Thursday, August 30, 2018


Legalizing child marriage under islam UMNO-PAS-PKR-BERSATU Shariah Law means legalising pedophilia and Child Abuser.  Tun M, Anwar, Mat Sabu Wan Azizah, PKR, Barsatu, Amanah UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Wants Malaysia to be the DESTINATION CAPITAL of INTERNATIONAL PEDOPHILIA Centre of the Universe!!  Convert to Islam and Abuse a Child because IF Prophet Mohammed can marry one child bride ALL ISLAM humanity in Malaysia can also do it WITHOUT Resevation!!  THIS IS THE EVIL OF ISLAM....Unfortunately None of Humanity is Prophet Mohammed...there is only ONE But again we try to Sympatize, Rationalize be politically correct not to hurt Brotherhood of Islam Erdogan IS Islam.  END THE ISLAMIC SANCTION PEDOPHILIA CHILD MARRIAGE  AND  HAVING 4 WIVES IN MALAYSIA NOW and YOU CAN SHUT DOWN THE EVIL ISLAMIC SHARIAH COURTS ACROSS MALAYSIA!!!!

LBGT is Worst than Pedophilia Child Marriage under Shariah Crap Islam  Law of Malaysia  according to Wan Azizah, Anwar, Azmin Ali, UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong govenor melayu Islam.... NO LBGT means NO TO 4 WIVES,  NO CHILD Marriage under Pedophilia Shariah Approve EVIL Islam CRAP of Malay - SIAL(IDIOT)   on Merdeka!...Go to Hell to your independence day 31 August 2018 when Orang Asli as Systematically being Genocide IF THEY DO NOT EMBRACE Racist Terrorist IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS-PKR-BERSATU-WARISAN Force conversion, conditioning of Omar Ideology!!  Keep resisting and Fighting....Islam is Losing.  Sabahans-Sarawakians Muslim Free to Convert to Other Religion WITHOUT DELAY and NRD or idiot Shariah, Jakim, Mais islam  intervention!! 

No Islam Bias run administration, state, nation, agency is ANY Good in this world! 

Another IS ISLAM RACIST  terrorist UMNO-PAS Acts Approved by Agong-Sultan-Govenor Defender of Child Pedophilia Marriage is the Genocide of Orang Asli in Kelantan while Mother of Jamallidin Jarjis can Make claim of $2.1B Ringgit Asset...  how the Hell an UMNO MP can accumulate so much is the Reason why Sabah-sarawak need to Kick out Racist PKR-UMNO-PAS-WARISAN -and ALL UMNO IS ISLAM  Racist Terrorist agenda and SACK MALAYA on the SPOT.  You UNBURDEN yourself from $1 Trillion Debt and Let Malaya Disintergrate like Libya, Syria, Afganistan, Pakistan...etc.

All Judges Must be review and the Court of LAW be investigated under Royal Commission with Foreign Judges from Australia/UK to SIT...GO TO HELL With ANY APPOINTMENTS for RCI of MALAYSIAN Judges by  AGONG - Sultan Governor Malay pedophilia Shariah supporter of islamic child marriage!!

Gerard Lourdesamy
Just to update Abasir and V47. I have sent the article for publication. Should  be out later today or tomorrow. I have omitted the names of 4 Court of Appeal judges but from what I have said they should know who they are. The crime of fixing judges has been prevalent in the last 9 years under Najib. In 2016 such an offer was made to me at the Saujana Hotel by a very well-known UMNO lawyer, his partner and an associate from another law firm. Even the price was mentioned to me and the names of two senior judges who have since resigned from the bench after PH took over. They and a few other judges were the key people in the judiciary who could fix cases. I will be at the MACC HQ on Monday in Putrajaya with a client to make the necessary report. After 25 years at the Bar, I find it repugnant to go to the courts and maintain my composure while hoping to get justice for my clients when I perfectly know that some of the judges on the bench are neither impartial nor have any integrity left in them to hear let alone decide cases. I just go through the motions with all the quaint politeness, the bowing and scraping for the sake of the clients and just keeping appearances so that the public will think that we have a functioning judicial system. Justice has become a rare commodity in this country. It is only available to the rich, powerful and entitled.

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