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The legacy SHAM of the Newly installed 2016 Sultan of Kelantan / Agong.... the NEW Youngest Installed Agong on 2016 on 11 Dec 2016.... need to record the Current Kelantan Sultan facts before forgotten by many... Sultan Muhammad V

The legacy SHAM of the Newly installed 2016 Sultan of Kelantan  / Agong.... the NEW Youngest Installed Agong on 2016 on 11 Dec 2016.... need to record the Current Kelantan Sultan facts before forgotten by many... Sultan Muhammad V.

The First time we have an Agong without a Permaisuri or Queen or is Najib-PAS UMNO hudud hiding something from the people??  Did the Kelantan Sultan who stole the throne from his Father with Najib's  Help using Black  Killer Squad UTK Altantuya, Pastor Koh, Joshua, Ruth ??  Did the Sultan secretly married a Queen that is Not Approved yet by the council of Kealntan Rulers, PAS and have not embrace Islam??  Is she being force to convert to Islam even though there is No Compulsion in Islam??  His grandfather Sultan Yahya Petra Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim, was also the FIRST Agong who DIED as Agong in his sleep(fast forward to 2018....Not too far fetch some EVIL was committed by someone)....that is why the Whole Sultanate and Agong/King System in Malu SIAL is a SHAM and FAKE!!  (No Sultan in Malacca State means ALL Sultan is Fake Across MalaysiaL)!!

Never forget the same PDRM Special Force Black Balaclava clad Police UTK scumbags that attacked the Sultan Father own body guards to submit and abdicate the throne are the same Bastard that attacked and killed Pastor Koh of Petaling Jaya, Pastor Joshua & Ruth Hilmy, Altantuya, Morias....etc  Same black army Jeep-Military trucks, same modus operandi and same approval from UMNO Mr MO1 and Mrs MO1 Najib and Rosmah.   You see they need to help someone eagar to be rich like Sultan Muhammed V of Kelantan, so that should anything happen in 2018 ...its payback time.  Agong orders Soldiers to protect Najib/Rosmah, give them time to bribe Harapan candidates Like Sultan Azlan of Berak to Steal National Election or free them from immenient Jail and Death.  


Najib and Rosmah have an Elite Death Squad like Sadam, Hitler, Marcos to do their bidding regardless of their EVIL...all well looked after with $millions Ringgit across the world in case they need to Run Away.  Perhaps Agong Sultan, can delay the approval of the Harapan to form government in the hope Najib-UMNO-PAS can bribe their way using $20-40 Million per MP to form Government.  

This would happen if UMNO-PAS-BN(bangsat Negara) are short of 10-20 seats.....what is $1 Billion Ringgit for Najib these days when he can Get 10 times the amount after forming government with Crime and Corruption.  After all, he already have $2.6 Billion waiting in overseas account to pay whoever they want to form Government.  Giving this Sultan Muhammed V of Kelantan $200-350 Million Ringgit is chicken feed to Najib when Najib-Rosmah have $2-5 Billion Hidden away!


Remember how Najib Paid Sultan Azlan Shah of Berak to Prosper by just istalling a BN member as Menteri Besar Even when the request to dissolve the State Parliament was requested?   So that that Current Berak Sultan can get some $$$$ Billions for his son/daughter Gamuda ...some for another daughter(married currently to Sultan of Johor)and maybe Tell Sultan Johor at that time How Rich he is going to be soon....He died soon after this Evil Act and Allah have eyes!!


Sultan Muhammed V of Kelantan (Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra ibni Sultan Ismail Petra)  ascend to the throne in Kelantan is DISPICABLE and is one for the people to judge.  We just need to end the EVIL and Fake Sultanate across Malaysia.  His Father just had a a minor stroke and the then Home minister Hishammuddin Hussein (aka son of Tun Hussien Onn and cousin to Najib) was Home minister and in control of IGP, Police, UTK SB(Special Branch)...wanted to put the then Nik Aziz  from PAS in a Wedge Politics situation to make Sultan Muhammed V of Kelantan the Sultan....when his father was still able to make decision.    The Current Agong(Sultan Muhammed V of Kelantan) was afraid that the wife of stroke father sultan will have too much influence on who ascend the throne like the previous case in johor sultanate that resulted in "sister act" to install sultan caddy murderer as Sultan of Johor.

