Monday, March 23, 2015

R.I.P Lee Kuan Yew left Singapore in Good State....UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong leaving Malaysia with $1 Trillion Debt!!

Lee Kuan Yew for what its worth have left Singapore in a good state.  While he is stilled being criticised for softly submitting to UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Racist Agenda just before the break up(He should have Fought with Sabah-Sarawak to push Malaya racist Agenda back to the Islamic Cave together with Sultan-Agong)...he is credited for what is Singapore today...that is a legacy NO ONE can beat in this region for the small land mass.  He failings was his dictatorial style, his ARROGANCE, his Perfectionist attitude, FULL of Himself...and the Rule to limit people of "GOOD EDUCATION" background to have more than 2 kids.......during the 70s.....Had he NOT have this STUPID BIAS Arrogance, Singapore today would not have 1 Million Foreign workers in Singapore.....At least they are Quality Foreign Workers ...not like Malaysia Imported Islamic terrorist, Quran Inspired Death Cult Foreign Workers with a Bias of ISLAM Origins allowed to Malaysia.

LKY other FAILING is the Incarceration of Political Prisoners Longer than Nelson Mandela...... and CRACKING down on ANY Dissent.  Technically Singapore is a Police State where CREATIVITY and FREEDOM are stifled....

See the current Singapore PM breaking the News in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin....that is Class...NOT LIKE THE CRAP of the UMNO-Bangsat Negara ONE BAHASA RUBBISH and RACIST SHAM Forced to DUMB DOWN YOUR Children for another 60 Years....If you are smart FORGET ABOUT BAHASA MALAYSIA and LEARN ENGLISH.....STOP THE ROT From Sabah - Sarawak.....  You HAVE THE FREEDOM TO JOIN SINGAPORE and FORM ANOTHER  BETTER NATION THAN MALAYA....MALAYA iS CRAP & Islamic Racist RUBBISH.....THERE ARE OPTIONS IN LIFE and DO NOT LIMIT ALL OPPORTUNITIES....the Alternative is a IRAQ-Syria sisi IS Islam State in Malaya starting from Kelantan, Trengganu, the TERRORIST start their Islamic Hudud state there in Malaysia! Go Catch the Sultan of Pahang and chop something for raping and the CURRENT Sultan of Kelantan for STEALING the THRONE from his Father with UMNO-Bangsat Negara Support in cahoots with PAS!

A passing of what could have been Malaysia is reflected in Singapore if not for the UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Racist Sultan-Agong Islamic sisi IS Quran inspired ideology for 60 years.  Singapore with a CASH IN BANK Yearly about S$23 BILLION for many...many many years....Malaysia HIDDEN DEBT OF $1 TRILLION RINGGIT.  how to make Sabah-Sarawak understand the DIRE Problem they WILL inherit FOR ETERNITY IF THEY DO NOT SACK MALAYA with an ELECTION COMING.  TAKE POWER AFTER ELECTION.....Play some Games, GET THE CIRCLE OF PROTECTION READY FOR CHAOS AND then SUDDENLY PURGE.& Purge those Islamic UMNO Militant of sisi ABU SAYAF, SULU, UMNO Sponsored terrorist.... Send MUSA Aman, Pairin, Ongkili, Govenor to Lock UP and SACK MALAYA WITHOUT DELAY

WHO CARES ABOUT SULTAN JOHOR CORRUPTION/CORONATION......small matter!! @#$%^&*(!  TOOK Malays Reserve land...sold for $5 Billion Ringgit, Change back to Friday Holoday to prove Islam Credential but took $5 Billion from Muslim Malays.....DO WE REALLY CARE???/ Or serve those Malays Islam Bahasa Educated DUMB Down masses realise Hunge then Anger enough to Rid this Rubbish Enrichment Agenda of UMNO-BN in cahoots with Islam Cult Sultan-Agong.

NO NEED TO SAVE MALAYA....Time to SACK PKR & PAS From to RID ALL THESE UMNO - BN Infested ISlamic influence and RACIST Elements from Sabah-Sarawak ....then Sack Malaya.....  THE ONLY HOPE TO SAVE MALAYSIA is to SACK Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak......TAKE POWER BY HOOK AND CROOK and CREATE A NEW VENTURE WITH SINGAPORE IF YOU LACK THE SKILL!!  There is more to life than Islam, Hudud and $1 Trillion Ringgit Malaysia Debt........  Sack Malaya and let Malaya keep $1 Trillion Debt.....MAMPUS Sultan-Agong & UMNO racist!!....ha ha  ha...Padan Muka!


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