Sunday, May 17, 2015

Refugees of Islamic Origins is NOT GOOD for Malaysia...Go Ask Sabah-Sarawak....the Terrorism of IS Abu Sayaf continues in Sabah...

More Kidnappings/Terrorism at Sabah and War with UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor sponsored IS Terrorist in Sabah.  When  will Malaysia Crush and HANG those Islamic Muslim terrorist Caught with Guns in Sabah like in any other states in Malaysia??  Time to Start Sabah-Saraw2ak Nationlist Defence Leaguq and Fight the Fire power of UMNO-BN sponsored Islamic terrorist and at the same time SACK Malaya!!

Tabung Haji Money Scandal is a reflection of UMNO-BN CORRUPTION management of Malaysia-Sabah-Sarawak in cahoots with IS Agong-Sultan IS(Ioiot Sickos) Islamic racist terrorist Agenda......  For as long as This Team of UMNO-BN, Agong-Sultan-Govenor are BIAS towards the Islamic IS is pointless to have a better Malaysia....So Sabah-Sarawak Nationlist, time to Sack the UMNO-BN, PKR, PAS, USNO and those Islamic Parties and RESET!!....  These Scumbags are making noise on this Tabung Haji scandal of $770 Million ...Have that BIG GodFather of Scumbags of Tun Dr M - Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia ...mastermind of May 13, Killer of Penans, Kg Medan Indians & DUMBING Down of Malays Died earlier....Malaysia would have been a better place. This Corrupted  Tun M bought MAS for $8.00 when it was trading in the normal KLSE price for $3.65 that normal citizen Malaysian could not take part in but only HIS UMNO-BN Scumbag in cahoot with Sultan-Agong...basically a corruption Bailout of Sham proportion of $5-8 Billion Ringgit of Citizen Malaysia money....Thats about 8-10 times the Tabung Haji Corruption and in the 90s  under the same Approval of Sultan-Agong-Govenor of IS Islamic Sham Guardian of Islam Cult. in short Najib UMNO-Bangsat Nagara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong is just taking your future, your children future each day you don't move closer to SACKING Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.......the hunger will get more desperate like Penans losing their Forest to the TAIB IS Terrorist of Native Sarawakians....

As for those Refugees....why do you come to a secular country like Malaysia....go migrate to Islamic Country like Pakistan, middle East, Indonesia, Mid East, Lebanon....Either RENOUNCE ISLAM and Rise up in another Religion that is Blessed by Allah.....   Lets Face it....How many more time there is a need to mention that ISLAM IS, Al Qead, Hezbollah, Hamas, JI, Abu Sayaf, Sulu, Boko Haram...etc are just Racist Death Cult Kidnapping Islam Quran Inspired Terrorist creating EVIL ALL OVER THE WORLD!...  

Kalau melayu Pandai...semua tarik balik duit yang simpan kat Tabung Haji...Biar Tabung Haji Runtuh-Collapse!!...  Apa susah simpan sendiri kat Bank Negara asing!!

Scanned Documents of UMNO Bangsat Negara Deal with Sultan-Agong IS Approval

Go Free this kid Prasana Diksa to her mother M Indira Gandhi due to FORCE Conversion of Child to IS Islam by Father. It is this one reasons alone is enough MAKE Malaysian Mad...Now Possibly used by the Islamic Pedofile or Islamic Network to brain wah the Child!! Sick...Anyone in Perak knows whereabouts this kid is in my blog and we go and do the PDRM Job!!  We FREE THE KID under the Pedeofile PDRM in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat negara Sultan-Agong protection.....6 Years is a bit too long to wait for justice and court ALREADY order.

Iif it continues to have UMNO Bias IDEOLOGY Leaders...with nothing done by IGP to return this kid Prasana Diksa to her mother M Indira Gandhi due to FORCE Conversion of Child to IS Islam by Father. ...AFTER 6 YEARS of court Order is a sign that MALAYSIA ECONOMY MUST CRUMBLE FIRST before any Recovery to the Malaysian Sanity and Good Governance.....We are at this stage of nothing Will improve when the Sultan-Agong are in  cahoots of UMNO-BN Corruption act for 60 Years.....mind you 60 years of Raping the economy till GDP less than tiny Singapore and Ringgit smaller than Singapore....  Not only No Money ...Also Cost more to Repay Rakyat better Forge another Nation in Sabah-Sarawak and leave malaya with $1.3 Trillion Debt is a quicker way for a Better Country!!

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