Monday, May 14, 2018

The legacy SHAM of the Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak....Now Fully Revealed in 2018!!!....

Make No Mistake We Rakyat SABAH hate Musa, Shafie, Ongkilis, Kitingans, Dompoks, and all those UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara) and ex Barisan Corruption scumbags MP and ADUNs.. govenor juhar Mahiruddin.....sultan...agong...and ALL that have help Make Malaysia NOT like Singapore but poor like those poor Islamic nation. Make no mistake...there is NO, NONE, ELEK...IS ISLAM Quran Muslim Shariah Bias run administration, State or Nation that is ANY good in this world. No one wants to migrate to Muslim nation...all like Western Society...Even Syrian, Libyans, Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh....etc..etc.... Sabah-Sarawak Must Not Entertain the Ideology of "conditioning of Omar and the malay IS Islam Supremacy of Islam over all others". Sabah-Sarawak now is the window to RESET Your POWER as a Nation of Equal to Malaya. So that IF things goes Good, Carry ON Malaysia...IF things go bad to worst like from 1965 to 2018...Sack Malaya and continue your Journey like Singapore did!!

Musa can Lodge Police Report Under Fake News Law that Shafie of Warisan is Lying that he is Chief Mininster/MB. Gets to keep his job until 120 days and if he do not reconvene the State Parliament, Musa appointment is Null and Void. Govenor can appoint a new CM for Sabah. Until Such time have passed, Sabahans is again made to look like FOOLS by Shafie, Musa and Govenor....all Malay, Muslim and Supporter of IS Islam UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Brand!! Producing a Fake Appointment letter is a Crime and Now Shafie is in BIG Trouble for the Harapan government. Even if it is Real, it is not Legitimate. The Govenor is trying to behave like Agong/Sultan, choosing who he wants. Eat your SH*T IS Islam melayu Govenor Juhar Mahiruddin for making so stupid decision.  We let the course of the law and order take its proper procedure in 120 Days.  Govenor Juhar Mahiruddin, Shafie and Musa Aman is Dead as far as the Sabahans and constitution is concern.  ALL 3 have trashed Demoncracy for the sake of Corruption money and Potential Corruption Money!!

I am rather Surprise that there is no BIADAP, Hina and ALLAH Akhbar Call to WAR Talk of muslim melayu supporting Shafie in Forcing Govenor to Sign him as CM....Does Melayu Like anyone to Force Any Sultan to sign any Menteri Besar if a situation like this occurs in West Malaysia?? Somehow this IS ISLAM terrorist UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara is hiding low and waiting for their moment to cause chaos and terror. Govenor Got Dedak and Corruption money in their Overseas Account from Musa, then he sign based on the information he had at that time.....Mind you Tun was also not sworn in at that time YET. Go check the time and timing.... Now based on the Govenor Analysis...he did a BIG Boo Boo and try to Hide His stupidity by signing in another Chief Minister, and asking Musa Aman to withdraw by handing in his Resignation!!

So talk of COUP was raging at that time since Tun was not sworn in yet till 9.30 PM on 10 May 2018...mind you there was dragging on for about an hour with all the formalities going on.....Rakyat kept Blind by Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Hissamuddin and their RTM, Bernama, Utusan, Star, NSTP Crap(Hope they ALL Go Bankrupt and Close Shop). Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Hissamuddin Bangsat was still working in the background trying to buy WARISAN people across and those from PKR , Bebas, in Sabah-Sarawak!! Najib Needed about 20-29 more. If there was any more Delay in announcing TUN to be PM....Najib could have BRIBED HIS WAY to PM again with Agong Help. People in Malaysia is fortunate to have Tun for Harapan. Not Anwar, Kak Wan, Rafizi, Mat Sabu, LKS, LGE, Muhiddin, Azmin, have the Ability to do what Tun did and the channel of communication with palace, Army and Police....etc. So stop Whinning about Tun. I have Called him Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia before GE14, After GE 14...I give him KUDOS, TANNIAH, Thank You...etc. TUN IS THE CORRECT PERSON AT THIS POINT OF TIME IN HISTORY FOR MALAYSIA!!

The Whole Malaysia knew when 6 state Fell to Harapan its OVER for Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Hissamuddin ...except UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara, Election Commissionn ROS, Sultan-agong and Govenor!!

So to ALL PKR - WARISAN UMNO-DNA CRAP..... you are just YOUNGLINGS ....NOT IN THE ORDER OF JEDI KNIGHT!! TUN IS DARK LORD Turned JEDI KNIGHT ON PAR WITH YODA!! We watch him and let his Correct his error after 61 Years!!

