Sunday, March 20, 2016

Will Najib Choose his son "wolf of Wall street" or brother Nazir Razak as NEW bank Negara Govenor Zeti Replacement to complete the ROBBING-Stealing- cover up of Malaysia's Disappearing Wealth...

After all Najib is PM + Finance Minister + Rosmah Emelda Marcos Cincin-Birkin $Billion Asset as wifey......

With CIMB Nazir Razak in charge of Bank Negara...all data erased like Rosmah Mansor ordering the murder Altantuya via UTK Chief , and entry records into Malaysia Database on IBM Main Frame computer deleted and backup tape destroyed...Rosmah-Najib Ordered Deputy Superintendent Musa Safri, the then aide-de-camp to Najib, sent two policemen to deal with Altantuya. They were from the special action unit (UTK) – Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri(trapped in malaysia jail... hope he gets assisinated to keep his mouth shut)and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar(Now in Villawood Australia Detention - Hope this IS Islam Hamas Hezbollah Terrorist supporters,  Dies there soon and Australia has one less burden).

Razak Baginda and Mazlinda Makhzan days are also numbered.......just that they are not aware when they will be SILENCED...same goes for PDRM Deputy Superintendent Musa Safri, Sirul and Azilah!! good to see them go in succession to increase the tension, spin and cover up!!...not to mention the IT guys in Immigration and the Custom people who let Sirul get out..... DPM and home minister Zahid Hamidi have his hands on allowing Sirul to get out of Malaysia for his own insurance and to be PM one day!! ....Home minister have powers over Police, customs and border security for such a murderer like Sirul to escape Malaysia.....imagine Bail on Admitted to murdering Altantuya...  Agong-Sultan-Govenors the Fake Defender of Malaysia Islam and Demoncrazy and Law and Disorder.....allowing this Sham to go on.....  Where the Hell is the Royal Commission on How did a Murderer skip bail and escape Malaysia!!....then Agong-sultan-Govenors are all paid corruption money of $25 MillionRinggit each to SHUT UP!!...

We end the Game of thrones by Sacking BN from Sabah-Sarawak then SACK MALAYA from 1 DAY Malaysia Collapse...12 NEW Nation Created....choose your Pick...Ringgit Worthless....Keep your Singapore, USA, British Pound,  and Aussie Dollar!....this is THE BETTER FUTURE!! 

When Islamic Malay IS Islam dictators are scare and UNLOVED...they surround themselves with cronies,  relatives and close cousins......  Hissapmuddin cousin as important Army Minister to get to the guns fast and rout ANY rebellion from Rakyat Sadam, Gadaffi and Marcos......But no Matter what Fire power they have....the People Power will give them the same treatment to Sadam, Gadaffi and IS Islam Munafiq leaders and their Cahoots........Go Check how many relatives and distant relatives Najib surround himself with from marriage of Children and brothers to sultans children.....  ALL A SHAM...UMNO-Bangsat negara always WORKS in cahoots with Sultan-Agong -Govenors!!

What else is needed to cover up of epic proportions.....all transaction goes VIA CIMB....Bank Negara and then overseas banks and then Disappear.   Later on rainy days  Billions $$$$$$  Comes back during election time 18 months -2 Years before UMNO General Assembly and Country election..(What is $3 Billion when in 4-5 Years.. $40-60 Billions can be moved overseas like Govenor Taib of Sarawak when he was CM of Sarawak??) .....After Election $$$$$$  Goes out again for 3-4 years for safe keeping  in case Crash of Ringgit, Social Chaos, terrorism, Genocide or Malaysia economy collapse like Zimbabwe economy.

The UMNO Bangsat Negara Corruption money makes its way back again as USD$ USA dollars to buy up local WARLORDS like in Pakistan, Taliban, Afganistan, Iraq, Libya and those Islamic countries that no one wants to migrate...and shameless muslims never want to go back but want a better life in Western Pork and Dog loving society.  Muslim unable to cope with their lack of ability to adapt to western society resort to Islamic IS terrorism and EVIL.

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