Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sultan-Agong Conference of Rulers Scumbags now trying to play the Anti UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara game by doing tokenistic concern on case UMNO-PAS BN(bangsat negara) lose power in the coming election...they Want to JUM into HARAPAN Band Wagon....Scumbags Rulers Survival skill is good ...BUT Malaysian Must Rise and Obliterate them ALL as well Like NEPAL!!

Sultan Nazrin can give daily cheap talk and will get more air time come nearer to General Election to be seen and to TRICK Dumb Malays Muslim that Sultan cares a Damn about them....After election and 60 Years later you are still Suffering the Roat of Racism, Unilateral Conversion of your Dead husband, wife and children to the Radical IS ISlam Idiot Sect of UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara and GLADLY Condone by ALL Sultan -Agong-and Malay IS ISLAM Muslim Govenor......    

Just Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak....Leave the Malu Sial Debt with Malaya and Progress like Singapore......Rid the Sultanate as they are all LIES and SHAM.....  Still NO answer as to why the Birth Place of Malaya Sultanate have no Sultan in Malacca....Perhaps he was an Indian or Chinese......Somehow the Muslim of any nation like Zahid from Indonesia can be Bumiputera...but not 10 Generation Chinese/indian....  So Go to HELL MALU SIAL....   Malaysia Economic Demise is abot to happen.....Worst than 1987.....1997  currency crisis.   Malaysia is NOW IN DEBT Default Watch......

Forget about trying to understand and be rational with Radical IS ISlam UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara....the Quicker you use people Power to Over throw the TAIB Melayu  PBB and hold them as ransom when you SACK Malaya.....The better it will be for Orang Asli of Sarawak....otherwise Get ready for Bangla and Myanmar Rohigya, Syria Muslim to be 60% of Sarawak population and Iban, Kadazan, Penan, Murut, only 25%.....and all have to SUBMIT to the Stupid YOU  Sharia laws that is Supreme over Wesminster laws and also the Stupid you Down Bahasa Bangsat Melayu.......So after going to Bahasa Melayu under Govenor TAIB Islam Unity Act with UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong Bangsat Negara.....You have a Peasant Ideology at work in Sabah-Sarawak like Cambodia under Khemer  or Nepal.....Go Google the Acts and Ideology of Peasant Society......that means only the Ultra Wealthy and connected gets to Rule and the rest Slaves.....  END THIS ISLAMIC Dhimmi Peasant Ideology NOW....Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.....and have NO more DEBT and Hutang...ALL MALAYA SIAL Debt!!  Think and ponder NO MORE!! SACK MALAYA NOW!!

List of IS Radical ISLAM BIAS FAILING Nations.....Malaysia is Next....Make no Mistake and Act Now BY SACKING MALAYA From Sabah -Sarawak and RID the CURSE of MALAY-SIAL....

Killing Tahfiq in Sekolah Agama Islam is an Islamic Weapons used by UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-govenor Radical IS ISlam to show HOW Dumb Muslim Malays are in accepting that Death is Rat Poisoning......No Poisoning will cause your Legs to Grow Black like Tahfiq.... Dah Sedar belum Melayu Muslim MALU-SIAL??

Real Israel ..Fake Palestine..... Real Orang Asli Fake Bumiputra bangsat Melayu UMNO-PAS- 
FAKE Malay and Real Orang Asli ...Same IS Radical Islam ideology and Peasant Making Society TRICK!!

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