Sunday, March 05, 2017

Najib UMNO-PAS Hudud , Zakir Naik inspired IS Islam Terrorist Act to kidnap and murder Pastor Koh in Malaysia with Sultan-agong-Govenor Islam Approval!! IT TAKES DEATH AND TERROR FOR MALAYSIAN TO WAKE UP TO THE EVIL OF ISLAM....WHY??

Otherwise Can the PIG IGP Police determine what operation was this in Kelana Jaya, Kuala Lumpur??    OSA, Secret, UTK and all those Kill Altantuya stuff??


Its time for Malaysian to BRACE Yourself for the coming Terror and Economic Collapse....  Fight, Defend and Choose your Territory you want to carve up for the future without the UMNO-PAS IS Islam Singapore and Isreal.  NO Islam Led nation is ANY GOOD...No non muslim one wants to Migrate to ANY Islamic country.... SO why are we Being Romantics to IS Islam UMNO-PAS racist terrorist Groups involving Highest Military, Police order, Sultan-agong govenor of Malays ISLAM religion??

MAKE History By Creating 12 New District and Isolate the IS Islam UMNO-PAS Racist terrorist  & NGO to their Caliph and Kingdom Langkawi or South Kelantan!!

To find the abductors is simple.....Find where Mrs Indira Gandhi child and whereabouts and there will be the place of Abode for the Murderer of Pastor Raymond Koh.

Let Me know where they are Hiding Prasana Diksa or Pastor Raymond Koh and I will TAKE THEM ALL DOWN ...the IS Islam NGO Scumbags.....  DON"T Bother Giving Information to Police....the IS Islam UMNO-PAS Racist Terrorist have Muslim Police Officers in SB, UTK, PDRM that will Spread the Word  and Inform their Fellow IS Racist Terrorist and will Go into NEW Hiding Place!!   Your Police report Pointless.  Just email me the location and I will send in Seal Ninja SAS team Isreal to Obliterate IS Islam Terrorist in Malaysia....

...Keep an Eye out for ZAKIR NAIK....He needs to be sent back to India to Face Criminal Charges.!!

To even things up...Lets Kidnap Zakir Naik and smuggled him back to India!!  Then during the Ceramah that this IS ISlam Terrorist Preacher gives....Take note of his body guard and Get them to reveal where they have buried the body of Murderered Pastor Raymond Koh.

Mrs Indira Gandhi child was not Islam when Force converted to Islam by the SAME Bangsat Syriah Law Courts system.....11-month-old Prasana Diksa to Islam in April 2009.  8 years still Fighting to gain access to child and locate her.....Hidden by the IS Terrorist ISLAM NGO Terrorist to be trained as Sex Slave by UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGP-NGO Supporters..... Playing Legal games between Syriah and Federal Courts.....  EVIL must be Crushed...No Islam Bias Nation is any Good.....  A Mind set thing....and Never be romantics to ISLAM UMNO-PAS EVIL!!

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