Sunday, April 26, 2015

In the Midst of Helicopter CRASH Murder and Hidden Hands and UMNO Chaos....what better Distration neede by UMNO IGP Brother on Cross in Taman Medan!!

Every Article written here highlights the Racist Terrorist SCAM-SHAM Agong-sultan in cahoots with UMNO-BN to make Malaysia Worst.  That 50 people are nothing..they can be eliminated tomorrow and Malaysia will still NOT improve!...What gets me is this case 6YEARS AND THE BANGSAT NEGARA MALAYSIA SULTAN-AGONG IN CAHOOTS WITH UMNO-BN-PDRM & Stupid Syriah Crap that is Suppose to Submit to the SUPREME Secular Law & Order of Malaysia have not return this kid Prasana Diksa to her mother M Indira Gandhi due to FORCE Conversion of Child to IS Islam by Father.  It is this one reasons alone is enough MAKE Malaysian Mad...Angrier than this 50 take down cross IS Mob...  It is for this reason Sabah-Sarawak need to SACK Malaya and CRASH the Malaysia Ringgit and Economy..... 6 years of waiting and no discussion of the virtues of Democracy, Islam, Majority, minority CRAP can justify this SCAM.....LETS Gather March to the hose and Kidnap this KID BACK with Force and fight those IS Terrorist Islamic NGO protecting the Father Surveillance.....  the Stupid Agong-Sultan, IGP, Army is not doing anything...This should make Malaysia get Angry and Take Action!!  Pay cash, use foreign Currency and CRUSH Malaysia Economy is some small things you can do!!...It is Victory by this Islamic Terrorist Non Compliance to Rule of Law that Undermines the Fabric of Society in Malaysia...Fight Back with TERROR!!  WE DENY THEM THE SATISFACTION OF ANY DETERRENT.  We STAND OUR GROUND..WE SET UP CROSS, TEMPLE IN EVERY KAMPUNG AND UMNO-IS TERRORIST TERRITORY.  WE MAKE THEM LEAVE IF THAT IS TROUBLING THEIR IS TERRORIST FAITH..>WE ARE WINNING ...AND SACKING MALAYA IS THE BEST DEAL FOR $1 Trillion Debt Malaya!!

What this article is trying to Educate you is to Open your minds to the "Religion of UN-peace" and the mindset of people in the Quran Generation sense of fairplay and morality when you have the Powers of Sultan-Agong- UMNO-BN + PDRM(since brother now is IGP) and Army so closely linked to these IS Terrorist of Malaysian I am sure someone in that Photo is are those Army of Murderers during the Kg Medan attempted Genocide on Indians.    The question is how is your response going to be?  So Simple...every race and religion Bar Islam-Quran type ....just take 2 Twigs..form a CROSS &....TIE them with Lalang and throw them into every Surau, muslim house, mosque you pass and you would have Exorcise out the Dracula from that place....If they Amok and start talking another Kg Medan, May 13, Penan Genocide.....This time make sure your response is DISPORPORTIONATE like Isreal to Hamas and Hezbollah!!....  That is the Allah Fail Safe way to control the UN-peace Religion...  In the mean time take it down and put it back UP ...the CROSS...your Buddah...Your Siva.....your Mah Zu..your Kwan Yin...your Idol.....Use Your Freedom To NEVER Submit to Islam...  Use your Pen and textsa and start drawing the cross ALL OVER MALAYSIA....or the Arabic symbol of U with a Dash Inside...and tell the IS UMNO + Sultan-Agong+Govenors Goons...We (non Muslim) UNITE and will Terror back against IS Racist TERRORIST that UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong + IGP + Army Support....the Isreal Way!!!!

Just remember...know when you are about to be Genocided like the Indians in Kg medan, Penan in Sarawak or Chinese in May 13 in the future...Don't be weak knee......Just Respond back in the Well Rehearse Way of Isreal...DIPROPORTIONATE WAY IN KIND.......  Otherwise these IS Racist terrorist of UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong+ Govenor will overrun you with their Majority like Isreal Among Terrorist and Allah will Bless you like Isreal....  Just hope every Racist UMNO IS Government Servant Malays dies at 54 Year Old 360 days........  That is enough to make the next generation to reflect on their poverty....and Evil of Islam Cult in Malaysia.  No need to be Romantics with Islam-Quran Ideology.... the Religion of UN-Peace...!!  To those Malay, Chinese and Indians Sympathetic to these Islamic sponsored Goons protest....How is it that you aspire to migrate to western society??...go migrate to Middle East...  Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Lebenon, Gaza, Yemen, somalia....etc.....  Don't Crowd the Quota with those NON Romantics to Islam who wants to migrate to Better Western Democracy.... & if you stay in Malaya enjoy the Suffering!!...Those who cannot migrate start migrating to the election and SACK Malaya!!...  btw no need permit for place of worship that is Guranteed under Constitution...I can convert my house as place of Worship until the Authoraties comes..and i can move on to the next house...simple!!
Just Trade with foreign Currency and give not a cent of GST to UMNO-BN & IS in cahoots with Sultan-Agong+ Govenor...  Crush Malaysia Economy Now!!

Everyday EVERY EVIL ACTS and Terrorism and Protest that is CONTRARY of the Malaysian Spirit is INSPRED BY UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong & Govenors of Malaysia... testing HOW Well Malaysian Submit to the IS sunni same Quran inspired theology and Ideology among the Malay UMNO-PAS muslim Taliban IS Boko Haram Al Shabab followers.

Of course one knows the Taman Medan Sham is done when UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong wants some distraction away from UMNO.  Could be Tun Murder prompting or could be Son of May 13 direction....because Son of May 13 now getting information of Helicopter CRASH..... Maintenanec Guy Saw POLICE putting a bag in the Helicopter.......Thanks to the Group Photo...we Now know who are some of those TAMAN Medan Murdereres of Indians in their Last Foray there.   Lets Get that Datuk brother of IGPigs and that guy in IS face covering people in that protest.......those Mak Chicks also Going to Kena....their life from today onwards will be full of Surprises.....

Democracy is only BAD for the MUSLIM + Malay + UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong +Governor type of Islam Faith.  Without Democracy you GET DEMON-cracy like in ALL those ARAB-muslim Majority Nation killings, torture, child abuse, women rapist, 4 men for Rape witness Sham, behead....Malaysia headed for Demon-crazy in cahoots with Sultan-Agong is an under statement.  Sabah-Sarawak time to SACK Malaya because the Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO agrees with what those IS same Quran Book inspired them to do. So today I am going to take 2 twigs , tie them up with LALANG and throw the cross into all Surau and Mosque that I pass to Exorcise the Dracula .....and urge Buddist, Hindu, LBGT and anyone from any Faith to do it......  Don't wait until the Hitler agenda of IS UMNO  Islam in Malaysia come to fruition with your only race and religion left to Defend your  minority group.  See the moment IS a bit of power...the Yazidis, Kurds minority got Obliterated.....

Wake up the Religion of UN-Peace Islam Terrorist in Malaya!!

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