Sunday, May 10, 2015

Helicopter Crash that Failed to Kill Najib has links to Tun Dr M...??

Tun Dr Munafiq(Father of Malaysia Corruption, May 13 , Penan , Kg Medan Genocide murder) thinks that by visiting Sirul in Australia he can pay Sirul to confess with $5 Million Ringgit Bribe to bring down Najib.....Not knowing Rosmah-Najib is paying someone $6 Million Ringgit to Take Sirul Down in Sydney + Najib have Paid a few Helicopter Maintenance People to Point Finger of Putting Mysterious Bag into Helicopter before the Explosion Mid air killing JJ and a few others.

After All, you know the UMNO Rosmah-Najib can Pay Saiful to admit of being Sodomised by Anwar and Pay Pairin, Ongkili, Hee Yit Fong to do UMNO Racist Bidding under the Approval of Sultan Perak, Agong and those FAKE defender of Islam.  Paid Custom Officer to Erase Altantuya record of entry to Malaya and Sirul paid someone in immigration to Leave Malaysia on Murder charges...  Tun Dr Murderer of Tun Fuad of Sabah was quiet 8 years ago when this Altantuya case was at its crescendo....Tun Dr. Murderer of Fuad thinks by having this trump card he can guide his sons Mukriz to the PM Post in 12 years....  Lets hope he dies suddenly and let Najib-Rosmah die Mysteriously in a plane or helicopter....  Be warned Malaysia....don't fly those locally operated airlines if you can avoid it.....Boycott everything Malaysia if you can!! This is what Malaysia is Sabah-Sarawak do a Scotland, gather the support and SACK UMNO-BN and those with ties with Malaya and tehn SACK Malaya and the Sultan-Agong+ Govenor...  All things point to UMNO In cahoots with Sultan-Agong racist Islamic IS terroist agenda to make Sabah-Sarawak poor, dumb, slaves to these CELAKA!!

These is No Law and Order in Malaysia....  SO STOP VISITING MALAYSIA and take your money to other countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia.... The UMNO Rosmah-Najib Racist terrorist can allow someone like Sirul with Altantuya  Murder Charges allowed on bail with Approval from Sultan-Agong speak volumes of the Justice systems in Malaysia...its ALL CRAP!!

For Sirul - the Altantuya Murderer to keep quiet on Comander honour is Hillarious.........Altantuya was not a MOST WANted LIST OF TERRORIST LIKE OSAMAN BIN LADIN, KHALED SHEIK,  ABU Bakr al-Baghdadi...etc...etc....go to hell Sirul for Killing innocent Victim who had Najib's child in her belly.  I hope Sultan-Agong Forgives you and Australia sends you back to Malaysia to be Rehab by Najib-Rosmah, IGP, Tun Dr Murderer of Tun Fuad!!

6 years, 60 years...  Malaysia Deserve the Crushing Realisation of Economic Destruction affecting the Entire Sphere of society... those who are poor will survive the Best and that makes me happy to keep Najib, Sultan-Agong, IGP....

When 1 Sing Dollar = $1.5 ringgit...  UMNO-BN+ all Royal elites says good for economy...lower cost of production

Now $1 Sing = $2.8 ringgit same tune..

When $1 Sing = $15 Ringgit ..same tune

when $1 Sing = $35 Ringgit ..Same tune....

When will Malaysian wake up from Relentless Collapse of a Sabah-Sarawak Nations??  The Plundering Royals+UMNO-BN is just using Islam, race, religion to make your Eternal Suffering and Hunger continue for another Generation...SACK THE LOT and re-START...  REVOLUTION is the only way to FIX Malaysia!!  When you start realising that Royalty, Race and Religion cannot feed your family that is the point of Realisation...hope you have the will to do something then.....Its never too late...its a Shame Nothing is done sooner!!like 30 years ago!!  Keep Suffering!!

Be Like Scotland and TOGETHER WE SACK MALAYA from Sabah-Sarawak....

Actually Kadazan, Iban, Dusun are not Arabs. They are also Chinese/Indians DNA.  You have Chinese/Indians Kadazan, Iban, Murut,Negritos....Just because we put a major race behind some natives we can claim their heritage??  There are also Taiwan Orang Asli, Loas, Combodia who have more Chinese Genes that a reason why Malaysia have not used Genes to prove the Orang Asli - Bumiputera status?? OSA, ISA, POTA, undermine sultan-agong in cahoots with UMN legacy stuff??

Actually Orang asli are not malays...their are more chinese/indian bias ...Look at those orang asli from Taiwan, Burma, Loas, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand....  Perhaps a Royal Commission on the DNA of Orang Asli and Malays and Chinese and the Sultan-Agong - Govenor to prove the Authenticity of each claim to bumiputera....those have  highest % DNA linked to the Orang ASLI of Sabah-Sarawak and Malayasia can claim bumiputera status..... those that have the lower must relinquish the post, position and status......that means Sultan-Agong-Govenor.......Unfortunately for Malaysian...this has already been done and are OSA stuff and ISA and POTA and protect the Elites of UMNO-BN in cahoots with sultan -Agong + Govenor.... So keep up the Bias to Help ORANG ASLI - who claim Not to be malay...Funny!!!!

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