Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Focus on Najib, and Anwar...Never Azmin and Semburit and Tun Dr M in Dementia Senile Mental Corruption Hospital??...Never Muhiddin the other hidden Hand wanting to be PM?? the sultan-Agong can Ampun anyone who gives them $$$$$$....Where is the Royal Commission on Tabung Haji-Felda Bail out $30 Billion..... take it back and PAY THE TOL owners ...Rakyat Terus TOL FREE SEUMUR Hidup.....The rest of the bangsat can Keep their Sandiwara, Alatuya, Romash Gives Najib Talaq 3... Sultan Kahwin Russia....Who Cares.....Fight to Free rakyat from Endless TOL, Taxes and Bail out....Let Tabung haji-Felda, Shariah, Mais Jais Collapse.....Your 62 years of Corruption and FOREVER loss making GLC-Entities cannot be continually paid by rakyat....Rakyat Must Learn to MAKE FOREVER NO TOL, TAXES, BM-KHAT KRAP..No RACISM...NO SOSMA....so KHAT the Krap and write a Note to School Principal and teacher....No KHAT for your Child....They are not Compelled to Learn Khat just as UMNO-PAS are not Compel to Reveal their Asset and MONEY!!!!.So Say berambus to Khat like PAS does to Asset and $$$$ Declaration!!!!

Malaysia Murder method is different....  Rosmah jokingly said that Altantuya giving trouble...wish we can rid him.....  Also someone jokingly said rid the trouble makers Pastor Koh, Helmi, Ruth, Amri.....and those jokingly said hide Diksa Prasana until she is 18 or married to a muslim and protect Zakir Naik.......its all a joke but a code to carry out evil.......  Najib issue Talaq 3 joke on Rosmah for her part and Rosmah jokingly said Azilah to Die in Prison and Musa Safri + Rohaniza missing like Pastor Koh would give Harapan more distraction.....then jokingly said Agong - Sultan after getting $$$$  can Ampun whatever sin you have like Anwar......Case close All crucial Witness eliminated by Deep Stste.....DAP says lame things like we need to Curb those who destroy malaysia.....Berambus the Lot and May Malaysia face devestating flood and economic and financial Collapse in the months ahead...all work in progress......easy when malaysia have $1.3 Trillion Debt that cannot be Serviced until TOL is Removed from money to be Taken back from Tabung Haji -Felda-Shariah-Jakim -Jais Bail out..>$30 Billion........Agenda 2020 sack malaya from Sabah-Sarawak..>Follow the Singapore way...enough said.....Get rid of KHAT Now....write letter to school principal and say to No Khat for Child as No law to compel you to Force learn Khat in School like PAS Hadi No Compulsion to Declare Asset for MP!!  enough said!!...Its NOT A LAW

Also who allowed Sirul to leave Malaysia...

ALSO Rename TRX Exchange to RAKYAT XCHANGE CITY.....RXC!!!...NO MORE REFERENCE TO THE BANGSAT RAZAK AND NAJIB!!..WIPE ALL Arab Melayu IS ISLAM Supporters Legacy from malaysia... 

Altantuya Murder Matters is like  Missing MH370.....endless opportunity to generate money....  Some say the Murder have certainly made a few people VERY RICH, Prosperous and Devoid of ANY Regret to DO EVIL Again and Again.....finger must be pointed at the Sultan-Agong for Allowing Malaysia to Descend to such Pitiful Unmanagable Debt Ridden $1.3 Trillion...that will Never be Paid.  Foolish Malaysia Accept the $30 Billion Bailout of Tabung Haji-Felda-Shariah-Jakim Jais but not the PAY OUT OF ALL TOL TO BE FREE.....  That is where Malaysia Need to Rise UP, Take to the Streets and DEMAND THE REPEL of Bailout of Tabung Haji-Felda-Shariah-Jakim Jais....Let it GO BANKRUPT AND COLLAPSE AND IT WILL NOT HURT MALAYSIAN..... EVERY DAY 15 Million Malaysian KEEP PAYING TOL AND GET HIT IN THE HOP POCKET For ETERNITY.  Never Forget it was also your Taxpayers money Already used to the Tune of $60 Billion Ringgit to Maintain the Fake Entities to SHOW GREATNESS OF MUSLIM Wealth in MALAYSIA in Tabung Haji-Felda-Shariah-Jakim -Jais...for the last 62 years......Was Malaysia better after 62 Years???  Stupid People say Yes...Smart People say how come TINY Singapore GDP Is Greater than Malaysia and SGP$1 = MYR$3.03?????  Tel the Agong -sultanto keep sitting in the Jamban to Spew His Rubbish on Communist Party, LTTE BUT NEVER IS Terrorist Islam and Malaysia Part in Recruitment for 9/11, Killling and Bombing all over the world and NOW Harbouring Useless Terrorist Mentor like Bangsat Zakir Naik as if HE WAS NABI Mohammed??...And sultan-agong Support Nodin Top and Hambali Killed Terrorist Mass Murderer body to come back without ANY ISSUE....SO GO TO HELL!!

