Saturday, April 21, 2018

HAMAS Drone, Rocket, Engineer Lecturer Sponsored by UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara in the guise of lecturer is the Reason why MALUSIAL Needs to be Sacked from Sabah-Sarawak, Create to 12 NEW Nation WITHOUT ISLAM-UMNO-PAS Sultan-agong Govenor melayu in charge ...for any HOPE IN THIS FAILING Nation of Malaysia IT MUST Exist as 12 NEW Nation and EACH should Learn From Isreal on HOW TO DEAL WITH UMNO-PAS sponsored Hamas-Hezbollah-Abu Sayaf-Sulu IS Terrorist!!

Palestinian Imam Dr.Fadi Muhammad Al Batsh assassinated near Surau Medan Idaman, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. Al Fatihah in HELL/Neraka!

So now Malaysia is harboring Islamic Terrorist Engineers and Helping them Build Drone, Rockets to Launch from Gaza to Isreal, From Yemen to Saudi Arabia, Mecca, Madina.....This is WHY ISLAM Ideology  MUST BE RID from the Criteria of being Army Chief, Judges, MB, PM, IGP, BNM Govenor....etc...etc.  Malaysia while in GE14 mood have FAILED to SEE the Seriousness of HOW this MaluSial is Run.

In short... Malaysia is the Hub to transport Chemical Weapons from North Korea (remember the murder of Kim jung Un brother using nerve gas) to Syria and then to Hamas/Hezbollah Rocket teams.  Now Saudi Arabia shooting down drone from Iran and Hamas-Hezbollah-Syria President Assad.....  Keep the WAR in Middle EAST...MALAYSIA IS A SECULAR NATION AND WE WILL INSIST IN MAKING IT SECULAR AS IT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION!!  IF WAR Must Happen, SO BE IT and make sure WE CARVE OUT A BIG PIECE OF LAND and SEND THE 1%  EVIL ISLAMIC TERRORIST UMNO-PAS TO HELL!! 

Now the centre of Excellence to Build Chemical Gas Weapons and using Drone to Attack Saudi Arabia and Isreal.   Iran is using PAS-Hadi as a shield to spread their wings of CHAOS and Terror across Middle East. 

SABAH & SARAWAK ....YOU Need to RID UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govenor Team IS ISLAM Racist Terrorist From Malaysia in this GE14.  Otherwise..Sabah Will be the Launch Pad for UMNO-PAS Sponsored  ABU Sayaf, Sulu Islam IS terrorist using Drone on Phillipines......When Muslim Nation is Corrupted in the Name of get Fail State like Syria, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Hamas, pakistan..Rohinghya, Bangladesh....

Do Something to Destroy UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govenor of Single Racist Malay songkok IS Islam Race doing genocide to Orang Asli All over malaysia;.......660 Years of Malays Rulers have done nothing to Make Malaysia ANY Better....,,and USA was founded in 1492....Notice the difference depite MALU SIAL head start with history...... Again... No Islam Malay Bias Adminstration, state or Nation WILL Ever Prosper or Be Any Good ...It Must Be Obliterated and Flush down the Sewage and Buried Forever....hook line and sinker!!

JUST Go and BURN ALL EC Building and HQ down......No need to wait for their Respond from Election Commission (EC)on the legailty of Pakatan Harapan Single Banner in GE14...Tell EC Leaders to Go and Rot in Hell and in Bamboo River Jail in the years ahead!!..... ...Go Here Locate each Cawangan and BURN them DOWN ALL OVER Malaysia... Been told all the ballot and nomination papers are there now.... So that will Stuff them up Proper Bangkit...Bantah...Revolusikan MalaySial.!

No different with the 1% Malays in UMNO-PAS sultan-agong -govenor of Islam only Faith doing to Malaysia and Malaysian....  Better Sabah-Sarawak simultaneously Declare SACKING Malaya and Join Singapore for a better future...  No Malay Islam Bias Run administration, state or Nation is any good...same can be said for people of African Race...No racism just an honest View of all that is Zimbabwe, somalia, sudan, Nigeria...etc...

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