Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peak Debt is going to Hit Malaysia like it or not....Capital Controlled Devalued ringgit is coming !!

To make Sultan More islam religious UMNO Bangsat Negara IS Goons have to highlight that either the Sultan Daughters or wife do not wear TUDUNG or Converted to Christianity or other religion.......If sultan don't respond immediately the UMNO Bangsat negara Malays feels insecure....  THAT IS STUPIDITY IQ of UMNO-Bangsat negara in cahoots with Sultan_Agong Racist terrorist Ideology.  Islam is EVIL and Islam Kills like Mecca Stampede.....How is it that the refugee Crisis in Europe is NOT an ISLAM PROBLEM??...GO TO HELL Stupid International Media!!

With Smog at dangerous levels...WHY have to Wait for government to Declare anything....IF YOU FEEL the SITUATION is BAD and Dangerous to your child...JUST SKIP SCHOOLS..... MALAYSIA GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS ARE USELESS ANYWAY...ON TOP OF SUPPORTING USELESS UMNO Education system ...YOU ALSO ENDANGER YOUR CHILD LIFE....IS that STUPIDITY IQ #2??  You know your child better than UMNO Bangsat Negara.....and NEVER LET THE DESTINY of YOUR LIVES be in the CONTROL of UMNO Bangsat negara Media in cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenor....These UMNO IS terrorist scumbags send their children to PRIVATE AIRCON SCHOOLS and do not give TWO Hoots if you fail, suffer or struggle for the rest of your lives!!

Stupid Malaysian believe everything written and said by UMNO-Bangsat Negara Media in Cahoots with the Royals and Govenors....Smart Malaysian would NOT ALLOW their Children to go to school until all is Clear OF SMOG.....Walk out side and see and smell THE POLLUTION....You have the power to save your children destiny but you choose to listen to Racist terrorist IS UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Royals direction... No need Allah, no need mufti or Sultan_Agong or UMNO-Bangsat Negara to tell you when is safe and Not safe......Stupid Malaysia only hold on to TOXIC Ringgit in the midst of a Crumbling economy.....Stupid malaysia get Distracted to the Real issues of IS UMNO-BN Racist terrorist corruption Islam Bias Be Smart and Stop sending your children to school and Stop keeping Ringgit....
The Agong-Sultan-Govenor agrees with IS
Islam MARA corruption Property Australia Deals in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat Negara...Just like the Agong Sultan Govenor agrees to make Proton/Kancil OVER PRiced and poor Quality to be sold to Malaysia for 30 yearsn.......Is it ever a wonder Malaysia Economy is so Fragile and watch the SPEED of Decline....Keep Exchanging Ringgit for Foreign Currecny and trade in Foreign Currency...Ringgit is TOXIC....and We NEED to STORM Parliament with Millions in Black / Yellow to send Clear Message one of these days... Go to Hell FAKE Merdeka Day....its Malaya Demise Day....with KLSE Closed..Banking closed....The Run of Malaysia Bank Negara $$$$$$ is to begin....Hello SOROS...Calpers...and all hefge fund...Malaysia Ringgit & Economy is like Greece & Zimbabwe combined plus Malaysia support of IS-Idiot Sect Islam in Syria-Gaza, Labenon-Libya-Iraq....and Beheading.....Lets terror Malaysia Back Economically and Financially.. Withdraw money from Banks before you are rationed $300 ringgit a Greece and Cyprus!! 

China will devalue again and again like USA to prop up economy.....Malaysia Singapore have no choice but to devalue...that is the worst for a LOUSY Corrupted and UNCOMPETITIVE country like Malaysia!!  Let those red shirt go figure how to get income for the next few months or continue their TERROR effort along Petaling street, Jalam Alor, bukit Bintang....MALAYSIA is Terrorist Threat.  AVOID Visiting and Investing in ISLAMIC Idiot Sect (IS)...  

AVOID Holding ANY MORE TOXIC RINGGIT.... IF POSSIBLE EXCHANGE IT TO SINGAPORE DOLLAR, USA, Australia, POUND.....Since the Beginning of 2014 if you did this you are MILES ahead!!!...Now you PLAY CATCH UP TO Hedging and Securing YOUR FORTUNE against CRUMBLING Malaysian Economy and Ringgit!!  WAKE UP and UN BRAIN WASH that ALL is Well in Malaysia!!

Where does muslim Jihadist draw their inspiration to Kill and Kill relentlessly from apart from the Quran and Mohammed??

Act of free speech and no intention to hurt or harm anyone...those who feel incest and incited should look into your mirror and ask if your words and behaviour also can cause the same...either respect others and walk away or SUCK it UP! 

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