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Islam kekal dalam MyKad bermakna Puak Arab Melayu Supremacist IS Brotherhood of Islam Sultan-Agong-UMNO-PAS-Warisan-Bersatu-PKR Bangsat Negara NAK TERUSKAN IDEOLOGI RACISM.....  Pastikan Semua orang Malaysia Mansuhkan Sistem Racism ini Melalui Tolong Hanya mereka Yang Tak ada ISLAM Dalam My KAD.

Just take a look at this MalaySIAL Nation.....ALL THE RAIN AND YET NOT ENOUGH WATER.....Many states have coming WATER Security  issues>ALL BECAUSE OF ISLAM UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor Taib Deep State Murdering their OWN Race with Religion Agenda MYKAD HAVE ISLAM WORD AGENDA!!...RACIST TERRORIST AGENDA WILL NEVER SUCCEED!   THAT I CALL THE BLESSING OF ALLAH ON THE NATION!!...especially Islamic Bias Nation....  Changing Previous Christian Missionary Schools Name to Arab Malay Supremacist name......No Islam Bias Run Admistration, State or Nation Is ANY GOOD IN THIS WORLD....Believe it.....  DOING THE SAME RUBBISH....MyKAD - ISLAM, Khat Jawi, Bail out $30 Billion Tabung-Haji Felda, Maintaining all YOUR Glorious ISLAM Credential have made Malaysia a PARIAH Nation that the world is AVOIDING BIG TIME......Doing the SAME RACIST SUPREMACIST BIGOTS Rubbish and Expecting something Different is a PARIAH Mentality of the a DEMENTED SENILE PM.... TUN WILL DIE SOON AND STUPID ARE THOSE WHO TRIES TO ALIGN TOO CLOSELY WITH HIM.......SEE HOW NAJIB BUDDIES HAVE NOW ALL JUMPED THE SINKING SHIP..>>WATCH OUT YOU TUN DR Bapa Pemerosotkan & Korrupsi Malaysia Business Supporters!!...We will get you like we did Najib!!...UBAH MEANS UBAH!!!  NOT UBAH LAGI BUROK!!!... Malaysia have a Crisis of Doing the Same Krap and Expecting a Different Result!!

All opportunity have been given to Party Harprak Bangsat to fix things...Yet to be seen as Islam Cannot Collapse ...Bail out of Tabung Haji-Felda- Jakim, Shariah Must be maintained so that RIOTS cannot happen....Never Mind SOSMA used on Tamil Tiger and Communist Sympatizer.....those bangsat Malaysian IS Syrian Failed fighters ALL Allowed to return to act for DEEP STATE......  We should hunt them down and make them Disappear....Otherwise Protecting the Status Quo and doing the same RUBBISH of Defend Islam Entities is the CAUSE of MALAYSIA RETAK...>Teruskan agenda 2020...Sabah-Sarawak Pecat malaya.....Rakyat Must Reralise that the SUM Of the PARTS is Better than the WHOLE and ALL PARTS Given the OPPORTUNITY to be Like Singapore....Malaysia COLLAPSE Immenent...with BIG Mouth Mamakthir Condemning India, China, USA and the Usual Isreal to Unite Arab Malay Muslim Supremacist.......Now the World Boycott Malaysia Halal Goods....only Haram Goods doing OK!!!  Pergi Minum minyat Kelapa Sawit 1 L Sehari......Buy Malaysia LAST.....End Racism and TOL NOW in 2020!!...Otherwise Malaysia economy going to Collapse SOON!!  Shops are shutting after CNY and Never open again...and Stop that Rubbish RTM year in, Year Out KRAP of   Drama where Chinese convert to Islam and Live Happily after with Chinese Family accepting the KRAP Tudung and Malay attire in Chinese New Year....  How about Malay-Islam Convert to Buddism, Eat Pork and drink Wine and Live Happily ever After on the new Found Freedom......Gobind Singh...You Insult Karpal Singh For Condoning the ongoing ISLAM BIAS Krap in RTM......KHAT THE KRAP and ALLOW ALL RELIGION 10 Hours WEEKLY TO  PROMOTE THEIR RELIGION!!

