Friday, October 30, 2015


AVOID Using and Keeping Depreciating Ringgit....Bank Negara asking for USD...yes US Dollar Holders to come to bank Negara, deposit the USD and Get good RINGGIT Rates From Bank Negara.......That is the Sign of Ringgit Demise...Surely !!

...60 years on and if $1Singapore Dollar = $3.2 Ringgit have NOT Proven the EPIC Fail of Racist Ringgit...then you will need another 10 years when $1Singapore Dollar = $5.8 Ringgit  to convince you MalaySIAL is a EPIC FAILED Nation...wawasan 2020 is the UNDEVELOP Islamic terrorist Racist NATION Date....not developed

 The moral authority and Integrity of a Government(UMNO-Bangsat Negara+ sultan-Agong-govenor) is to protect the safety and financial status of the citizen of Malaysian.... Yet its a Terrorist Run Islam Racist Bias UMNO Malays Bangsat government in cahoots with the Royals and Govenors have done EVERYTHING possible to Ruin Malaysia and Enrich themselves.  No Sympathy when the People Do to THEM the Gadaffi, Morsi and Sadam Outcome.....  swiftly or via a prolonged court systems.....Don't waste time with these Scumbags....Be BIAS Help the POOR ORANG ASLI First...then others NON MUSLIM Malaysian...Be BIAS to FIX A ROTTEN Racist Country!!

In November Get ready for a SHUT DOWN Idiot Sect Racist Islam Terrorist UMNO-Bangsat Negara Rally in cahoots with Agong-Sultan-Govenor to COINCIDE with OBAMA Visit..... World media present is a beautiful time for Haze, Flood, Financial Chaos and Changing of Malaysia...For all you know Malaysia is on the Brink of Breaking up and each states to Prosper on their Own..... Good luck to those Northern IS Terrorist Boko Haram Hudud Group that Kidnap Non Islam Orang Asli Children to make them those Islmist in Thailand People Smugglers....

Yes the media is keeping quiet about how the Orang Asli non muslim children were kidnap by the IS Terrorist UMNO-Bangsat negara Islamist in the Northern State...the same Islamist Boko Haram Terrorist bombers of Thailand seeking recruits.....There are a lot of EVIL with these Failed State Malaysia Islam Idiot Sect (IS )groups 

More will die because in this failed State UMNO-Bangsat negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor DEMONcracy ....a no confidence motion cannot even be ISA in the Parliament or OSA.... Malaysia Deserve the unhealthy SMOG and more Dengue Deaths.....+ Since this Bangsat Celaka Negara MalaySIAL have not return Prasana Diksa, 3 – to be given to Indira...... a child Force into islam in Secular malaysia......maybe used by IS Peadofile Islam gangs in malaysia NGO for all you know...IF Any of you know where these Islam Terrorist is hiding this child in Perak...Please let me know the Address......Its time to Free this Child from the Boko Haram Islam IS UMNO-Bangsat Negara IGP, NGo Terrorist!!...7th year now.......most death are the curi hak istimewah from orang Asli Race is no Loss........Padan Muka!! your best to block the drains in Kelantan Hudud....lets Make Banjir...or we allow nature to make it happen??......a Failed Country will Suffer more and more devastation....Allah Blessing to Racist terrorist Islam IS UMNO-BN(Celaka Bangsat-Negara) in cahoots with long as INJUSTICE Prevail in Malaysia!!...and its getting worst...Daily...Get rid of Toxic ringgit, get discount using Foreign Currency!! TAK NAK RINGGIT!!

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