Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bank Negara Money Laundering to Appease UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor Comfirms the COMING CRASH of RINGGIT and MalaySIAL ECONOMY....GOOD!!

Those MACC Chiefs being questions by IGP now have to write lots of good things about najib-UMNO-BN Corruption, money laundering....etc otherwise IGP will Charge them for MURDER of Teoh Beng Hock.  The UMNO-Bangsat Negara Idiot Sect IS Islam Ideology in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor can Dream of EVERYTHING Like Saif Gadaffi to Kill, Maine, Murder, Blow up using C4, Sodomy, Demoralise and Destroy you, your family and those who DARE Oppose them.  GUESS WHAT... we Dare and Each Day  Bank Negara Foreign Reserve is Dwindling and Reducing by Billions......  George Soros and other Hedge funds are already shorting the Ringgit and the Buyers are only UMNO-Zeti-Bangsat Bank Negara...........  Who Wants to Invest in IS Idiot Sect Islamic Supporters like Terrorist  Hamas, Hezbollah, IS, Taliban, Abu Sayaf, Sulu Racist murderer sympatiser like MalaySIAL!!???

People and Foreigners be wise and Convert Ringgit into other Foreign Currency......Even those 3 Million Illegal Migrants doing that with each $100 Ringgit they get.....Wake UP!!

Those Uncle TOM Chinese, Kadazan, Iaban, Murut and Indians to UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) who wanted Peace and stability over Change in the Last Election will NOW PAY THE price of their stupidity.....Now cost is Rising, Ringgit depreciating and luckily have some stash.......Just Pity the Shameless UMNO-Bangsat MELAYU who stole the rights from the Natives now struggling like those from recent Kelantan Floods and Pahang floods and more coming....just as you are recovering.....the CURSE from Allah to those who support Hudud, IS, Islam racist terrorist EVIL SECT
I see today we insult the dead.....I suppose that goes then in the same token given to TBH and Sarbini & Kugan......the same Crap should go to Sir Tun UDA, the Agong-Sultan that are dead, Razak, and all the Rubbish Malay Sham Legacy to Parameswara who was Hindu till the day he died....Exhume his grave and see if there is anything Arabic in the coffin....

Bank Negara Foreign Reserve Falling defending the Ringgit is all I care...for Agenda Pecat Malaya...Destroy those Uncle TOM to UMNO Bangsat IS Islam Negara(BN)...and serve those Chinese and Indians and Kadazan & Iban who voted Idiot Sect BN(Bangsat Negara) for Peace and stability in the Last GE......all you get is Barang Naik and lower like the Kambing and Eat Kangkung!!
This stupid SACKED Ex Education Minister Matidin who brought Malay language back to replace English should have been removed 5 years ago...there lies the Stupidity of UMNO Bangsat Negara....and good riddance.... Now Muhiddin Tudung wife will do an Umrah and her Islam virtues cannot win brownie points against Cincin Corruption and Altatuya Murderer Rosmah..... Now we go for the Kill in Najib and Rosmah and Zahid Hamidi and Hissamuddin....Yes that Hussein is a dangerous one too...He gave the order to remove Muhiddin and next Tahi Hamidi...then the next oppositio PM....Dream on Mukhriz and by then Tun Dr. Munafiq 6 feet under......

TURUN JALAN RAYA WEAR BLACK on MERDEKA DAY and We Send Najib UMNO-BN IS Isalm in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor to their Demise and in Hotel Sg Buloh..... Forget about Agong Protocol...only Non-Malays must follow Racist constitution Protocol...among those MALAYS ELITE Scumbags there is a Racist Terrorist Idiot Sect Islam Understanding.....Need I elaborate more....Go TO HELL !! Malaysian will ONLY be better off using Foreign Currency.....Ringgit is warned...crude oil falling..Bank Negara Bankrupt because money in reserve used as Gurantee to prop up $48 Billion 1 MBD in Caymans UMNO-Bangsat NEgara in cahoots with Sultan_Agong -Govenor Approve of this type of Set Caymans Island....WHY?? IF not for Money Laundering??

No i told you so?? No Running lap Dog from Agong about insulting Agong, Islam and Religion??? ..IF Non UMNO-Bangsat Negara MB, Minister get sacked...the Running Dogs from Sultan-Agong IS Palace play it to the hilt about Agong-IS-Sultan Not being consulted and therefore HINA Islam, Tradisi Melayu and insult Agong?? Nothing changed with all this Rubbish as long as Idiot Sect (IS)UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan_Agong-Govenor runs the country with more help from IGp, Bank Negara Zeti, AG, MACC, NRD.....So Agong is USELESS in not requiring his signature...or is he dragged by UMNO-IS Bangsat Negara to sign the Bloddy Ministerial need prejudice songkok protocol to swear in the new minister??....That is what I call Malaysian Epic Fail state..under IS UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan_agong-govenor rue / law and order!! Agong Kena Tempeling Kat muka , Orang melayu IS ISlam UMNO Buat Tak tahu...wak kah kah!!

Same crap still exist and the latest is NRD ot issuing Death Certicifate, Not changing IC out of Islam to oterh Religion, Force Child underage ISLAM Convert kid Prasana Diksa after 6 years still not returned to her mother M Indira Gandhi DESPITE High Court Order but IGP play the Syriah IS Islam CRAP...,,,English to malay to english to Malay Education Racist Sham.... Superior Students in SPM/STPM denied entry to local university if you are NOT Islam-Malay IS Crap....Sarong Rubbish still trying to be Enforced by Tudung Nurse, Mufti Mufllah...

One thing for sure..Bank Negara Foreign reserve reducing by the day and Who Cares about Bank Negara FAKE publish figure...VERY Suddenly Ringgit tak laku and Foreign Currency is KING in Zimbabwe.....Beware...AWAS...and get ready for Day of Reakoning!!

Melayu UMNO Bangsat Celaka..... when PKR, DAP, PAS trying to get new MB, take state they have to follow the IS Islam Bangsat Negara Sultan-Agong Songkok racist protocol...2 names Crap and Bangsat Islam UMNO Melayu race rubbish...But when UMNO-Bangsat Negara change DPM, AG, Zeti, IGP no need 2 names, no need Agong Stupid bangang consent, no need to wear drawn out affair islam, race, royalty Crap.....Agong given $$$$ semua OK buat UMRAh....bangsat #1

It is for this reasons Malaysia Economy needs to Crash and Agenda Pecat Malaya in progress....... First Bell is when Ringgit cracks $3.9 to $1 USD. Stupid Sultan Johor give Muhiddin NO English Medium of Instruction Face..... Selangor Sultan still laughing at Johor No Infrastructure Progress like Pahang....So stupid to Support UMNO -Bangsat Negara with no progress... Now Johor Wise up...Sack and Seceed from Malaya...Kalau Berani...

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