Wednesday, March 14, 2018

To ascend the ladder of need to PULL DOWN the UMNO-Bangsat Negara + sultan-agong-govenor at the top of the ladder and see and feel and taste the freedom...time to take the ladder away and see a new show!!

Food and things are all going up and Ringgit Depreciating.......Ever Wonder why Even Terrorist wants the USA Dollar over Ringgit??

The third definition encapsulates the “slow-motion genocide”: “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” (emphasis added). This is exactly what Islam did to its conquered non-Muslim subjects throughout the centuries; it imposed negative “conditions of life calculated” to prompt infidels to abandon their former identities and heritage in order to reap the benefits of joining Islam (which included the instant cessation of persecution and discrimination). Indeed, it is no coincidence that the Sharia-compliant “conditions of life calculated” to make the dhimmi’s existence so intolerable were and are known as the “Conditions of Omar.”… Keep reading

Debt binge to create growth is another form of Islamic genocide on melayu UMNO-PAS.....  other race better not think plunging dollar is any good in a CORRUPTED Nation.....remember Zimbabwe...there is no hope there today in 2018 ....The End of Zimbabwe Glory days...into HELL Nation Now...Malaysia next in 2020 IF UMNO-PAS IS Islam terrorist -Sultan-agong is NOT Swept into the Scrap Heap and TOSS into the Drain after GE14!!

value of ringgit is plunging...  No islam bias nation or adminstration is ANY good, repel them, obliterate Islam UMNO_PAS  Racist Murderous Genocide Legacy to have a nation like Singapore, south Korea, Japan!!!

Know the moment to act and defend and carve out your turf mercilessly like Isreal do...don't expect rmy, polce sultan-agong to come and save you...UNITE to drive IS Islam to migrate to another place....Malaysia still a secular nation!! 

mark to market malaysia is insolvent and entire financial status is massively unstable...

UMNO-PAS is afraid like those SISI Idiot Sect IS Islam Terrorist coming out shooting on unarmed, French the name of ISLAM same Quran Ideology Madness..... 1 MDB have used EPF, Bank Negara as Money Laundering for IS ISLAM Sect to the UMNO Sponsored Paris Idiot Sect (IS) terrorist and now just waiting for the WORLD TO PUNISH bring all these out means OSA and ISA and POTA and Agong-Sultan-UMNO can interprete that as Insult to no need to crush Malaysia..the World Will Teach Terrorist IS Supporters MalaySIAL UMNO -BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor a lesson.....the Economic of TOXIC Ringgit Chaos will make Malaysia wake up and exchange ringgit to foreign currency EVERYDAY!!..... Cina Babi Buddist LCW beat Lin Dan...Hooray....UMNO-Bangsat Negara Malay Muslim IS majority soccer team Kalah 6-0 to war torn no proper field Palestine.....Red Shirt.....Pekida...Lunatic...Pergi KLIA Sambut dengan Bungga Manggar dan Konpang...Lagi Teriak Hidup IS Racist Maruah Melayu....bawa lagi 20,000 pekebum Felda datang!!....Melayu UMNO tak malu curi hak istimewah Orang Asli!!

you cannot wish the UMNO-Bangsat Negara Racist terrorist Strategy Away....You must start to List those companies making separate ISLAMIC Microwave to use by non muslim, separate seat, lift, ONLY ALLOW HALAL Food to be served LAWS .....ITS WAR NOW...THe IS ISLAMIC UMNO-Bangsat Negara IDIOTLOGICAL ISLAM IS TERRORIST strategy in cahoots with SultanA_agong-govenor is growing and its time to End the SHAM..>SACK the Govenor, take iinsurance and SACK Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.... NO ISLAM NATION is WORTHY of Make Muslim of UMNO-Bangsat Celaka ISlam Terrorist MIGRATE to Malaya!!  

So simple to Back Date, change dates, put a stamp, and said sent but did not and after event all kinds of Lies......Hell Even Altantuya Entry to Malaysia can be erased...Sultan Murder Johor Can Divorce wife using Talak 3 From Grave in an Idiot Sect Ritual known to jakim hormat maruah orang Miskin Melayu dengan Wang $500,000 ........ Who Believes UMNO Paid Maruah Rendah Bloggers.....Never mind Allah Ada mata....Death is Certain fro Many UMNO Malays in are after all the MOST of the to die more is also logical because of Allah Blessing!! All Malaysian start naming those company forcing you to use the NON HALAL Microwave in your Office.....THE WAR AGAINST ISLAM HAVE Officially begun.. SAME QURAN Inspiring PARIS Murder...regardless how you spin it....Vote PAS and UMNO Hudud...soon Sabah-Sarawak Flag will have a CREST....Bendera pun Masuk Islam!!...Amaran...teruskan Agenda Pecat Malaya!!

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