Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wear Black on 31 August 2009, Fly Balck Flags and Forever wear Black until Regim Bunuh UMNO is Obliterated.

Its been 52 years of continuous utter Rubbish, murders, racism, cover up and one wonders what use to play the same game regim Ganas Kejam UMNO wants. Its time to disrupt disrupt disrupt all their Racist terrorist apparatus, tools in MACC, PDRM, JAWI, MAIS, Syriah, Courts, Election Commission.....the list seems endless.

Everytime there is a demonstration of religious and Racist UMNO sponsored acts of provocation...we burn down 15 of their cawangan UMNO, their murderous MACC/PDRM building. If they burn our temple and place of worship, we burn 50 of their cawangan UMNO and all UMNO government linked companies like NSTP, RTM, Utusan...etc Even better is to burn their home and houses. The less we have of these Government GESTAPO building the less opportunity they have to plan, scheme their EVIL Acts.

Nothing have change in Malaysia and I can say the Islam is Islam MUNAFIK practice by Agong, Sultan/Raja Munafik & UMNO Malays. The so called defender of Islam. If Perak Fiasco have not woken Malaysian up and the hint by Sh*t head Hamidi to train their Militants UMNO youths in Commando camps, the Malaysian will be caught by suprise. Wake up its ALL Out war and stay in POWER whatever it takes in Regim Racit UMNO. We ca assure you another May 13 look alike and the entire Sultanate will end then + Malaysia as we know will not exist in the same form. Perhaps there will be MANY Autonomous state from then on. We cannot go on with the lies of UMNO, Islam and that of the Malaysian main stream media. How many lives do you have to wait and hope?? Happy MUNAFIK Merdeka.....?? All lies. Muslim so concern about alcohol and conversion out of Islam. Stuff that Blood Donation advertisement....they are ALL Filled with HARAM Stuff like Pork, Liquor blood. Ask your Munafik muslim get blood from your own born malay = islam SPECIES!!...Make a remark in future that your blood is only for Bumi Non Malay!! Make an effort to show your RESISTANCE. You are the Freedom Fighters of NEW MALAYSIA!!

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