Sunday, July 09, 2017

With IS Islam Radical Malay Terrorist that Sultan-agong and UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara support, This is the Best Reason to Unite Malaysia when 12 New Nation take shape..... We End The ISLAM Racist terrorist Rule and Ideology in Malaysia and progress like Singapore....No need to Be Romantics to Islam.....No Islam Bias Run Administration or Nation is ANY Good....see London Mayor or any Islam Nation...all Corrupted and EVIl to the Core!!

Naive and stupid for Malaysian to think the Malay Radical IS Islam Bias UMNO-PAS-Sultan -Agong-Govenor will do anything to Pull the IS Muslim Racist terrorist at  war in Syraia, Phillipines, Singapiore, South Thailand, Afganistan into line and detain them when they return from their Jihadist service Overseas.

These Radical IS militia are exactly what the Raidcal Islam Bias UMNO-PAS needs when Malaysia is about to Break up to create a massive instability....Like losing a General Election.  In the event of another Race Genocide attempt Riot like May13, Kampung Medan, Genocide of Orang asli in Kelantan, Penans in Sarawak.....Malaysian should Just say "I  AM A Chinese Citizen, If anything happens to ME China will come and attack Malaysia to protect their Citizens" if you are cornered....

IF you have a people  advantage  over these UMNO-PAS Sultan-agong-govenor sponsored Malay Radical Islam, Red shirt, 3 Line and those Rela malay islam terrroist....Just Shout out that these Malays are IS Islam Terrorist..&;TAKE THEM OUT in any race riot and show no mercy....  When you are about to genocide like Orang asli in Kelantan, no need to be Nice to FIGHT BACK...Terrorise Back and Take territory like the Wall and defend your Freedom and Dignity!!..None will be shown to you in any Genocide Attempt......Return in kind and Terror back and send them back to their Kelantan North and Langkawi....sadly the only safe place that malays are strong and other race better NOT try to keep attacking them there....Have some mercy on them and let them have a life like Palestine there.....  We WILL DEAL with them like Isreal Deals with IS Islam- Hamas Hezbollah and Radical Islam.

Imagine In the midst of all these Radical  Quran Inspired  Islamic Terrorist acts.....the Weaklings are trying to AVOID to attach the Link Between Quran and their EVIL Murderous Acts......This is Call the Deception of Islam..&Relilgion of Deception.  Be NOT Romantics to Radical Islam and their Followers....Obliterate their Agenda of Race and Religious Genocide!!

Now Stupid Malay PAS Hadi thinks he needs 4 withness for Najib 1MDB Corruption acts and the Sultan-agong-Govenor of malay-Islam race condone.  Felda Malays are made stupid by this Religion of Islam and Dumb down by the Fake Sultanate of Malaysia...How come no Sultan in Malacca when Sultanate started.....WHY???   Just like the Koran is also full of errors because the 3rd Caliph Destroyed all reference to Quran and declare HIS interpretation as Final...No wonder stupid muslim are "Keliru" Confused with the word Allah in Malaya but not in Sabah-Sarawak...  That means Muslim in Sabah-Sarawak wants to Also Patent the Word Allah soon for muslim...when more Mosque and surau are built and you have to wear tudung in Sabah-Sarawak Police, Army, school teacher...even IF YOU ARE NOT MUSLIM!!,,,Tell them to GO TO HELL!!...SACK MALAYA, SACK THE MALAYA ISLAM MALAY GOVENOR...DECLARE REPUBLIC!!...HAVE NO $1 TRILLION DEBT AND USE FOREIGN CURRENCY!

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