By Siti Kassim...good read
We need a new Education Minister with the right qualifications, a scientific mindset and a technocratic iron will to implement the critical changes.
I HAVE been a big critic of and objector to Maszlee Malik as Education Minister from day one.
I took no pleasure in it then nor do I take pleasure in it now. It just is. The wrong person must go and the right person must come in.
Education is far too important for a nation to be entrusted to those not competent in moulding the minds of our most precious resource, our youth. Education is where we develop this resource for either the success or the failure of our nation.
We do not have to look far to see success. A country with no natural resources, with a tenth of our population, can be a developed nation by sheer power of its human resources.
In 1965, Malaysia and Singapore went separate ways in more ways than one. Look at where they are and look where we are now. The lessons to be learned are abundant. Have the humility to know when we are wrong and they have been right all along. There is no need to look East. Look South.
“A nation is great not by its size alone. It is the will, the cohesion, the stamina, the discipline of its people and the quality of its leaders which ensure it an honourable place in history, ” said its architect, Lee Kuan Yew in 1963.
The education ministership is the leader in ensuring that our children and our youths are able to take the nation to the next level. It is just not at the very top have we got it wrong, again and again. We must have the humility to admit when we are wrong and have been wrong for more than 30 years. We must have the decency, discipline and courage to want to change so our future can be assured.
What did Singapore do right in education? When one looks at massive differences in results, one need not look at many things. One need only look at the fundamental deviation at the root.
One: Singaporean education is in English.
Despite more than 76% of its population being ethnic Chinese, the medium of instruction for its public schools is English. Have you ever heard the Singaporean government or its leaders talk about “memartabatkan” (to give dignity to) the Mandarin language? They have no time for such foolish ethnic pride.
They may find ways to conserve Chinese heritage but they have no interest or inclination to play to racial sentiments that would sacrifice the very essence that will ensure their children have the easiest access to the widest and latest conservatory of human knowledge since the late 19th century.
As such, accessibility of critical knowledge for their children and subsequent generations are assured from young and is continuous throughout their lives. It is so easy to do for those who have the best interest at heart and yet so difficult to do for those with foolish pride and Machiavellian political ambitions.
No mandatory Chinese calligraphy is needed to ensure Chinese heritage continues. No shouting of slogans of Ketuanan Cina and its preservation. That is confidence in your own ability to shape destiny. To hell with all that. Learn in English.
Two: Their education is secular. Because that is the essence of education.
One of the greatest physicists and teachers of the 20th century, the late Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman, famously said, “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”
That, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes an education.
Singapore does not impose belief on its citizens. And that starts in education. Question everything and everyone. Anything that cannot be questioned has no place in the classroom of public education. That is called indoctrination.
You want to indoctrinate your children that the sky is filled with butterflies and angels in the morning, go ahead, but not on our time or our dime.
It is abhorrent the amount of taxpayers money and children’s time that have been wasted on indoctrination of belief. Indoctrination stops you from thinking, it is the complete acceptance of belief.
As Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. Religion is not about thinking, its about accepting.
Religion – any religious indoctrination – has no place in public education. You do not find that in Singapore and you do not find that in any other developed nation. If you want to include religion in public education, do it as part of comparative religion in the social sciences context. Otherwise it is indoctrination. It is useless as education.
Belief, religion and its indoctrination must be the domain of parents, if they so choose, and not government. Otherwise the result is imposition, persecution and finally tyranny of belief upon the citizenry. And no nation will survive such tyranny.
There is a reason great men of history have warned us against such wanton imposition of religious beliefs and indoctrination of the masses. Thomas Jefferson once said, “In every country and every age, the priest had been hostile to liberty.”
We need to heed this warning.
Three: One word – Science.
I have said this again and again. Science is the salvation of a nation, especially today in the 21st century.
The triumph of human civilisation is the triumph of science. The ascendancy of humankind, each empire, each nation and people has been through their grasp of the “science” of their time and its application in their minds and lives.
Our education must be science-centric. No ifs or buts. There must be more basic science taught, learned, experimented with and exposed to our children from the day they start school until they leave it. In depth and breadth and in the number of hours spent on it. We must have truly competent and passionate teachers to carry out this duty.
Even as a lawyer, I have learned that the human mind and senses are limited. Nothing fools humans more than their minds and their own senses.
In just the last decade, more convictions of innocents due to so-called eye-witness testimonies, even multiple ones, have been overturned as a result of DNA evidence to the contrary. Why? Science has proven that human senses and minds can be easily fooled, especially by emotion and herd mentality. But science is objective, evidentiary knowledge.
We need to build a science-centric society and that starts with our primary and secondary education. From the beginning, Lee realised the importance of establishing Singapore as a leader in the field of science and technology in Asia. He did not care what your ethnicity or religion was, that was the priority. And look at the society he built. Modern in outlook and progressive in thought, to the point he could no longer really control the people.
Maybe that is what our leaders are afraid of. A questioning, educated, critical thinking masses.
We must halt this downward slide of epic proportions in Malaysian education.
A new education minister with the right qualifications, a scientific or science-centric mindset and a technocratic iron will to implement critical changes must be appointed. Nothing less can be acceptable to Malaysians. This must be our demand.
I believe the next appointment will be a critical test whether this Pakatan government is worthy of our consideration in the next elections or an alternative must be considered and pursued vigorously by the right-minded citizenry.
We need the new education minister to implement what is needed. Go back to the basics and have the will, courage and ingenuity to make tough changes against what I expect to be conservative political opposition, both racial and religious.
If the person is more interested in putting colleagues in religious brotherhoods ahead of qualified intellectual professionals in positions of authority in education, then we are all doomed.
If the person is more interested in telling and allowing teachers to carry on dakwah (Islamic preaching) instead of closing down separate canteens in schools, then our quagmire will continue.
Black shoes and hotel swimming pools. That is the legacy we have been left with.
We need to see the closing down of worthless tax-payer funded universities that carry the word science but are based on beliefs and scriptures. They make a mockery of our nation and society. They promote the dumbing down of our population and produce graduates that will have nothing to contribute but further destruction of the Malaysian civilisation. We need a shake down of epic proportions for Malaysian education to return it to its past glory and make future progress.
As such, unlike a certain racist and bigoted MP from PAS, who insists on a Malay Muslim candidate only for the post, we need a minister who is qualified, irrespective of race or religion. We just need a Malaysian who is capable, for the sake of our children and our future.
We need an education minister who understands what is essential education. It is not rocket science.
But like all things in Malaysian politics, I have stopped believing in the capabilities or integrity of most of our politicians and political leadership. How I hope that I am proven wrong.
I close with this quote from Carl Sagan, one of the foremost teachers of science: “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”
That could very well describe our Malaysian education system and administration.
But 2020 has arrived, so it’s time for real change to happen.

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