Friday, July 03, 2015

UMNO Bank Negara Involved in money laundering and support of IS in middle East via MARA....developing story!!

News appearing that Bank Negara are in cahoots with UMNO Najib in moving Funds from IMDB, MARA,Tabung Haji into his Accounts or associated with family like Rosmah or Sons in USA for Safe Keeping in case need to Run Away from Justice or Migrate and live the Happy lives..... 

So bear in Mind the Collapse of the Malaysian Ringgit can happen without NOTICE as Well....Just make sure you March to the houses of UMNO Bangsat Negara Leaders and their Cahoots like IGP, Jakim, Jawi, Sultan-Agong and make them GIVE YOU FOOD and MONEY that are useful like AUD, USD, Singapore Dollar......You have been warned to Trade, Exchanged Ringgit with Foreign Currency for this VERY Day...If you Ignore...Who is to be Blamed??

Meanwhile Malaysia just suffer the Crap that IS UMNO-Bangsat Negara Islamic HUDUD Crap in cahoots with sultan-Agong-Govenor IS Ideology with NOTHING DONE TO GET THE BIG FISH OF CORRUPTION.  So people have to just rise up and the WOMEN OF MALAYSIA... I SALUTE YOU FOR MAKING A FUSS OF THE DRESS CODE CRAP that UMNO-Bangsat Negara wants you to wear.

Lets have a CODE TO ASK the POLICE, IGP, JAKIM, JAWI, Mullah Judges, UMNO Bangsat Negara Leaders to BOW 90 Degrees each time they pass of see you.  That is the DRESS CODE OF RESPECT they need to show to Citizen Malaysia.... 

How can the Lame IS(IDIOT SECT) islam of UMNO-BN Malaysia in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor-Mufti Mullah, Jakim, Jais, muslim Judges comprehend DRESS CODE when UMNO Bangsat IS Mufti Jakim/JAIS CAN BE Easily CONFUSED with the WORD ALLAH in Malaya??  Allah untuk semua, Siapa KELIRU Dia BODOH, BEBAL, BINGUNG, Ameoba.......  Berambus!!

We Need to Defy the IS Militant in all Government Sectors in Malaysia and Put them back in their little Lunch Box by Shamming the IS Dress Code for Malaysian in Facebook and on the Internet.....DEFY, DENY and FIGHT BACK !!

Sometimes, when the government tells you to do something, it’s best to do the opposite,’ says a French neighbour.
In 1944, her father was the adjutant mayor of a small town in southwestern France. The Allies had landed in Normandy and the Germans were pulling their forces back to the Rhine.
Our friend tells the story:
Someone had blown up a German truck as it went through town. People were doing that. Taking pot shots at the Germans. The SS didn’t like it. They would gather up the mayor and a few other people. If they didn’t turn over the guilty person, they would kill the mayor. Or sometimes the whole town.
My father got a message that told him he was supposed to go to the town square. Instead, he went into the woods. It’s a good thing he did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.

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