Now We are at the CUSP of Change in 2018 with GE14 and another important recruit is in the NAJIB-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govenor Melayu Bangsat Negara Team!  To be used at an appropriate time (GE 14 need time to pay $$$ for Harapan MP to Jump Ship) like Perak Fiasco in GE 12!!


Evil was done because the Current Agong (2018) wants money so badly to enrich himself and be on melayu Bangsat Negara  Najib UMNO Dedak- Gravy Train Books.  After all Kelantan a poor State cannot give this New Agong enough Dedak, corruption money from Oil and also timber stolen from orang Asli.  Even Using UMNO-PAS to try to genocide NON Muslim Orang Asli living off the Forest in Kelantan.   If Perak Sultan can get Billions on the Gamuda for going against the Will of the People on the Sham Berak Constituitional Fiasco in GE 12...  Imagine What an Agong in 2018 would want to keep UMNO-PAS-Bangsat Negara in Power After GE-14.....MB Nizar in 2009 Had Every Right to Dissolve and force by the 2009 constitutional crisis....but the the ex Lord President, sultan azlan shah(whose daughter is  married to current Sultan Johor and another daughter GAMUDA MRT/LRT makan dedak major Shareholder) plus a son Nazrin Shah whose legitimacy to be the Next Sultan is a Sham and Questionable one!!



So in goes those Black UTK Swat team to take out those oppose to him being made a New Sultan of Kelantan as his father wanted his younger son ....Tengku Muhammad Fa-Iz Petra to take the throne.....Not the one that tourtured his wife that manage to escape to Singapore and then Freedom...the Manohara Odelia Pinot case!

Read more about Kelantan Sham Lies in the Kelantan Sultanate Sham

and Evil against his own mother the then Queen of Kelantan More here


So Google youtube-video and see how these UTK, Special Police with their Brand of terror used by UMNO-Najib -Hishammudin to have Palace Coup and Force PAS hands at that time to Change the constitution, and install the him Sultan Muhammad V  as the current sultan of Kelantan and subsequently Malaysia's 15th Agong with a divorced Queen and a non Islam Russian wife/concubine still being brained washed to embrace Islam by Force!!??  Compare all those Video footage of UTK, Special operations squad in Kelantan with those that have Pastor Raymond Koh Kidnapped and Killed in Petaling Jaya!


The Kelantan Sultanate SHAM is Nothing surprising as they have exported their genes and EVIL Defect Money Greed Murderous DNA to the Sultan of Johor Legacy.  You can read all about it here or via Google. The Sham of Sultanate of Johor and their Evil Legacy 

This 2018 Agong (Sultan Muhammed V) feels he needs to play catch up with the rest of the Sultan who have Fast Car, Boats, $$$$ and Holiday homes as his priority under Najib's UMNO-PAS Hudud Bangsat Negara Islam Racist terrorist Ideology.  So do not expect ANYTHING for Sultan Muhammed V Agong.  All sultan-Govenors, Rulers are in this EVIL  Gravy train corruption drug users like Sultan Perak, Trengganu, Selangor, Johor, Pahang, Perlis, Negeri, Kedah....and their Children to the eternal Corruption blood line, sweat and tears money of Malaysian in their Overseas Bank Accounts!!  They try to Marry among themselves in order to Preserve their EVIL legacy like Saudi Arabia those Kings and Queens in Europe in order to reserve their USELESS Legacy for their own SELFISH Dominance over 99% muslim - malay Stupidity!!

Like Red Shirt Jamban Jamal with Free Car import AP and scores of corruption Racist Bigots Terrorist business based on stupid taxes.....  No UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong, Govenor ROBBERS of Timber, petroleum, minerals from Orang Asli, Iban, Kadazan will want to lose these EASY money Venture like IGP (Khalid Ibrahim) Daughter have license to Sell Guns and so many others linked to Corruption & Illegal Activities.