Back to Sabah, Govenor Cannot Issue 2 Letter of Appointment. Just look at that Scumbag face and you know he is anotehr corrupted Govenor. IT IS ILLEGAL AND AGAINST CONSTITUTION to Appoint 2 Chief Minister. you do not have the POWER to determine who becomes chief Minister at your convenience when you feel like it. Sabah Bukan Bapak awak punya. Sabah belongs to Sabahans. Sabahans decides who will become Chief Minister. ITS LIKE HAVING 2 Statutory Declaration (ala Bala on the Altantuya Murder case). Juhar Mahiruddin Govenor melayu IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS must be sacked Sooner or Later! He is a Frog Govenor of UMNO-PAS IS Islam type. The only face saving thing the Govenor of Sabah can do is to dissolve the State Parliament and call for Fresh Election. That is accorded to him when there is NO STABILITY in the State, just like Sultan in 9 other state can do. Sultan Berak refuse to do it after GE12 when Nizar wanted Sultan Azlan Shah to dissolve Perak State Government.....and now appropriately Sultan Nazrin is on the same rank as Sultan Pahang, Govenor Sabah Juhar Mahiruddin, Sultan Selangor & Kelantan(Current Agong).
Musa Aman should NOT FALL for the TRAP that Sultan Nazrin SHAH of BERAK did to NIZAR when Perak had their constitutional Crisis. You see Sultan Nazrin tricked Nizar of PAS then to SUBMIT His Resignation Letter First Before HE CAN CALL STATE Election. Sultan Nazrin Shah then, took the letter BUT RENEGE on the Deal but Install Zambry of UMNO-Bangsat Negara as MB after 3 Katak flop across. This is suppose to be Seditious, secret......BUT WHO CARES..... I have to Expose History as it is...... GO ASK NIZAR IF He was Asked to hand in His Letter of Resignation First or Not.  He will say no comment being polite. Forget about asking Nazrin Shah about where is Nizar Resignation Letter! None exist!

Imagine this was during Najib UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara time with Tun still in UMNO.... With ALL The powers at their Disposal. Who in the RIGHT Mind would dare say publically that the Sultan Azlan Shah + Nazrin Shah have Lied and Tricked them?? If you want your Liberty and not end up in Jail(like Lim Guan did for defending the modesty of the Malay girl Raped by the then Menteri Besar of Malacca Thamby Chik and served 2 years jail for sedition) under Najib UMNO-PAS Bangsat better do as you are told and keep quiet or else like Lim Guan Eng!! Already people were detain like ex Speaker Perak V. Sivakumar who was dragged unceremoniously by the UTK of Sultan Perak in Police Uniform. Yes that is also under Najib's instruction. We will Get them in time too. Those protest under the tree also got their fair share of water canon and arrest!! All Terrorism Aparatus was in the hands of Najib and their cohorts!!

Sabahans in cowboy land without constitution knowledge must understand the legal procedure...learn from Perak...don't be trick by Govenor...he is not KING of SABAH, Sabah bukan Bapak dia...cannot hire and fire as he wishes....cannot also cover up his mistake with new appointment. Govenor Juhar Mahiruddin thinks he is acting like Sultan Nazrin and Azlan Shah in Perak Fiasco...but HE SCREWED UP with the Appointment and Now trying to recover the appointment letter that Musa Aman is NOT Handing Back. Don't set a precedent that makes Sabah Govenor higher ranked than 9 Sultan in West Malaysia. Yet Shafie is being used by the Govenor to make him Higher Ranking than Agong. Even Agong cannot hire and fire at will. Now we can FRY ALL WARISAN as Illegitimate government as well..Thank you Bangsat Govenor Sabah.....You are NOW the FIRST KATAK/FROG Govenor of MalaysiaL and obviously Corrupted!  All this Sham is because these IS ISLAM melayu UMNO-PAS quran inspired "conditioning of Omar" Ideology at work and Greed for Wealth $$$$! and No IS Islam bias adminstration, state and government is EVER GOOD. Watch Sabah in 5 years time after GE15....... Don't waste this 5 years to make Sabah-Sarawak UNEQUAL to Malaya. Then you did not UBAH!!...get the oil royalty to 50%....everything 50%!! or 100%

The legacy SHAM of the Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak....Now Fully Revealed in 2018!!!.