Azilah .. Sairul kata instruction dari DPM Najib and wifey and DSP Musa Safri ...who in turn says they got Instruction from Hamid Bodoh or Badut.....who in turn says he got go ahead approval/agreement  from Home Minister then and now on promise to be IGP when Harapan come into power....who in turn have some $$$$$$ deposited in their local and foreign bank accounts in children and relatives or trusted friend name like Taib Of Sarawak.....who  also have greesed the then Rulers and Defender of Islam hands and overseas Accounts to SPEAK NOT ILLs of Rosmah or Najib..or raise this Altantuya Matters in Conference of Rulers yearly meeting... so as to not "interfere with the judiciary"..  Have a Royal Commission on ALL Sultan-Agong Local and Foreign Bank Accounts Now that Malaysia have Signed into LAW the Need to CURB TERRORISM Funding......  Every Government have the right to Request the amount of Money each Malaysian Individual have in their overseas Account......  WE JUST NEED TO TARGET THE Rulers and Elites and Robbers of Arab Melayu Islam Descend to Put Serious DENT on Malaysia of Corruption by the Ruling Elites, orang Besar Berempat, Sultan-Agong, their relatives and Children....WE NEED TO STRIKE FEAR INTO THEIR HOPELESS, USELESS AND WASTE OF SPACE Maintenance and ESISTENCE THAT HAVE ROBBED MALAYSIAN FOR 63 Years and KEEP MAKING THE ARAB MALAY MUSLIM DUMB.......  Solution is simple Acknowledge that SINGAPORE METHOD IS SUPREME....then we have Hope BUT MARUAH ARAB MELAYU BANGSAT Sultan -Agong and their Leaders CANNOT EAT HUMBLE PIE!!

....Akhirnya Gantung DSP Musa Safri!!!  Who by the way is still working for PDRM but act like doing business......maybe also will NOW expose those Pakatan Minister who Asked him to Take OUT Pastor Koh, Helmi/Ruth and Amri.......because ramai Muslim/Islam murtad ke Kristian dan Agama lain.......Deep State Sangat DEEP SHIT!!  Kita Tengok Sultan dan Agong Mana akan MAAFKAN Pembunuh.....Pencuri....Orang Sial Masuk Penjara.....Mereka juga akan Rakyat Hitung Perangai Mereka....anak2 General mereka.....tengok berapa lagi orang Malaysia Araba Melayu Bodoh Nak sokong Kezaliman Kumpulan Hidup Mewah-Kaya Raya Tanpa Batasan ini!!

Forget about Yusuf murtad Rawther Lie Krap Test... Say someone pay me a Professionally train Lie Detector Hack.......I need money....I want to implicate Sultan-Agong-Tun-Azmin-Nurul-Hadi-Taib-Hamidi-Muhiddin-Mat Hassan- Shafee-Govenor-Abang Jo - Syed Siddiq-Mazslee-Zuraida.....etc.....$3-10 Million depending on status of person...Any Takers.

Sorry Folks Lie detector is NOT Admissible in courts of Useless Malaysia.... BUT Swearing on Quran Is...this is a Shariah case...Jakim - Jais -Mais and all those useless 4 witness needed Krap!!....Naza Scion Datuk Wira SuperMini Faisal  Khalwat...no Issue Shariah, Jakim Jais???  Why??  I have Video of Brader/Azmin/SultanAgong-Govenor-Mullah doing Terrible Child Pedophilia Sexual act but no point in Shariah Islam Malaysia because need 4 witness...no issue. Khat the Krap!!!....  That is why economic and Financial collapse of Ringgit and Malaysia economy is now Inevitable...Those wise will know how to prepare....due to Law and Disorder MaluSial!!

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