Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Speak the Truth and in your EVERY Circle have the courage to continue to speak and Tell your Children that Islam Acts is EVIL.....using separate microwave, eat in toilet in Ramadan, Office Space only Allow Halal Food to be eaten, Children in johor and muslim state FORCE to Recite Arabic and Quran words in some classes, covering up when renewing license, going to hospital......SPEAK OUT and take this WAR against your FREEDOM to the MAX!!....  No one is going to come and help You when the Entire Aparatus and Armada of the UMNO IS Malay-Muslim Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan_agong-Govenor Racist terrorist agenda is Used against the type of Justice, law and Order you were once familiar with!!

SILENCE WILL NOT PROTECT YOU......SPEAK OUT....Show your DISPLEASURE to everything that is a HINT of ISLAM Racist Idiot Terrorist Ideology.....like asking you to cover up in Malaysia Government Departments, use a separate microve oven, use non halal troley...etc........the EVIL of IS -Idiot Sect ISLAM MUST End NOW in MALAYSIAL!!!

Time to Disrespect Islam and the Same Quran/Koran inspired Racist Terrorist ideology in any small ways you can.  The world is in CHAOS because of the Sickness of Idiot Sect reading of that EVIL Book- Quran.....Get rid of the Quran IF YOU WANT ALLAH Blessing and Progesss.....just like they burnt and DISRESPECT the Malay Bible by having a stamp....who the HELL Agreed with this SHAM ???  THOSE PBS Christian Munafiq Monkeys of Ongkili, kurup, Kitingan......Get rid of the UMNO-Bangsat Stooges and lackeys  in order for Sabah to Progress...

In Malaysia ...just keep using the Halal Specific microwave oven that is designated for muslim IS terrorist only.

Idiot Sect IS Islam UMNO -BN(bangsat Negara) in cahoots with sultan-Agong+ Sulu -Abu Sayaf planning to install 10th King Madhi in Sabah after Changing Sabah Flag to a Crest to Reflect Growing IS Islam Terrorist influence in Sabah.......Get RID of PKR in Sabah-Sarawak...to Progress to the day of SACK Malaya.  Nurul with Sulu Daughter before or after Malaysia FIRST BEHEADING by those UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor Abu Sayaf , Sulu Terrorist is a GAME of ISLAMIZATION of SABAH...

Make Islam Kampung LOW priority to progress BUT HELP NON MUSLIM Kampung to Progress via all kinds of assistance.  Make Islam Villages a Terrorist heaven ....then as they get Burnt UP by the Malaysia Army/Police for supporting UMNO-Abu Sayaf terrorist....make those Muslim UNWELCOME...send them to Malaya!!

Otherwise how come these IS BERUK Malays Islam gets worked up with Alvin Tan Koran Insult but not the BEHEADING Islam Terrorist ACTS on Malaysian?? I am sure Islam Malay view Alvin Tan act as WORST than Beheading...... Continue the Agenda to Sack Malaya and Stop USING and Keeping Ringgit.....MalaySIAL have no future!!

If asked to cover up using sarong, coat, Just tell them it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and IRRELEVANT to your Belief and Ideology.  If it so important  ...SUGGEST THE HE/SHE go and FIND another Job that APPRECIATES HIS?HER VIEWS like in Saudi Arabia, Middle east, Pakistan, Palestine, IRAQ, IRAN...and those Terorrist Nation that Regards their Ideals highly...>GET OUT OF SECULAR MALAYSIA you Muslim IS Islam Racist terrorist IDIOT-LOGICAL Believer!!!

Do not respect this same Terrorist Koran inspired Ideology to DICTATE your life and your freedom....its Irrelevant.  Make Muslim Ideology UNWELCOME in your CIRCLE and ENCOUNTER in EVERY PART OF YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.....

So Stupid of British to Allow Syriah type laws to be allowed in certain area in Britain......STUPID.....regardless if their same Quran Inspired people are MAJORITY in that area.  Do not Conform to their ways and views that are Contrary to your own ideology and belief!!

What is so hard in REJECTING EVIL Islam HIDDEN AGENDA.......soon they want to Put a Crest on your school Badge and Sabah-Sarawak Flag......to reflect Evil ISLAM IS UMNO-PAS hidden Agenda of Dominance!!  Start the REJECTION NOW to Avoid being a Terrorist Malaya Nation in 2030.......

What we learn from ALL ISLAMIC ONE QURAN Book inspired attack ....from the parents, brother and sisters, friends......  They are all Good Boys,....he was normal....nothing changed...happy go lucky...ALL is Well Until NOW the TERROR Attack and Bombs, Murder, Killings and Terrorist!!..... Go to !@#$%^&*()!.. .Pergi Mampus...CELAKA!!!

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