Fast Forward 2018, this Sultan Berak is still Revengeful with no Remorse like Current Agong!!
You see the Harapan Candidate to MB was Nizar and no one else. Even when the 2 UMNO Frog jumped it was Still Nizar. Even Malaysiakini Pulled the report out of Nizar going to be sworn in as MB Perak from their portal so as to not cause people to be Angry and Riot. The BAD Blood of Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak with Nizar and ALL Harapan candidate is still in his system. Does it Really Make sense that Nizar was NOT selected ....instead a Pri Bumi candidate? Sultan Nazrin is now taking orders from some unseen hands that is trying to get him to sow DISUNITY in the Harapan Government in STATE and Federal Level. Sultan and council of rulers including Govenors are afraid of giving too much power to the people/Rakyat. The Ruling Elites want the citizens of Malaysia to be divided so that ONLY the RICH RULERS can have Authority over its Subject. So they Marry among Hisshamuddin to Sultan Pahang daughter, Sultan Azlan Shah's daughter to current Sultan Johor, Sultan Kelantan daughters to late Sultan Murder Caddy of Johor...etc...etc...etc! Like Saudi and Mohd time but in the end they also end up killing each other! Wealth is of the people and for the people. Think Develop Nation...think Singapore, Japan, Australia!! Nizar BERSABAR.....Things are very Fluid Now.....there are a Lot of hidden hands at work even as we speak who will KILL for NAJIB-ROSMAH & Zahid Hamidi, Hissamuddin are determine to Cause More civil unrest. Najib-Rosmah-Zahid Hamidi, Hissahmuddin Hussein all have Billions at their DISPOSAL to bribe and hire Murderer. After all, there is a supposedly (according to Rafizi note to Steadyaku-ala Hussein Abdul Hamid) anger of Ultra Malay nationalist Tiga line terrorist old fart, loser killers willing to accept the same amount given to UTK Sirul(now in Villawood, Sydney) for a few million dollars. Go to Hell, I will meet you and finish you off this time ...Ini Kali Lah!! Many IS operatives are in Malaysia returning from Syria after getting annihilated and trying to blend in with no job, food, income. Some more money to return and greet their new Caliph that is building up in Yemen. Won't they be easy recruit for the IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Leaders to take down Key Leaders in Harapan. Right Now many of these potential Murderers have overseas account. They are all waiting for transfer from Najib-Rosmah-Zahid Hamidi, Hissapmuddin to their account. Just Today 14 May 2018, Indonesia Islamic terrorist bombed churches, killed called moderate islam Loser who failed to eatablish their Caliphate in Syria, Iraq, Yemen....etc. We meet them Head on with DISPROPORTIONATE TERROR LIKE ISREAL DID TO IRAN IN SYRIA. LIKE THAT KILLED DRONE IMAN HAMAS LECTURER THAT UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govenor IS ISLAM Terrorist Support.. If not how come such Skilled Enginner IMAN is in Obtain US Military Ideas given to Isreal??

For the sake of TUN, I hope he quickly have his trusted body guard to surround him and the 3 other key appointment. Like Gandhi of India, Mahathir can end up in the same fate, as the Ultra Nationalist Malay will do their worst with coaching and brain washing from IS ISLAM Najib-Hadi Hudud UMNO-PAS Jakim JAIS Sekolah agama type Islamic Religion. Malaysia can only pray for safety for Tun!! These Scumbag knows how fragile things can suddenly change with Tun Assasination....or Anwar....or some of the Key appointments. I Personally hope they(the IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Hadi Najid Racist nationalist sponsored Malaysian Syrian, Abu Sayaf, Sulu or indonesia terrorist) do their Worst as that would be the SIGNAL to Make ALL Sultan-Agong-Govenor the Sultan of Malacca. These scumbags are in a dilemma due to the Fear the Agenda 2020. IF they Act, MalaysiaL will be Broken to Pieces...END of MALAYSIAL!! Works for me. Malaysia is a secular nation....OVER MY DEAD BODY WILL SABAH-SARAWAK and Many from West Malaysia want to Submit to ANY FORM of IS ISLAMIC Taliban Leadership like what we have seen for 61 Years.... We end the IS ISLAM Racist terrorist UMNO-PAS "conditioning of Omar" EVIL ideology and work towards the Singapore Dream!! There is a nation Singapore without the resources yet GDP is so much Higher that the TOTAL MALAYSIA combine.... it is Allah Blessing on Singapore and Not Malaysia due to IS Islam UMNO-PAS-Sultan_Agong-govenor Shariah Jakim JAIS Quran inspired "conditioning of OMAR" ideology!! We have crossed to the better side, now we need to Defend the side of Good. To revert back to UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara in any shape or Form is the END OF MALAYSIA!!

Harapan idea to call Thursday-Friday holoday was Tun Idea....Simple Rakyat only happy.....Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Hissamuddin tried to copy by saying Monday-Tuesday Public holiday...thinking he was equal to Tun in giving rakyat dedak to make Rakyat Happy. Now we know TUN call for Thursday-Friday holiday was to stop money transfer locally to overseas banks. Stop the Frogs hopping from Harapan to BN. Stop the money temptation. None in PKR-DAP-PriBumi-Amanah was aware of the motive behind this...Only Some Top UMNO Leaders have many Overseas account to bribe and corrupt local politician with overseas account like sarawak Govenor Taib Mohammed, Musa Aman Shafie, Ongkili, Pairin, Jeffery, !!

So here in....May 2018, we see those Sultan who are Dignified to accept the People's will like the Sultan of Johor..... and the others who are not like Sultan Perak, Govenor of Sabah and Current Agong. For that I salute the Sultan Johor. Maybe because he is SO RICH like $5 Billion Ringgit Rich and don't need dedak money unlike other Rulers, Royal Elites and Govenor of Sabah. 


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