Sunday, April 29, 2018

LETS BURN DOWN and Bring Down ALL UMNO-BN-PAS Bangsat negara Election Advertisement-flag....ANYTHING that Reflect the Illegal Dacing BN(BANGSAT NEGARA) Emblem is illegal(Not correct colour!!).....>Do it Secretly, Quietly, Efficiently and like NINJA etc

IF these EC-SPR - PDRM+ UMNO-PAS IS Islam can bring down, cut Tun M face from Harapan Billboard, advertisement...then LETS ALL UNITE with Phase 1 to bring down or BURN all BN(Bangsat Negara) dacing emblem and PAS emblem.  Make this Election Level Playing.  Do it quietly, discretely, no need to youtube your Terror and Like Mat Kilau SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE To melayu 1% UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor, EC-SPR, Jakim , Shariah, JAIS, IS Islam terrorist Bangsat Negara... WE ON THE RESISTANCE SIDE also Have their Ways....

When Injustice becomes Law, RESISTANCE, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, DISRUPTION TO UMNO TOOLS IS DUTY....  Malaysia in Care Taker MODE...  IGP-PDRM is KING.....  when IGP-PDRM-Army is Scared....UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-govenor Taib is Scared like HELL!!

Phase 2 .... Later........  So many thing can be done to Demoralise UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara....  We will UNITE to BRING UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govnor Taib Racist terrorist 1% Melayu Islam to Justice 

Nomination day 28 April 2018....OPEN for ONE Hour....You kidding me???  Only One hour 9am -10 am.  Go to Hell Sham UMNO-PAS DEMON-cracy of Malaysia.

Time now to Break up the SHAM of Holding Federal and State seats by the DAP, PKR, AMANAH, of Whatever Oppose to UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara.  Time to have each state modus operandi and Federal Operandi.  We need to END the SHAM and Scam.  I know there was a time getting elected was a lottery....After UMNO-PAS -Sultan-agong_Govenor melayu Bangsat Negara  have been KICK out of power,  THIS SINGLE SEAT REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE MUST BE IMPLEMENTED...As well as 2 term PM...etc...etc.

Islamisation is as Bad as Communism....In fact worst If one looks at ANY ISLAM Bias Nation, Administration or State that one can sing praises with..We need to End Islamic UMNO-PAS "conditioning of Omar" Agenda as much as Communism....Better Vote PSM as they continue to struggle to be the Third Force.....Still We need to RID UMNO-PAS IS ISlam racist terrorist Agenda that PKR, AMANAH, Bersatu and all those Pseudo malay cum Islamic Bias Party try to gain their foot hole in Another form of EVIL Agenda like Sunni and Shia....Army, Police and those capable of Holding Guns are Islam......They never trusted those outside Islam....660 years of Malay Rule in MalaHell and yet we want to Preserve the Crap that cannot even surpass Singapore....the fake Sultanate malay rule had 660m head start and still now 300m behind Singapore in the finish line of a 1000m race....Yet we are Foolish to believe that this is a great race bringing progress to the very people they THINK they are leading Well...Go to Hell and Better Malaysia in 12 New Nation than preserve a Lost Race!!

 Good...Malaysia is VERY Friendly with IS - HAMAS - taliban -9/11 Islamic Terrorist and Nerve Gas Supply to Syria Via North Korea. The quicker the USA and Europe Nip the UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govenor Racsit terrorist Malay Race the better it would be .....the Mh 370 is another case of other hidden agenda Malaysia of 660 Years Fake Malay Race "conditioning of OMar" Evil Islam Agenda. A PM that can take USA$1 Billion Bribe...can also cause a plane to Crash for another $1 Billion because sensitive Nuclear things bound for Iran are in the Cargo. ..No Islam Bias NAtion or administration is any good in this World....Learn from Isreal in dealing with EVIL Quran inspired Islam Agenda!! Ban the Quran or Help muslim-Islam Poor and Needy LAST!!...Like Muslim Islam making genocide on Orang Asli Natives in Kelantan, Sabah-Sarawak!!

 creating a legacy for another UMNO-Type Crap.... Now for Batu the choice is between lawyer(bio data unknown) and ex MIC.......IF ABU is the agenda then its the lawyer....PAS = UMNO.... ABU Ubah... No Malay IS Islam Bias Administration (like EC-SPR, Jakim Jais, Shariah, PKR, PAS, UMNO) state or Nation is any good....Go to Hell with 1% Malay Islam songkok Bias "conditioning of Omar" agenda.... see those Malays on nomination day...wearing songkok, sarung and all that Olympic Dress code force on Non Muslim and Malays.....Malaysia must remain Secular and Abolish NRD, Shariah, JAIS, JAKIM, ARMY, IGP...and all those CRAP that says only muslim malay is CONDITION to hold top job with Guns..... GO to HELL Agaain to these Islamic Agenda!

It is a very poor reflection of the PKR Leaders, Aziza, Azmin, not have back up and enjoy SKATING on Thin ice with the knowledge the EC-SPR, Judiciary are all on UMNO-Bangsat negara Side.... ... Surendren, Tian Chua, Dr Tan, Gan-of Rawang....should just quit PKR and Join PSM or DAP.....  PKR is UMNO-Bangsat type DNA that wants only their own Islam kind to call the shots!!

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