Sunday, February 02, 2020

DAP have been Infected by the Racist Terrorist Corona Virus of Trying to PLEASE THE ARAB MELAYU MUSLIM Terrorist Supporters of hamas-Hezbollah-Brotherhood of Islam, Taliban and ISIS...>SO GO TO HELL TOO THOSE DAP USELESS MUNAFIQ LEADERS!!....WE NEED KARPAL SINGH TYPE QUALITY...NOT THOSE BOOT AND BUTT LICKER FROM DAP!!

Is this worst than orang Asli who Faces Systemic Genocide in Kelantan, Pahang and All over Malaysia because they do not want to embrace Islam??  how did those unifying Ummah, Maruah melayu, Must Pass BM-Khat-Jawi, Bias Scholarship to Arab Malay Supremacist, Melayu Arab Hilang didunia,  surau, masjid Dominace and Prominance over ALL other Religion and Race + 5 times call to Prayer made Malaysia Better?  Time to Try Other Religion if YOU want a Different Perspective......No need RCI on $33 Billion Tabung Haji-Felda-Shariah-Jakim Jais, TRX bail out......$20 billion MAS-MRT3 Bailout....etc etc bail out.....mind you KHAT is Still being Force despite Mazslee Sacking.....SACK the Khat Krap....SAck the IGP knowledge for Contempt on Mrs Gandhi child.....How Dare a Police Officer Openly Defy a Law and Order....Its True...Malaysia is DOOMED.....It will be EVEN worst w

Majority of the Islamic world would never acknowledge the Nazi did their Genocide on Jews....not a moment of remorse or pity and the Tun Mamakthir and Leaders or Arab Malays Supremacist Sultan world together with the DAP munafiq Leaders Condone the Meeting of Tun Racist Terrorist M with Hamas-Hezbollah Leaders to Outshine the commemoration of the Holocaust......the message is clear for Sabah-Sarawak..>sack Arab Malaya and Fulfill the Singapore Dream...there is NO Other Choice...the current Path of Arab MalaySial is EPIC Collapse of Ringgit and economy....its already happening.....Malaysia Ringgit is a Ponzi Zimbabwe Dollar....PIDM Gurantee is useless when $1 Trillion Ringgit = USD$1......The Curse on nation NOT acknowledging the Nation Israel!!...Its too late now for Malu Sial to acknowledge.....even if you do its like Stage 5 Terminal Cancer....13 new nation break up is best outcome.....EXIT MALAYSIA and Claim a Piece of the KRAP....and Start work again for another Singapore Dream!!  Lets those useless Taliban-Hamas-Hezbollah-Salafi-ISIS state create their own Condemn State like Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, iraq....Be brave and reject the Arab Melayu and Fake Sultanate..>Why no Sultan in Malacca??...Do not Ever Think Every Act done and condone by Arab Malay Islam is Supreme ....  Its Foolish Beyond Belief the IGP have info on Where Diksa Prasana Father...yet NO ACTION...Good luck when Corona Virus gets to the Sultan-Agong and Elite Aristocrat....they Will be ABOVE the LAW AND ALLOWED TO SPREAD THE DISEASE and Travel Freely WITHOUT QUARANTINE!!..>GO TO HELL!!

Ms Teo Nee Ching of the DAP have become BOOT Licker like so many power & position can make people of some Principle and Dignity crawl so low is the Allah method of exposing Munafiq Humans.  By supporting Palestine you are Supporting Hamas-Hezbollah Terrorist Killing terrorist and their agenda to Eliminate Isreal from the Earth like Iran.......Just watch those nation that support these Scumbags...Luckilly Singapore do NOT support the Hamas-Hezbollah Palestine terrorist agenda like so many from Sabah-Sarawak.....because we want Allah Blessing and Sack Malaya....The Economic growth of Nation supporting Isreal compare to those Not supporting Isreal is Glaring!!  Enjoy the coming economic Devastation of Ringgit Crisis of confidence in Malaysia Soon !!  Its OK to Support Isreal over Palestine-Hamas-Hezbollah like so many Malaysian!!....No need to support Abu Sayaf, Sulu Terrorist, Taliban, ISIS, brotherhood of Islam Stupid successive Malaysia Arab malay leaders and Rulers!!

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