Monday, December 24, 2018

Sources Confirm that those who attacked Fireman Adib was those Malays hired Samseng of 3 Line, Perkakas, UMNO-PAS IS Islam trained Militant to defend anti -Icerd , taliban and RACIST Brotherhood of Islam ISLAM ARAB Melayu ....

Sultan Selangor, Sultan Perak(Deputy Agong), Johor and Pahang were aware of the PLOT and failed to provide the information to Police when their Mouth Piece got a whiff of the impending Chaos these Scumbags Arab Islam Malays wants to earn $50-300 Ringgit a night....depending of your status in the Gang ISLAM ARAB Melayu Hierarchy.

The chief was paid $120 K apparently...the 80-100 odd rubbish unemployed Racist  IS Terrorist Arab malays were paid $50-300....  Now some of those BODOH Arab malays Detained by police is panicking because they could be HUNG for Adib's Murder begin to TALK and are Spilling the BEANS and have Links all the WAY TO SULTAN-AGONG Defender of ISLAM ARAB MALAYSIAL........And Wants Tun Dr M to Step down Like Tunku Abdul Rahman after May 13 Riots which incidently was also caused by Tun Dr M to UNITE the Bangsa Melayu Apparently.....  this is the sickness of Failed Racist anti - Icerd Malaysia........No independent police, nurses, teachers, judges......Just ALL Malay Arab Muslim Leaders wants to PLAY GOD and GOD Curse them with Poverty, suffering, tragedy like Indonesia current  December 24 1018 TSUNAMI!!

THE Brotherhood of ISLAM Anwar Ibrahim is Also involved in this Sri Maha Mariamman  in Subang under the Watchful eye of NO Cinema and Gambling in SULTAN SELANGOR Shah Alam District.

ALL THOSE DETAINEES NEED TO DO IS TO POINT THE FINGER TO SULTAN SELANGOR, SULTAN DEPUTY AGONG NAZRIN_PERAK, TMJ JOHOR, Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi, Najib, Rosmah, Rafizi, KL, Nurul and Sultan PAHANG for assisting the PLOT TO HELP FAST TRACK THE TOPPLING DOWN OF TUN DR M - the Prime minister and Blame it all on him so thar the Feet and Hand Kisser Leader, Brotherhood of IS RACIST terrorist Erdogan Islam Anwar Ibrahim can Ascend the PM role and Convert Malaysia to ARAB-SIAL....  All malays women hijab, burkah, michael Jackson gloves like Wan Azizah and men ... Janggut like Prophet Mohammed and wear Arab - Pakistan Mullah Mufti Robe..  

But malaysia Malays want to be ARAB Melayu....Nak Bunuh Adat melayu...semua inspirasi dari Brader Founder Brotherhood of Islam Erdogan Anwar Ibrahim!!... Stop Religous Arab islam program in RTM, Schools and rid the Shariah, jakim, JAIS, MAIS..>CRAP....One law for ALL HUMAN...the proven Western Law!!

Sabah-Sarawak SACK Malaya .....  IF SINGAPORE IS NOT ENOUGH AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE...Continue your Path with Malaya...soon you will be bangladesh, Taliban Afgnistan, Pakistan, Syria and ALL THOSE ISLAM FAILED Nation IN 10 MORE YEARS!!!!


LASTLY  Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad AS Minister of Health Should RESIGN for causing ADIB'S Death as he was ALIVE when Past to your CARE!!...IS MALAYSIA HOSPITAL SO POOR AND LOW STANDARD??  Blood infection or hidden hands fed him Poison to to make matters worst so that Tun Dr M must Resign like Tunku Abdul Rahman did on may 13. 1969.....  Najib-Anwar- Hadi-Rosmah-Sultan-Agong-Govenor ALL IN THIS SHAM AND EVIL SCAM?....  LIKE Brotherhood of Islam Terrorist King ERDOGAN Did to 200,000 Turkish citizen Purging of doctors, lawyers, police, soilders, teachers, mufti mullah NOT Align to HIS FAKE COUP & Islam ideology ...200 Army DIED-mati Katak TO STAGE A FAKE COUP SO THAT SULTAN ERDOGAN CAN REMAIN IN POWER AND BE CALIPH OF ARABIA!!!  Like sultan and Agong of malaySIAL!????

RIGHT NOW ONLY NEGERI Sembilan SULTAN is Safe from the Hunger and Anger of the Rakyat......The rest Munafiq Sultan-Agong better watch out!!

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