Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Malaysia is Doomed and is TRUMP Condoning Malaysia who is North Korea Regime EXPORT HUB for Guns, Chemical Weapons nerve Vx and Terrorist ARMS Supply??

Malaysia UMNO-PAS - Sultan-Agong-Govenor of Malay IS ISLAM race  is Supporting North Korea Dynasty of Terror and trying to Trick TRUMP, USA, Western World as being moderate Islam.  The reality is Malaysia is part of the Black Market Arms Exporters and Nuclear Bomb Devices for Iran and other IS Radical Islam Nation.

Malaysia is North Korea Window and Export Ports!!  To Middle East, Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Phillipines IS Radical Islam Groups.....Lately even the Rohingya have been Given Arms and Weapons by Malaysia Radical Muslim/Islam Linked to UMNO-PAS Terrorist!! 

Report of Malaysia being part of the North Korea Family of Terror is Yesterday News as Far as Malaysian of NON Islam malay race is concern...  View Australia ABC 4 Corners investigation Journalism into Malaysia Cahoots with North Korea in Arms Supply . Malaysia North Korea link is also supplyin Iran with Nuclear Weapons and Syria Nerve Gas like the one use to Kill His brother Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia using Vx!

.... .and the Sultan-agong-Govenor IS ISLAM Sympatizer should wear Equal Blame for the Current Tragedy and Coming Economic Collapse MaLUsia will face....the only solution is 12 NEW Nation......time to Break the nation up so that Each have their Own to Be like Singapore/Taiwan/South Korea/Japan or Bangladesh/Syria/Libya/Pakistan.....

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