Friday, January 08, 2010

Burn All UMNO Racist BRANCHES and UMNO leaders home, all over Malaysia until the Murderous Racist Regime UMNO is Obliterated.

Nothing is suprising these days when racist UMNO is still on power and Hell bent on staying in power. UMNO are in the mind set of whatever it takes to stay in power or GRAB power be it Perak, Selangor, Penang. All Pakatan state is being worked at one at a time while the people just watch. Hello its time to terror back and all you need to do is to Burn down all these UMNO branches all over Malaysia. They are the staging point for Terrorist UMNO and their imported gangs from Thailand and Indonesia. What is your MIND SET when UMNO racist are in War Mode?? Its alla mind set game and the quicker we set our mind to Obliterate UMNO racist the better it will be for Malaysia.

This is a war against good and evil and the Evil are given free hand to do their worst while the good just hope and pray without lifting a finger. Send a clearer message to racist UMNO and start burning all their branches down. Its easy petrol, kerosine or even a huge pile of paper + matches. Do it as some have already burnt some UMNO branches. Just that the propoganda media don't want to show Malaysian that UMNO is being targetted and weak. You demoralise UMNO and their little soldiers when you burn each of their little staging centre. Then follow up by burning all print media printing factory and RTM. Better still bring down all those transmission tower. You need to fight this war against UMNO in the manner that UMNO understand and DESTROY their false sense of power or safety. Each UMNO leaders home should also be targetted.

Allah and Burning of Churches are racist UMNO created dream. Remember if May 13 or any thing of that sort repeats, Malaysia will not remain in the same state forever. Its time for AUTONOMY, and a Divided Malaysia with NEW COUNTRY Being Born. That is better than being run by these Racist Morons of UMNO!! Keep the fire burning until racist bigot UMNO is Destroyed. This is just A Selangor grab for power thing.....other state are in a peaceful mode. Does that tell you anything. Even if it is all over Malaysia, what are you going to do about it. Sit, pray, hope??? Nothing will come until you do the Burning of UMNO branch and cawangan!!

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