Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Killers of Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi...MUST be someone Linked to UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govneor Melayu bangsat negara IS Islam because ALL Possible Murder Cover up have been done to Discredit those Who Blame the Principal, Islamic Religious Schools and the Murderer Enforcer...like MACC..Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed!!

There you have it.  Thaqif have spoken to nurses and police during his hospitalisation of beatings, brutalisation, sodomy, punishment of students, Evil acts of the schools and having request to parents to take him aware from the Daily torture of beatings for not reciting Quran properly.  Only to be told months later died of Rat Urine disease.  Never heard before and all a cover up acts.  Parents even accepted a will of god act that their son died and now because the compensation insufficient  or perhaps already paid up to come out with some disappointing statement that they cannot accept the Reason of Death.  Now these LOW IQ Islam Parents have money to send more of their children for more IS ISlam Quran Religious schools to be schooled in the ART of being Stupid to the Eyes of the world!!

The Source of leptospirosis is being investigated and its from the Rotan Stick used to Whack and Abuse Thaqif...Case Close!!

No opposition of anti Islam NGO can speak of this matter because it is a ISA, OSO and Sedition matters because it involves the Religion Islam, Malay Race and Sultan/Agong wanting to make Islam Religious School Great Again....This is the Religion of Radical Islam UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara being Approved and Condone by Sultan/Agong-Govenor Malay muslim race only...Curses to their familya nd relatives and supporters to Suffer Disease, cancer and tragic death in the years ahead and untold suffering till Death!!  Time to Sack Malaya from Sababh-Sarawak and not wait a minute longer!

Postmortem results on Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, the 11-year-old pupil who died on April 26th after being hit, whack, sodomised, abused by IS Islam Religious school by Principal, mufti and staff....now being covered up as a nothing.  After being buried with post morten injection of  Rat urine and leptospirosis chemical and 2-3 weeks later exhume... One would expect the chemistry of the Corrupted post morten to confirm the illegal act of covering up for someone of UMNO-PAS-Sulta-Agong-Govenor Malay muslim Idiot Sect IS Islam family.

Same magic was done to Anwar from Saiful....same Crap from Teoh Beng Hock by those Dead MACC Officer....some still living in Fear.....The same would go for this Kota Tinggi Principal and Staff who were part of the Pedophile Regime of IS Islam terrorist acts in Malaysia.

The script was well written...from being hit with stick, to amputate legs to Death and arrest of some Fall guy staff.  Now that the Fall guy have taken the bait to plea guilty but later retracted and blaming the school principal and other staff....the UMNO-PAS Leaders have to come up with some credible U - Turn so as to NOT force the Clousure of religious school in the pfuture and Make Islam Great Again....Go to HELL!!

No Islam Bias Nation or Administration is any good in this world....make no mistake about it and stop being deceived by the Entire Modus operandi of the EVIL Islam secret Racist terrorist Dumb you down Agenda.

Lets remind the scumbags Radical IS Islam of UMNO-PAS Malaysia....its now 60 Years after independence and there is No Religious TV Shows for Hindu, Christian, Buddist like the Daily Crab and Diatribe and Sh*t of Azan, mufti talk, Drama of non Malays converted to Islam and how happy these non malay muslim are in Hari Raya Crap Drama...  Unite like Orang Asli and Help Orang Asli First and other religion next and LAST and LEAST UMNO-PAS Malay Radical ISLAM!!! 

This is why this Idiot Sect Radical Islam Religion that can put Jakarta ex-Govenor Ahok to jail just for quoting a Quran and deemed insult to Islam and the mullahs, mufti, taliban, sultan-agong condone and agrees to this sort of Sickness Judgement......WHEN NO ONE NEEDS TO BE SUBJECTED TO ISLAM SICK RADICAL LAWS.  Malaysia NEED NOT SUBMIT, CONDONE, Participate in ANY FORM of Radical Islam Laws...SO FIGHT BACK..Ban the Hijab, tudung, Loud Speaker, Religious Schools and ALL HALAL Food!!..Go TO HELL Radical Islam UMNO-PAS Scumbags of the Earth...they are incompatible with Humanity and Society!!

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