Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sabah -Sarawak Just keep the momentum to SACK Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.....Now is the is the moment..waste not another opportunity!!!

WHY SACK Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak???

1. Freedom from Idiot Sect IS Islam UMNO-Bangsat Negara in Cahoots with Sulu, Abu Sayaf, Sultan_Agong -govenor racist terrorist.

2. Freedom from $1 Trillion Ringgit National Debt and Corruption.

3. Freedom to Study in English and Bury the Racist Dumb you down bahasa Malaysail when sultan-agong-Govenor -UMNO-BN leaders ALL send their children to English private schools and then to English Overseas university using your MONEY!

4. Freedom to Change Religion....especially from IS racist Islam to other Religion.

5 Freedom to prosper without being FORCE by UMNO=Namk Negara to give loans to UMNO IS Corrupted Bankrupt Cronies and Force to Write them off the mement the loan is given!....we know the Sham Drill!!

6. Freedom to have good non IS Islam Malay soccer players based on merits to represent your need to embrace Islam to play will be Reject Islam to Prosper!!

7.  Allah for all ...and he who is deceived are Stupid!!  End the IS UMNO Islam Racist terrorist threat....!!

and no need to keep holding DEPRECIATING RInggit...have one currency linked to Singapore $$$ like Brunei did.....ever wondered why Brunei peg to Singapore Dollar and not to Ringgit in the name of Islam and Alliance with Sultan Munafiq Malaysial??

I hope a Shia Suicide bomber bombs Masjid Jamek / masjid negara during prayers time like the UMNO Sponsored Taliban bombed those Peace Rally in Turkey....and the world start their focus on the Isreal Strike that killed 2 victims of Hamas terrorist Hezbolah terrorist child......rather than the senseless murder of about 100 in Turkey. That is the logic of IS ISlam UMNO-bangsat Negara posters here making a joke of Evidence and Facts of Corruption in cahoots with SultanAgong-Govenor....then more reasons now for the Malaysia economy to Falter like a third world Zimbabwe.......Maybe we should have such reality show to show which type Islam is MOST EVIL and Terror and Which Islamic Organisation/NGO is Most Deceptive MUNAFIQ and EVIL........hooray..mari RTM buat reality show hebat!!...Padan muka Malaysia WILL Suffer FLOOD from see suffering of a race that breed for Domination purpose and not ability to feed and quality of life + Endemic Corruption among UMNO Malays and their Royals Cahoots. Bagi Satu Hamper Besar Selepas Banjir, Bermakna Sudah Tolong Bangsa MELAYU!!...ini Logik Sesak UMNO IS Melayu!!

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