In the court of LAW these Sultan-Agong-Govenor-UMNO-PAS-hudud, IGP Bangsat Negara are part of the CRIMINAL Enterprise that Steals money $$$ from Rakyat malaysia and enrich themselves to Impose more Islam Terror and Injustice and Dumb down on your children for Generations to come!! This is called the "conditioning of Omar".

Now these Shameless Scumbags will steal like Sarawak Taib Govenor did with the Natives/Orang Asli, Iban, Murut and in Sabah Musa Aman did to the ALL the sultan steal from the Orang Asli and Thankfully these Heroics Orang Asli have Stood together to Show Malaysian...  Now these Scumbags Sultan-Agong-Govenors like Taib of Sarawak have worked with UMNO-PAS to slowly Genocide Orang Asli that do not embrace Islam via all kinds of deforestisation and imprisonment because they protest loggings and use blockade!!

ANY Minoroties in UNITED FORCE IS A FORCE TO BE REAKON AND FEARED by the Racist Genocide UMNO-PAS Islam Terrorist Supporters......  NEVER FEAR...Terror Back the IS Islam UMNO-PAS-hudud, abu sayf, sulu Islamic terrorist that the Sultan -agong-GOvenor Islam Melayu Condone their EVIL ACTS!!

This is exactly what Islam did to its conquered non-Muslim subjects throughout the centuries; it imposed negative “conditions of life calculated” to prompt infidels to abandon their former identities and heritage in order to reap the benefits of joining Islam (which included the instant cessation of persecution and discrimination). Indeed, it is no coincidence that the Sharia-compliant “conditions of life calculated” to make the dhimmi’s existence so intolerable were and are known as the “Conditions of Omar.” ...  NOW in SLOW motion across Malaysia....  FIGHT BACK ..WE MUST.  When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance is DUTY!!...go and read and research...

2018 election GE14 will be one that Even the Agong will Stoop as low like Previous Sultan Azlan Shah of Berak and try to Delay the WILL of the people and FORCE Exchange of Corruption Money to Change Government and Power.   Never mind the delay of EC to comfirm the victory using Form 14 SHAM, blackouts, phantoms votes, illegal vote entry....  READ MORE Here Election Commission Form 14 SHAM!!     You see IF UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara lost the Election by 10-30 MP....there will be MANY Harapan MP that will be Bribed to the tune of $25 - $35 Million Ringgit to Jump Ship.  Multiply 35 by $35 Million is about $1 Billion to stay in power so as to Rape and Steal the Nation Malu Sial Wealth of another $1,000,000,000,000 ....$1 Trillion for the Next 5 Years.......That is about $200 Billion each year.....  so what is $1 Billion short term Loss for More Billions in the next 5 Years....regardless of HOW the MalaySial Economy would Collapse and the Ringgit Collapse like Zimbabwe Dollar.  You see these UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor Taib, leaders Aristrocrates...etc have ALL their wealth Stash and Kept in MANY Overseas Account in $USD dollar.

and  FINALLY...Just a reminder to those Volunteering for the ballot count and Observer…TRY To Smuggle a mobile, go Pro, Xiomi, Car Dash Cam in your socks, discretely and spare battery bank in the event the EC-SPR disallow any recording device. IF possible try to bring those Super Bright Torch Light Everyone. This is to OVER POWER the Blackouts and SHAM of phantom boxes brought in and record any Irregularities during counting. Technically once the door is close all those boxes in the room is Final. A Blackout is just an Excuse to open the door to check the circuits outside, to allow more Phantom votes/boxes to come in and take OUT those THE EC Knows ARE AREAS/Ballot Boxes SKEWED towards Harapan Candidates….We need more Manpower to also Guard ALL entry/exit and Windows to STOP Illegal Acts. Just place yourself with recording device in Strategic entry/exit/windows Place on those closely watched State and Parliamentary Seats
ABU ..UBAH ….INI KALI LAH!! Think …USE TECHNOLOGY to Eliminate Cheating by UMNO-PAS-BN(Bangsat Negara) Team!!…….

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