Cry....  TO HELL with the Ideology of EVIL we are Being Dumbed down and Brain Washed.....  Respond with DISPROPORTIONATE FORCE like Isreal.....

To DBKL and those Polis or NGO and SHAM that Follow any EVIL ACTS at SETAPAK Temple Demolition without WARRANT...YOUR LIFE is at RISK NOW ...We have some of your face in Video......  From Now on Every Night watch where you WALK.....OPPS into the Longkang or river.....if your are those 3 Line or Perkawsa Murderers.....Go ask them how many Nasi Lemak can they AFFORD  eat everyday when they are Old and no longer needed by UMNO-bangsat Negara!!!

Lets be Clear .... Anwar is No Martin Luther King nor Gandhi nor Aung Sun Su Kyi or Mandela....

Lets also be clear that we need to continue our injustice fight regardless of race and religion...

Somehow when it come to justice we somehow go blind to EVIL....  Setapak Temple Terror Demolish - Evil....  Sabahans V UMNO sponsored Sulu Islamic Terrorist = Evil....  Allah stupid Judgement - Evil....  Allowing Altantuya Sirul on Bail - Evil....  Sacking Singapore Racist Evil acts that have given Birth to the Malaysia we have today....Not Giving Superior Straight As students the course of their choice - Evil....Altantuya Murder-Evil

With Anwar least he has begin to BERTAUBAT...repented of UMNO Evil and using his resources to Rid UMNO-BN...  One man cannot do it alone....we need to UNITE and OBLITERATE UMNO-BN by hook or Crook!!  UMNO-BN is  IS supporters or sisi Syria-Iraq Levant Crap supporters. Again in a few months after 60 years we have this continuous terror to SPM and STPM students with Straight As cannot get into whatever courses/matriculation because of Racist Bigots UMNO-BN Terrorist policy to Demorlised young Malaysian of Non Malay/muslim Origin.....  With Malay-Muslim opposing to UMNO-BN there are other methods employed and Anwar is just ONE of UMNO-BN Evil Armada of Show Case!!..... ...Zunar, Hisshamuddin Rais, Adam Adli Abd Halim.......  Bukan Salah kita ketepikan agama dan Hapuskan Kezaliman dan Kekejaman....  Bukan Salah Kita mula SOAL SEGALA yang TAK MASUK AKAL dan mengapa Sultan-Agong Tak buat apa2 selepas 60 Tahun....  Akhirnya pun, awak yang akan meghadap ALLAH seorang diri macam orang Biasa yang Allah Cipta!!...Tun, Tan Sri, Raja, Sir, Datuk, AO, General, Nobel Laurette, Caliph.....adalah gelaran yang manusia beri...Bukan Allah!!...Di depan Allah...semua gelaran manusia masuk Longkang Tandas!!

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