Sunday, May 07, 2017

Jabartan Agama Islam Sharia Sultan-Agong Head of Islam REFUSE to Condemn the Sekolah Agama Kota Tinggi Head master for KILLING a boy Via Inhumane Punishment....and also no Condemnation for Muslim Worshippers who ALWAYS block road thinking when they PRAY to Fake ALLAH Nabi Mohd...there is NO LAW to Obey and ALLAH is Great...So go to Neraka-HELL! Bangsat melayu UMNO-PAS IS(IDIOT SECT) Islam!!

What UMNO_PAS  religious school teaches is not education but ABOMINATION of Humanity and sadly supported by the Sultan_Agong-Govenor of Malay Muslim race-religion ELITES that only send their children and relatives to English Western Dominated Ideology Schools.  They have somehow manage to use the advantage of Western Luxury to dominate, intimidate and DUMB down their own Malay IS (idiot Sect)Islam Race in the name of Islam good and progress.   Keep having many more children, more to religious schools, more to modified bicycle ...and roam the streets at night and then when multiple death occurs...claim another $100,000 compensation and have more IS Islam Malay children to be sent to IS ISlam UMNO-PAS religious schools to be sent to Syria, Mosul, Iraq and Greet your Madhi....the Islamic GOD!!  Get Lost from Malaysia.....Malaysia is a secular state so ALL Islam - Muslim UMNO-PAS Malays in Malaysia time to migrate and leave Malaysia because the environment is NOT Suitable to your Believe and Ideology of Stupidity!!

This Racist Religious bigots Guy Sophian A. Yusof, is another by product of those IS Islam Sham dominating the UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govenor Melayu Bangsat Negara!!  This Scumbag is now trying to Blame the security guard, low ranking admin person for not   the 12 year old girl to a 2017 chess tournament in Putrajaya because what she wear was Not Islamic enough...Go TO HELL IS ISLAM Malaysia UMNO-PAS! ....Just like the Principal of the Religious School, blaming the warden, his past Criminal Record for the Obvious Abomination Acts of Ididt Sect (IS) Islam racist terrorist agenda!!

We must eradicate Islamic fundamentalism in Malaysia totally and that starts from thes Tax payers funded Islamic Schools via the Sharia, Jakim, Jais , Jawi Crap that uses Babi money!!

All Muslim in Sabah can Now go to NRD and Convert Your IC to Christian, hindu, Buddist Immediately according to UMNO bangsat Negara Musa Aman.... sack the Bugger , Sack UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) from Sabah and Sack Malaya..... New Nation emerge with Sarawak.... China / USA will make you Like Singapore with NO ISLAMIC terrorist like UMNO-PAS- sultan-agong -govenor melayu sponsored Islam Abu sayaf, Sulu Terrorist.... DIE to create a New Nation is Better than being Stupid down by Bahasa Islam malaysiaL!

Build carpark above Mosque and Surau....We Are sick of the Road Block 5 x 7 x 365 = 12775 and Loud Blaring Noise a day for a religion that is making Malays muslim IS ISlam Amputate leg because Quran Not recited properly like Kota Tinggi Head MAster did to Tqwfiq....ALL a show of Power and stupidity!! Lets make Islam UMNO-PAS sultan-agong-govenor IS ISlam melayu look DUMB Daily... One a month, a while road block ok 12,775 ...shows Islam is INTOLERANT RELIGION....and the person who honked was from CHINA...>So China WILL Send in their Army to protect their Citizen.....lets have May 13 some Muslim IS ISlam Malay UMNO-PAS Fanatics start their war Chant....this time 12 NEW District Coming and sultan-agong fighting to rule Kelantan and Langkawi.....enjoy your daily worship and Road block or Get Police to do their Civil Duty... THis is a Secular Society...NOT a Sharia Malaysia.... Sharia is Crap when it comes to Civilised society...they are inhumane ....see what happened to Tawfiq legs and life in Kota Tinggi!!...Just like Chess tournament....  

No IS ISLAM Malay UMNO-PAS Run Administration or nation is any good....see their Bigots demand to cover up, too sexy.....while these Scumbags can continue to Insult road Rules 12 775 daily for Allah!!  Go to Hell...fight this sickness-Darkness  to the Death..We must...Yoda!!

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